Folk remedies for fleas in cats, cats and kittens

Appearance cat fleas brings discomfort not only to the pet, but also to its owner.Parasites multiply rapidly, and the sooner measures are taken to destroy them, the easier it will be to get rid of them. There are a large number of veterinary pharmacies. funds to fight with jumping insects, but in the presence of allergic reactions or young cats, the use of insecticides is not always possible. Alternatively, you can use folk remedies for fleas in cats. With a systematic and correct application, they will help remove bloodsuckers and prevent re-infection.

Signs of fleas


Fleas are ectoparasites that feed on the blood of mammals and humans. Can parasitize almost any animal, whether doga cat rabbit, ratand move from one type of animal to another. Insects have a tiny, flattened body, on average its size varies between 2-3 mm. The color of the chitinous cover is brown with glitter. Due to its jumping ability and miniature size, to see a flea is very difficult.

Ectoparasites - temporarily or permanently parasitic individuals on the external organs and skin.

An animal can catch a parasite during a walk or a person, unwittingly, brings larvae or adults on their clothes and shoes to their apartment.When a flea gets on a cat, it bites through its skin and begins feeding, after which the active pairing of parasitic adults begins, and the female lays eggs. Under favorable conditions, a new generation of adults will appear in 2-3 weeks.

Determine that kitty or cat fleas bothercan be on the following grounds:

  • the animal often itches;
  • sleeps restlessly and jumps while sleeping;
  • decreased appetite;
  • a careful examination of the back, neck, abdomen can reveal the products of vital activity of fleas: tiny black excrement, the sticky secret of the eggs and the parasites themselves;
  • the appearance of wounds on the skin;

    Cat fleas
    Cat fleas
  • hairless cats need to wipe the skin with a napkin, the presence of brown spots on it indicates that the animal is concerned about fleas.

Fleas are carriers of various types of diseases and endoparasites - worms. When identifying bloodsuckers on the body of your pet, you need to take care not only how to get fleas from the cat, but also to produce pest control of the whole room.

How to remove fleas from cats folk remedies

In order to rid the pet of insect-biting folk remedies at home, two conditions must be met: a systematic approach and careful selection of the remedy.Only with the constant processing of wool will it be possible to remove the parasites and avoid their return. Attention should be paid to the components that make up the product, some of which may be more toxic than the insecticide.

In addition to caring for a cat, it is necessary to process all the cat's objects: a house, bedding, toys, a rug, since they can contain both adult individuals and their offspring. Ignoring this point, it will not be possible to completely remove the fleas. If several cats or cats live in the house, treatment should be carried out simultaneously with all pets, even if only one of them is infected.
Treatment with folk remedies demonstrates a high effect with a small infestation and is used in the following cases:

  • cat pregnancy;
  • allergic reactions of animals to insecticidal components;
  • animal disease and the use of traditional household products can exacerbate the disease;
  • the presence of a kitten in the house.

Effective folk anti-flea drugs

Removing fleas at home using folk remedies is a time consuming and sometimes lengthy process.The overwhelming majority of the products have a scaring effect that lasts as long as the wool retains the smell of the components of tincture, shampoo, etc. There are a number of proven and effective recipes that allow you to successfully deal with annoying insects. Folk remedies for fleas in cats include sagebrushgarlic essential oils and other means.

Herbs from fleas
Herbs from fleas

Wormwood against parasites

Wormwood from fleas is one of the most popular folk remedies for fleas in kittens and cats. Its smell frightens off not only fleas, but also other blood-sucking parasites. The advantage of drugs based on wormwood lies in their safety. Wormwood can be used as a remedy for fleas in kittens and not worry about the health of the cat-mother, who will lick their offspring.

  • 20 g of dry or 40 g of fresh leaves of wormwood pour 500 mg of water and bring to a boil, cook for 15-20 minutes. Strain the mixture, cool and anoint all parts of the animal's body. You must be prepared for the fact that during processing the insects will begin to actively jump from the cat. Treat pet as needed.
  • To get rid of fleas will help tincture of wormwood.For its preparation will need: wormwood, lavender, tansy, eucalyptus, 10 g of each ingredient and one liter of water. Mix boil, strain and cool. Anoint the animal and all its accessories with a decoction. The course of treatment is 7-10 days.


“When two-month-old kittens have fleas, we are frightened, because the chemical means cannot be used: the kittens are constantly licked by the mother. Found on the Internet recipe tincture of wormwood, and a week later there were no more fleas! ”

Olga, Perm

Flea vinegar

The use of vinegar - a very radical measure, but this barbaric method is able to quickly remove the parasites. Vinegar, ammonia and any flower cologne mixed in equal proportions. The resulting substance is poured into a spray bottle and treated with animal hair. Then “pack” the cat in a plastic bag, leave the head outside. In this state, keep the pet 7-10 minutes, then bathe him and carefully comb the hair to remove all dead fleas. Such a folk remedy for fleas in cats is suitable only for the most patient pets.

Vinegar, salt and garlic
Vinegar, salt and garlic

Flea garlic

The smell of garlic provokes fleas to panic escape from their place of deployment.For the preparation of garlic tincture, grind 6-7 large cloves of garlic using a squeezer and pour 3-4 cups of water at room temperature. Let it brew for 12 hours. In the tincture, you can add a few teaspoons of beer yeast. Prepare the extract to wipe the cat's hair, mainly in those places where it can not reach. Garlic must not be allowed to enter the digestive tract of the animal in order to avoid disorders of the digestive system and poisoning.

Salt products for cat fleas

1 kg of common salt diluted with a small amount of water and completely dissolve it, to facilitate the process, you can boil the solution. Then dilute the whole mixture with 10 liters of warm water and wash the animal in it for 5-7 minutes so that all the wool is soaked in saline. After that, redeem meowing ball in warm water. This method of breeding parasites is also suitable for small kittens.

Flea Shampoo Recipe

Grind or grate the third part of ordinary baby soap, pour over 3 cups of water and cook over low heat until the mixture becomes a gelatinous substance.Allow time to cool, then add one chopped onion, one egg yolk and a spoonful of nettle extract. Shampoo lather your pet and rinse off after 15-20 minutes.


“Our cat has negative reactions on the skin to chemical preparations, so they decided to get rid of fleas with folk remedies. Made a shampoo from soap, onions, eggs and nettles. The smell was not very pleasant, but our pet with dignity withstood the treatment. Fleas did not immediately, but disappeared! Of course, we also processed her litter and apartment. ”

Anna, Saint Petersburg

Geranium decoction

30 g of geranium and 30 g of lavender pour 3 cups of water and cook for 15-20 minutes. Bathe the cat in the filtered infusion and make sure that the tool does not fall into the ears, eyes.

Citrus vs Parasites

Citrus Peel
Citrus Peel

Unlike many others, the tool has a pleasant smell. Cut one lemon and pour 2 cups of warm water over it, leave for 24 hours in a dark place. The finished drug spray pet out of the spray.


“When our cat got fleas, we decided to use lemon. But our pet didn’t smell like it, so I had to use a special product from a pharmacy that did an excellent job! ”

Sergey, Samara

Essential oils to protect cats from fleas

Essential oils are among the safest folk remedies. Well proven oil cedar, lavender, rosemary, geranium, mint and lemon. For spraying the animal enough 2-3 drops in 3 cups of water. The oils are added to shampoos, applied to the collar.

Tea tree essential oil cannot be used to treat flea cats. The smell of oil causes vomiting, weakness, dizziness in the animal.

Treatment of cat wounds after flea bites

How to anoint a kitten after an attack of parasites depends on the state of the wounds and the reaction of the animal to bites. If there is no suppuration in the lesions, hydrocortisone ointment will help relieve itching. In cases of severe scratching and inflammation that has begun, chloramphenicol ointment is applied. To relieve itching and accelerate healing, a good effect is provided by creams that contain aluminum.

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