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Before you start a dog in your home, you should consider not only its breed, the place to sleep and the necessary food, but also the means of protection from parasites. Most often, discomfort is delivered to the animal dog fleas - insects that live in wool and feed on its blood. Therefore, each owner of a four-friend is concerned with the question of how to remove fleas in dogs and prevent them from recurring.

It is important to determine in time that the animal is disturbed by the parasites and to choose the right means for their destruction. Therefore, it is useful to know what fleas look like in dogs. Some owners, having found translucent gray or yellowish hues in the dog's fur, think that these are white fleas. However, these are not fleas at all, but lice or lashing. Their body is flattened in width, and fleas are flat laterally.

The flea is a blood-sucking parasite of brown-red color up to 4 mm in size. It has a flattened body covered with a shell and long legs with bristles, thanks to which the insect can easily move through the dog's coat and jump high. This ability is the cause of infection of other animals. Below is a view of the flea in the photo, as well as the larva and flea egg.

Fleas and their eggs
Fleas and their eggs

Causes and signs of infection

Some argue that a dog living in an apartment and occasionally appearing on the street cannot become a carrier of fleas.However, this opinion is not true. Bloodsuckers parasitize not only on yard dogs, but can also feel comfortable on a person. It is he who in this case is the carrier and is able to bring fleas into the house, on clothes or shoes. Having discovered the source of food, bloodsuckers settle and fruitfully multiply in the dog's fur.

During the puncture of the skin, the flea injects saliva into the wound, which causes:

  • Severe itching, accompanied by redness and swelling;
  • Skin and viral diseases;
  • Hair loss;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Anemia in puppies, the consequence of which can be fatal.

How to determine that a dog has a flea? It is not difficult to be convinced of their presence, the main thing is to look closely at the behavior of the animal.

  1. If the pet is concerned about the frequent itching of different parts of the body.
  2. One can see flea bites on the dog in the form of wounds and redness.
  3. The animal's coat is dotted with white grains resembling salt (this is how flea eggs look like), small black patches (larvae) and insect residues (excrement).

    Fleas in dogs
    Fleas in dogs
  4. It is possible to detect fleas in a dog while swimming, when the parasites panic, and they jump in water en masse or stray in the head area.
  5. It is possible to determine the presence of bloodsuckers by eye contact or during combing with a thick comb (parasites remain between the teeth).

Parasite Chemicals

Removal of fleas in dogs is not a difficult process, but requires some knowledge and patience. The main condition in this struggle is to find the right means, to process the animal and the room in which it is contained. Having found bloodsuckers on things, it is better to wash them and iron them with a hot iron, vacuum clean carpets and soft toys.

To choose the means to rid the dog of fleas, it is necessary to consider the features of each of them. It is important to remember that treatment should be prompt and comprehensive.


One of the popular means of combating parasites at home is dog shampoo. Most often it is used for bathing puppies, since not every adult dog will let itself be bathed. Shampoo Leopard and Meadow show excellent results.

Flea shampoos for dogs can be based on insecticides and natural herbs. The first option is more toxic, but at the same time it contributes to a quick and high-quality disposal of bloodsuckers.The side effects of this tool include: an allergic reaction, increased salivation and vomiting. Therefore, it is very important that during bathing the foam does not get into the eyes and mucous dogs. How often you can wash your dog with flea shampoo is indicated in the instructions.

Natural shampoos are used for prophylactic purposes. They have a wound-healing effect, give the wool a healthy look and silkiness. The product must be applied to the dog's coat, lather thoroughly and leave for 5-6 minutes. Then rinse with running water. When the animal's hair dries, you should comb the dead parasites remaining in it. The maximum effect is achieved when using shampoo in combination with other protivobloshnye funds.


Flea Sprays for Dogs
Flea Sprays for Dogs

A more effective way of dealing with bloodsuckers is to use spray. This is the means to get a flea from a dog quite easily. In order to disinfect it is necessary to spray the preparation on the withers of a pet. The whole body can be treated, but given that the dog is able to lick its fur after a similar procedure, side effects can occur in the form of indisposition, vomiting, frustration, allergic reactions and breathing difficulties.

Flea control in dogs is done outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Rubber gloves are required. The hair of the sprayed animal should not be touched by small children during the day. It is also not allowed to sleep a pet in the same bed with a person. Especially popular are flea sprays. Front line, Leopard, Harts or beaphar.


Bringing fleas from a dog at home is possible using drops. This means for the destruction of parasites, applicable to dogs of large and small breeds such as "Chihuahua". The use of drops is much more effective than washing the dog with shampoo.

The number of drops specified in the instructions is applied to the dog's withers, limiting the ability of the animal to lick the drug from its coat. The active substance, penetrating the skin and blood of a pet, kills insects. It is important during this period to protect the dog from taking water procedures. Typically, the effect of this tool persists for a month, after which the treatment is repeated.
Not all flea drops safe, some can cause severe poisoning. Therefore, before buying is better to consult with a veterinarian.Most often, dog owners prefer drugs such as:


Flea collar for dogs
Flea collar for dogs

The collar is perhaps the most effective remedy for fleas in dogs. Permanent action is their main advantage. Finding fleas on a dog is enough to wear anti-collar collar. Pet is protected from ingress of unsafe active substance inside, has the ability to swim and swim without restrictions. In addition, no special treatment and prophylaxis is required.

However, in addition to the mass of advantages, collars have disadvantages.

  1. Some of these accessories may be toxic and unsafe for the health of the animal if they are always worn.
  2. Age restrictions. The collar is contraindicated for puppies younger than 6 months and animals over 10 years old.
  3. Nose collar is not recommended for lactating, pregnant and sick animals.
  4. Continuous use of the collar can lead to dermatitis.

The best flea collars from Bars, Hartz, Foresta, Celandine or rolf club.


It is possible to poison fleas in dogs with the help of powder, which is made on the basis of butox in a veterinary pharmacy.Its use is safe, but before using the drug it is necessary to make several tests and check the condition of the dog in order to avoid side effects (dermatitis or allergies).

The advantage of flea powder is its low cost. The disadvantages include a long course of treatment (it is possible to get rid of bloodsuckers after 2 weeks).


Flea tablets for dogs
Flea tablets for dogs

Less chewable flea pills, because they do not completely get rid of bloodsuckers, but only reduce their number. The principle of using this tool is quite simple: you need to put a pill in your pet's food. Repeat reception according to the instructions. The tool can cause side effects in the form of allergic reactions and gastrointestinal disorders. You can buy pills in vetaptek. The most popular are Capstar, Sentnel, or Comforts.

Folk remedies

Derive fleas in dogs at home by using folk remedies. The advantage of this method of struggle is safety, availability and low cost. There are the following folk remedies for fleas for dogs:

  • Herbs;
  • Essential oils;
  • Garlic and onions;
  • Pine branches and sawdust;
  • Lemon;
  • Apple vinegar;
  • Laundry soap.


Treatment dogs from fleas wormwood is one of the oldest and most effective means of combating insects. The bitter taste and peculiar smell of grass is what fleas are afraid of. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to get rid of fleas in a dog using wormwood. It is enough to cook herbal decoction and bathe the animal in it. The main advantage of the method is its effectiveness and safety, therefore it is an ideal option for dealing with bloodsuckers for small puppies. Tansy and eucalyptus have a similar effect.

You can get rid of fleas in a dog using chemmeric solution. This tool has strong antiparasitic properties, and is used to destroy not only fleas, but also ticks and worms. The drug should be used with caution, as it is toxic, overdose threatens severe poisoning.

Laundry soap, onion, garlic and wormwood
Laundry soap, onion, garlic and wormwood


Garlic is another effective flea medicine for dogs. A couple of garlic cloves need to be crushed or finely chopped with a knife, pour a glass of water and insist 8 hours. Infusion wipe the dog's hair in places where it can not lick the drug (head and neck). It is necessary to carry out processing very carefully, as garlic is toxic to dogs.Once in the body of an animal, it can lead to poisoning and even death.


The bow has a similar effect. To cure a flea dog, it is necessary to make a soap solution from a grated household soap mixed with a glass of water. Further to this weight add the crushed onions. The resulting mixture is applied to the dog's coat and left for 5-10 minutes. Then carefully washed off with water. With a large accumulation of fleas, processing can be repeated.

Laundry soap

You can remove fleas from a dog with a homemade shampoo. To do this, the laundry soap is dissolved in the eucalyptus broth and a few drops of tea tree or cedar oil are added. The resulting mass is applied to the pet's pet, churning carefully. Wash off after 10 minutes. This is a very good remedy for fleas, and, unlike chemicals, it will cost a little.

Essential oils

This is no less effective cure for parasites. Perfectly repel fleas with the essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree or citrus. A flea dog quickly gets rid of parasites if the animal is treated with a solution using one or another ingredient.To do this, add a few drops of oil to a small amount of water and spray the dog. Also, oil can be used for bathing pet.

Essential oils, needles and vinegar
Essential oils, needles and vinegar


Having found symptoms of infection with parasites in a dog living in the yard, it is necessary to apply any of the methods described above. And as a bedding for animal rest, it is better to use pine sawdust or finely chopped twigs. The effect can be enhanced by adding wormwood branches to them. Such a "nuclear" tool will help get rid of parasites for a long time.


How to remove fleas in dogs with vinegar? It is enough to mix apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 1: 3 and process the four-legged friend's wool with the obtained agent. After an hour, you should comb the animal's hair from dead insects, their larvae and eggs.

What to do if a dog has fleas

Having found parasites in a dog, it is necessary to act immediately in order to avoid their mass distribution.

  1. Choose a suitable anti-optic medication, guided by the veterinarian's advice.
  2. Fighting fleas must strictly according to the instructions to the drug.And if there is a repeated processing prescribed there, you should not neglect it - this can lead to mass reproduction of parasites.
  3. Conduct processing apartment followed by wet cleaning.
  4. As a preventive measure, you should limit the pet's communication with homeless animals.

Accurate and timely implementation of these tips will help to cure your pet of annoying parasites and prevent their occurrence. With a strong congestion of fleas in a house or apartment, it is recommended to use the service of a company that will hold professional pest control.

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