Tablets for fleas and ticks for dogs

Usually, treatment and disposal of external parasites (fleas and ticks) always occurs by means that are also used externally. But now there is a novelty - tablets from ticks and fleas for dogs have become a reality. All owners can now do what they have dreamed of for many years: give a pill to a dog once and forget about flea problems for the whole season.

The composition of new funds for fleas

Over the past decades, many animals have been created and tested on animals. veterinary preparations in the form of dropscontaining insecticides, the purpose of which is to scare away and kill blood-sucking parasites, especially fleas and ticks. Every year their number increases, because the parasites over time develops addiction to already existing means.

In recent years, many dog ​​breeders began to notice that the previously operating positively different protective drops, the sprays and collars began to produce the desired effect.

Today widely used active substances are fluralaner and afoxolaner, belonging to a new class of isoxazolines, which interfere with the vital activity of many pests that pose a danger to the health of the closest human friends.

The benefits of pills

Flea Pills
Flea Pills

These pills protect the dog from the appearance and bites of any blood-sucking parasites (fleas, ticks), as well as the infectious diseases that they often transmit. These are such unpleasant diseases as piroplasmosis, lesions of worms, dermatitis, scabies, demodicosis and allergic reactions.

The advantages of such tablets:

  • There are no restrictions on the age and condition of the dog;
  • There are no side effects;
  • You can give puppies from 2-4 months of life, pregnant bitches and lactating, as well as older dogs;
  • Suitable for dogs prone to allergic manifestations on medications;
  • They do not pose a danger to small children who iron the dog's hair (unlike the products applied to the withers and penetrating the upper skin and coat, ironed by which, children can poison themselves if chemotherapy enters the mouth through their hands);
  • They have a pleasant taste and smell for dogs, are similar in appearance to a delicacy.

Brand pills

There are several types of pills from blood-sucking pests in veterinary stores, but they differ in some characteristics. The most famous means, available in tablet form:

  • Bravecto;
  • Comfortis;
  • Frontline Nexgard;
  • Simparika.


Floralaner is the basis of a new protective agent - Bravecto flea, which has the form of tablets. Bravekto is produced by Intervet (Austria, the Netherlands), which has a proven reputation in the world for the production of veterinary products.

How do tablets look and act?

Bravecto tablets
Bravecto tablets

The “Bravekto” tablets are presented in a chewable form, they differ sharply from the means familiar to all dog breeders from worms, which often have to be forced into the animal's mouth. They are round, slightly rough to the touch brown in color. The dogs, thinking of a snack, chew and swallow them with pleasure.

How does the tablet:

  • When ingested, the active substance fluralaner is absorbed into the dog’s blood and enters into a chemical bond with plasma proteins;
  • When a flea or tick then gets into the blood, the drug has a paralyzing effect on them, the parasite loses its ability to suck blood and dies;
  • After 1 hour, all the fleas and ticks begin to die. The manufacturer guarantees their total death within 7-12 hours;

    On a note!

    When visiting a treated animal of a forest or a park, the mites will still jump on it, but then after an attempt to bite, they will fall into a state of stupor and die. So the owner should not be surprised to find half-dead fleas or ticks in the fur of animals after another walk.

  • The substance remains and acts in the body for the next 3 months, providing sustainable protection for the dog against pests;
  • When a dog is sick of demodicosis, fluralaner acts on its complete destruction. Clinical trials have shown that after 7 days of testing, the complete destruction of the causative agent of this disease is shown;
  • Under the action of the pill, the coat of the animal is gradually restored, and the bald areas are overgrown with fresh hair;
  • The drug does not accumulate in the liver, and gradually excreted in the urine, so its harmful effect is minimal and does not affect the health of the dog.
Tablets Bravekto-1
Bravecto tablets

Existing dosages "Bravekto":

  • For dogs up to 4.5 kg of weight - 112.5 mg tablets;
  • 10 kg - 250 mg;
  • 20 kg - 500 mg;
  • 40 kg - 1000 mg;
  • Up to 56 kg - 1400 mg.

The price is about 1600 rubles. for 1 piece

How to choose your pet the right tool

All tablets are available in various dosages depending on the weight and health of the dogs. Therefore, in order to choose the right drug for your pet, you need to follow the following rules:

  • The required dosage is calculated on the basis of the weight of the animal, so it is necessary to make an accurate weighing of the dog before purchase;
  • For reliability, it is better to consult a veterinarian who will help you choose the right dosage;
  • A tablet for fleas and ticks is given to the dog during a meal (or for 20 minutes after), then the active substance will be absorbed into the body more quickly and will begin to exert its effect.


Means Bravekto from fleas and ticks should not be given to the dog on an empty stomach, because then its action will be significantly reduced. Tablets do not give to dogs that have a weight below 2 kg, and puppies up to the age of 8 weeks.

Some recommendations for admission

Due to the novelty of the drug and answering the questions of many dog ​​breeders, here are some recommendations for taking Bravecto:

  • After a 12-week action of a substance, it is possible to re-give a similar pill to a dog if the season of the block is not over;
  • After taking the pill, the dog does not need to wear a protective collar or use other means for fleas and ticks;
  • If the dog is very often in nature, then you can additionally treat the paws and the lower part of the dog with a spray to scare off ticks and increase the protection of the animal.

Frontline Nexgard

Frontline Nexgard tablet comes in packs of 1 pc., Manufactured in France, contains the active substance afoxolaner, which kills many blood-sucking pests.

Designed for dogs depending on weight:

  • 11 mg of the active ingredient - for animals weighing up to 4 kg;
  • 28 mg - 5-10 kg;
  • 68 mg - 11-25 kg;
  • 136 mg - for dogs weighing up to 50 kg;
  • For weights over 50 kg, the calculation is carried out individually.

Advantages of Front Line:

  • It begins to act on bloodsucking pests after 30 minutes. after taking the drug, fully protected after 4 hours;
  • Effectively kills ticks 8 types of ticks and 2 species of fleas;
  • The product is non-toxic to animals;
  • Impact on fleas and ticks through the dog's blood, after the bite of a blood-sucking insect, the poison enters his body and poisons it;
  • It can be used for the treatment of demodicosis in pets;
  • In the veterinary control, pregnant and lactating bitches can be given;
  • Bathing with dog shampoo does not reduce the effectiveness of Frontline;
  • The price depends on the dosage - 550-800 rubles.

Disadvantages: suitable for puppies from 2 months weighing at least 2 kg.



Comfortis UK production tool is one of the safest pets, helping to cope with fleas and ticks.

Main characteristics:

  • In packing of 6 pieces;
  • Tablets are divided into categories depending on the weight of the dogs - small or large;
  • The active component is Spinosad, which is made from the waste products of soil microorganisms;
  • Low toxicity for warm-blooded animals, but has a rather effective effect on insects;
  • Tablets are ingested and the toxin enters the blood, after an insect bite the poison enters, destroying its intestines and affecting the nervous system;
  • The duration of the substance - 2-4 hours after drinking the pill;
  • The main part of the drug leaves the body of the dog for 3 days, the smaller one persists for 2 weeks, affecting pests and their larvae;
  • Contraindications: puppies age up to 3.5 months.
  • Price 500 rub. per pack.


Symparika is a flea and tick remedy manufactured by Zoetis (USA), packaged in 3 pieces in a blister. Designed for different categories of dogs depending on their weight:

  • From 2.5 to 5 kg - 10 mg of the substance;
  • From 6 to 10 kg - 20 mg;
  • From 11 to 20 kg - 40 mg;
  • From 21 to 40 kg - 80 mg;
  • From 41 to 60 kg - 120 mg.

The active ingredient is highly effective on adult fleas, some species of mites (meadow, armored, ixodic, brown dog, demodecosis, scabies pruritus).The death of pests occurs after 8 hours and is valid for 28 days. The action against ticks is guaranteed to begin 12 hours after ingestion and up to 28 days after, flea eggs also die.

Advantages of Symparik:

  • The duration of exposure is 28-35 days;
  • Adult fleas and their eggs die;
  • A wide range of actions against ticks: causes the death of 9 species;
  • Can be given to puppies from the age of 8 weeks and small animals weighing more than 1300g;
  • Tablets have the taste of the liver, dogs eat with pleasure;
  • Sarolaner is one of the components of the treatment of dermatological problems, which allows the use of the drug in the treatment of allergic dermatitis;
  • The risk of tick-borne diseases (babesiosis, borreliosis, anaplasmosis) is reduced;
  • The tool is used at the rate of 2-4 mg per kg of dog weight.


  • High hypersensitivity to the substance;
  • Not recommended for sick and weak animals;
  • You can not give puppies under 8 weeks and weighing up to 1.3 kg without a veterinarian;
  • Only for dogs!
  • Price 400-600 rubles. 1 tablet.

To the destruction of fleas must be approached comprehensively. Therefore, you should definitely hold processing apartmentusing modern effective means. In the opinion of people, aerosol preparations have proven themselves well:


According to dog owners who bought flea pills for dogs, the reviews are mostly positive:

I heard recently about new means for fleas and ticks - pills. Bought her Labrador Bravekto. I ate it with great pleasure, there were no unpleasant consequences: I did not feel sick, etc. After a day I looked at the dog, found some dead fleas and that's it. Now I can be calm all summer: the dog will not itch and suffer from these bloodsuckers.

Alina, Perm

I gave my spitz a pill for the sample. It seemed everything was fine until we went to the forest with friends for a walk. After it found on it one tick, however, slightly already strangled. We removed it, it seems there were no consequences. So the pill works, I'm happy.

Marina, Moscow

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