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There are about 2,000 in the world flea species, in the post-Soviet space about 500 species have taken root. Insects feed exclusively on blood and can migrate from one species of warm-blooded animals to another. They do not bypass their attention and man. Flea bites are very painful and in some cases can cause damage to health.Allergy to flea bites - this is only a small fraction of the consequences after a close acquaintance with blood-sicking individuals.

How to bite fleas

Insects are characterized by miniature size and body color in a brown range of colors. At first glance, the flea seems to be quite a harmless creature, but in the photo the parasite looks quite intimidating. The whole body is covered with bristles that help the bloodsucker to move impressively in the fur of animals. The insect has three pairs of legs, the back is much longer than the others. Because of this structure, the insect is different good jumping ability.

Fleas, their eggs and larvae
Fleas, their eggs and larvae

Flea ranks second among insects in jumping ability. It can overcome up to 30 cm during the long jump and up to 20-25 cm in height. If a person wanted to compete with a parasite, he would have to learn how to jump up to 160 m in length.

Oral piercing-sucking apparatus of a flea is intended for feeding with blood. Unlike bedbugs, parasites do not pierce the skin of their victim, but literally cut through it with their upper jaws, at this time the lower jaws move the wound apart to introduce saliva into it. To reach the capillary, they have to immerse their head and body into the wound. A person feels from flea bites immediately and experiences a strong pain sensation.This is due to the fact that the insect does not introduce an anesthetic substance, as it is well aware of its invulnerability. During a meal, a parasitic individual with its saliva introduces a special enzyme into the wound that prevents blood from clotting. Its amount is negligible - only 0, 000004 mm³, but this microscopic dose provides a strong itch and the appearance of edema at the site of the bite.

Flea bites are always a chain of 2-4 punctures, just as many insects do in one meal. Under favorable conditions and the presence of a permanent food base, parasites prefer to eat every day. In the absence of such, they can hibernate and remain in it for up to a year. Upon awakening, starving insects with particular zeal pounce on their victims, as a result of which they may be fairly bitten.

Flea bites
Flea bites

Can fleas bite humans

Among the huge species diversity, there are only a few species that "do not change" their carrier. Such true companions are fleas, parasitic on bats. Other doggythe bird feline fleas can easily change their food source and migrate to other types of warm-blooded animals. Human blood is somewhat different in composition and temperature, but this does not make it unsuitable for the power of parasites, so people can be attacked by jumping vampires.

Separately worth noting human flea, which prefers to eat human blood. Like other relatives from the flea family, these parasites do not live on the human body and use it only as a source of nutrition.

If you look at how a human flea looks like, then this species has no striking differences from other representatives, with the exception of larger sizes. The difference can be seen only under a microscope. It is impossible to look at the insect while moving - it only manages to glance at the presence of the parasite and its disappearance in the next moment. It is worth noting that a flea can make up to 30,000 jumps without stopping.

What a flea bite looks like

In appearance, flea bites on a person have many similarities with the bites of other blood-sucking parasites: a red spot with pronounced swelling and a slight compaction.The most common are flea bites on the legs of a person: feet, legs. Hands, stomach, back flea attacks are less likely. In children, lesions can occur anywhere on the body. The skin of a child is thin and delicate, so the insect is not difficult to bite through it. Below are photos of flea bites on a person.

Flea bites on the body
Flea bites on the body

In tropical countries are common sand fleas. The female does not bite a person, but literally takes root under its skin and remains in it. Receiving regular nutrition, a large number of eggs form in her body, due to which the female greatly expands. If it is not removed in time, a strong suppuration may occur, which can lead to amputation of the limbs.

Traces of flea bites are arranged linearly or randomly at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other. The affected area immediately begins to itch, and at the moment the insect penetrates the skin, pain arises, similar to the injection of a sharp needle. The symptoms of a flea bite on a person go away within 5-10 days depending on the characteristics, reaction of the body, immunity and the species of the parasite. Cat flea bites are faster compared to rat "prick". The most painful feelings are left behind by bloodsuckers parasitizing on elks. According to eyewitnesses, their bite is comparable to that of a bee.


“The other day we went on a hike with friends, lived in tents for several days. On the second day I began to notice that my legs itch terribly. At first I wrote it off on nettles, but when all the guys began to complain of similar symptoms, they had to look for reasons in another. It turned out that we were bitten by fleas. I could not even imagine that their bites were so painful and always thought that insects only bite those who keep pets. ”

Vyacheslav, Perm

Comparison of flea bites and bedbugs

In an apartment or in a person’s home, several blood-sucking parasites can bite: domestic bugsfleas mosquitoeswhose bites are different. Considering what flea bites look like and their external resemblance to wounds left behind by other blood-sucking creatures, it is difficult to identify the culprit. And if mosquitoes give out their presence with characteristic annoying buzzing, then the bugs and fleas do their bloody deed without any sounds.

You can distinguish a flea bite from a bedbug bite by the following features:

  1. Bedbugs go hunting only at night, while jumping parasites do not recognize the time frame and can bite at any time of the day.
  2. The bedbug introduces an anesthetic substance, so the person does not feel pain during his bite. Fleas are not so humane towards their victim, and during their bite a person always feels a sharp pain.
  3. Fleas bites on the human body are most often located on the legs, bugs usually bite the upper part of the body: shoulders, arms, back.
  4. Bed bugs leave behind a characteristic path, consisting of 3-5 punctures. Fleas also bite the skin in 2-3 places for full saturation, but their bites are not always linearly arranged and can be randomly concentrated at close distances to each other. For a comparative analysis, look at the photo on the skin of human marks from bedbugs and flea bites.

What are dangerous flea attacks

During a meal, an insect injects its saliva into a person’s wound, which contains a substance that promotes blood clotting. The penetration of the enzyme into the body provokes allergic reactions in humans, and feces and undigested blood that gets on the skin during feeding of the insect aggravate the situation and cause additional skin reactions.

A single bite is not serious human health hazardswhich cannot be said about the systematic regular attacks of parasites. The consequences of flea bites can be quite deplorable:

  • In places of bites there is a strong itch and when combing there is a possibility of microbes and infections entering the wound.
  • The manifestation of allergic reactions, which are accompanied by difficulty in breathing, fever, intestinal disorders, urticaria, severe swelling of the skin. Particularly prone to allergies immature organisms of children. If there are dangerous symptoms, seek medical attention.
  • The development of dermatitis, pulioza.
  • Human infection with endoparasites - worms, worms.
  • Fleas are carriers of dangerous bacteria of the plague bacillus, salmonella, encephalitis viruses, hepatitis, and typhoid pathogens. In total there are about 25 diseases that insects can transmit.

In addition to the fact that fleas are a threat to health, they cause psychological discomfort to their victims. A person develops psychosis, nervosa, it constantly seems to him that insects crawl on him, bite, even if at this moment the parasites are absent.

How to get rid of flea bites on a person

The treatment of flea bites primarily comes down to disinfecting wounds, relieving itching and swelling. To do this, it is necessary to treat the site of the bite with a solution of household or antibacterial soap, apply ice and smear it with an antiseptic. To prevent infection, you can treat flea bites with any alcohol solution, iodine, hydrogen peroxide.

How to treat flea bites in a person depends on the symptoms. At elevated temperatures, weakness self-medication is contraindicated. In such cases, it is necessary to contact a medical institution and only a doctor will be able to prescribe the correct treatment.


“In search of my lost cat, I had to go down to the basement, where I was bitten by fleas. Big blisters appeared, all skin itched badly. What I just did not attach, nothing helped. How to treat, the doctor suggested to me. In my case, Diphenhydramine cream was good for me. Itching and swelling quickly slept. The only drawback is that you want to sleep all the time. ”

Olga, Dzhankoy

Flea Bite Ointment
Flea Bite Ointment

If strong allergic manifestations are absent, treatment of bites can be carried out at home.Among the pharmaceutical preparations, a special ointment for flea bites is not presented, but there are a number of different means that will help treat the affected skin:

  • Cream Boro-plus - one of the cheapest and safest drugs. Relieves inflammation, irritation, is used when the appearance of purulent wounds.
  • Fenistil Gel - a universal remedy for insect bites. Helps relieve itching, inflammation.
  • Levomekol is used when pustules appear for decontamination. Treat flea bites with a gauze pad.
  • Hydrocortisone ointment is a potent hormonal drug. Smear bites only when absolutely necessary. Helps to get rid of itching, severe swelling.

You can treat parasite bites with the help of folk remedies:

  • To remove the edema, mix table vinegar with water in equal proportions and treat the wounds. For these purposes, you can use ice cubes or a weak solution of citric acid.
  • To relieve itching, prepare a solution of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water. From the mixture to make compresses. You can mix the soda with water to a mushy state and apply to the affected places.
  • The lotions from the plantain, aloe, green tea, calendula, celandine relieve itching and disinfect wounds.

In addition, it is imperative to thoroughly clean the house using effective means. You can also contact a specialized company and hold disinsection in an apartment or house.

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