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The most unpleasant "neighbors" of people are considered bed bugs. The effectiveness of combating them depends on the completeness of information about these insects. Awareness will help make the right decision and begin to get rid of them deliberately. Whatever means and methods are chosen for bed bugs destruction, it is necessary to strictly follow the basic rules that are used for sanitary treatment of premises:

  • All kitchen utensils and food are carefully packed;
  • Removed from the premises all residents and pets;
  • Personal items are reviewed and processed by steam or boiling;
  • A thorough cleaning in the apartment.

A large number of various drugs are presented on the domestic market to save humanity from insatiable bugs. This is a confirmation of the fact that the problem of removing insects from human housing remains unresolved. An effective tool should be selected according to the following criteria:

  • The presence of an effective, well-proven insecticide in its composition;
  • The presence of positive feedback;
  • Famous manufacturer;
  • Safety means for others and pets.

The Russian chemical market offers a range of products for fight bedbugs. They are effective, easy to use and safe. Against bedbugs, there is not one single remedy that can be recommended for general use. Evaluate any of the proposed drugs can thoroughly examine it. Of the variety of existing toxic substances, you can find the most effective remedy for bedbugs.

Consider the most popular and proven means of dealing with bedbugs.


Executioner from bedbugs
Executioner from bedbugs

Licensed German drug executioner produced by chemical enterprises of Russia. It is a clear, yellowish, odorless liquid. The main component is fenthion, the concentration of which in the finished product reaches 25%. In the body of all warm-blooded animals and humans, it is neutralized by special enzymes, and therefore, ingestion of large quantities can be dangerous. The drug blocks the passage of nerve impulses, which ultimately leads to paralysis and death of the insect.

Industrial packaging of poison - white plastic bottle with a volume of 6 ml. The working solution is prepared on the basis of water. This effective remedy for bed bugs will allow you to get rid of bloodsuckers in a few hours. It destroys the larvae and adults. At the same time, the drug disappears quickly, so it is safe for people and animals living in the house. One bottle of funds Executioner enough to handle about 5 square meters. m. But thanks to the affordable price, it will allow a complete disinsection of the premises without large financial losses. In the ranking of drugs for the destruction of bed bugs hangman leads. You can buy the drug in hardware stores or place an order via the Internet.
The price of 1 bottle is about 70-80 rubles.


Fight bedbugs we were not alone: ​​our neighbors had the same problem. Processing was performed together, the result was not long in coming. There are no more bedbugs. But when buying, I almost bought a fake: it’s good that my wife read it before, that there should be a hologram with a bug on the package. Therefore, pay attention to this when buying funds. No less important post pest control –– Wash only those surfaces that are in constant contact.

Vladimir, Moscow

Drug GET

According to consumers, whose reviews can be read on the Internet, this drug is one of the most effective and best means for the destruction of bedbugs at home. The production of this chemical product is in Russia. It is a special microencapsulated water-based suspension and causes danger to insects. With the help of the getah, you can destroy not only bugs, but also other dangerous insects. It is poured into special plastic bottles with a capacity of 100 ml. Inside the microcapsule is chlorperiphos - an active substance that can poison a large number of parasites. As a result, the nervous system is affected and paralysis occurs. Clinging to the microcapsule's paws, the bug itself infects, but cannot infect other insects. Therefore, it is important to properly treat all surfaces.

Get Bedbug Remedy
Get Bedbug Remedy

The indisputable advantages of HET include the following criteria:

  • The drug has a neutral smell and does not leave stains;
  • For people, birds and pets, GET is completely safe;
  • The absence of substances-allergens;
  • Duration of action within 180 days after treatment;
  • It is resistant to temperature extremes and ultraviolet rays;
  • Differs in ability to extermination of population of bugs.

On a note!

GET anti bugs economically. One bottle, diluted with water in certain proportions, is enough for processing a room of 40 sq.m. Buy the drug Get is available in the pharmacy network of Moscow.

The cost of 830 rubles.


When they found in their bugs who settled in the mattress, immediately began to look for a cure for them. GET was used, it was recommended to us as one of the most popular. And he did not let us down!

Sergey, Voronezh

GEKTOR against bed bugs

The drug is a new generation that has no analogues in the Russian market. The main features of the drug are the mechanical effect and the unique composition without toxic substances. GEKTOR against bed bugs It is a highly absorbing hydrophilic powder that, when in contact with an insect, draws all the liquid out of it, leaving no chance for survival.

Gektor vs bed bugs
Gektor vs bed bugs

The main advantages:

  • The drug destroys both ordinary and resistive bugs that can resist chemical drugs.
  • Safe for people, animals and the environment.
  • Odorless, leaves no residue.
  • Belongs to low-hazard substances, which is rare among the means of bedbugs.
  • The drug for a long time retains its protective properties.
  • All that is needed for the application is to cut the "nose" of the bottle and spray the contents into the habitats of insects.


We have a big family. Grandma, we are with my husband and children. The cat still lives in the apartment. Therefore, the usual preparations for bedbugs is difficult to use. The whole family must leave the apartment indefinitely. GEKTOR against bed bugs just saved us. Sprinkled powder for all plinths, cabinets and processed beds. After 4-5 days there were no bugs.

Vika, Volgograd


Cucaracha remedy for bedbugs-1
Cucaracha remedy for bedbugs

Experts believe that Cucaracha remedy for bedbugs is often used, quite effective and effective drug. Bottled poison in special liter containers made of plastic. To treat the room it should be diluted with water (1: 100). While working with the drug, it is recommended to observe safety measures. As disinsector Kukaracha low-hazard. After completion of work, it is advisable to ventilate the room, but not earlier than after 3 hours. The residual effect lasts for three days.

On a note!

Death of bedbugs occurs in a matter of seconds after their interaction with this drug. Treat the room and furniture located in it, should be on the perimeter.

The price of this tool is a little over 200 rubles.


Starting a fight with bedbugs folk remedies, we realized that they are ineffective. We bought the drug "Cucaracha" and did not regret it. Fast result and safety for our cat is what we wanted to get. ”

Anna, Sochi

The drug for bedbugs Forsyth

Forsyth is a tool used to kill bedbugs. It is allowed for self-use from domestic bugs. Treats highly effective and safe preparations which are often used for extermination of bedbugs. The drug Forsyth is a golden liquid with insecticidal properties. Active ingredient - perimethrin. The greatest effect is achieved when combined with barrier methods. Duration of action Forsyth for bedbugs after treatment of the contaminated area, it is approximately two weeks.

Forsyth can be purchased for 250 rubles.


Foresight was chosen after another widely used drug did not help us. The bugs with Forsythe disappeared. It took only 2 treatments!

Elena, Krasnodar

Forsyth from bedbugs
Forsyth from bedbugs

Insect repellent Raptor

Known and widely used drug Raptor guarantees complete elimination of these parasites due to the unique formula, which includes three highly active components and an organic solvent. Insects instantly die after contact with the drug. The raptor reliably protects from other dangerous and harmful bloodsuckers. One can means enough to handle an area of ​​about 20 square meters. m. The advantage of the Raptor is the lack of smell. One package can cost around 200 rubles.


The raptor was chosen because there is no sharp smell from it, as from some other drugs. But the result of the application pleased: coped without special services.

Oleg, Moscow

The raptor from bedbugs
The raptor from bedbugs


One of the effective remedies for bedbugs, ticks and fleas occupies a special place professional Tetrix drugproduced in the Netherlands. The toxic ability of a substance leaves no chance for parasites to survive.The working solution is prepared on the basis of water. It is necessary to dilute 10 - 50 ml of Tetrix in water.

The cost depends on the volume, the smallest package of 250 ml can be bought for 2500 rubles.


Tetrix was used after several other advertised tools did not help us. get rid of bed bugs. The result was already after 2 weeks. It is true to note that because of its toxicity, processing is more difficult than with simple means, but the effect is worth it!

Ilya, Kiev

Tetriks from bedbugs
Tetriks from bedbugs


Drug Kombat enters the top of the best tools used to destroy bedbugs. On the Russian market comes from Korea, where it is developed and produced. The liquid is packaged in aerosol containers with a capacity of 500 ml.

On a note!

For ease of use, the cylinders are equipped with a nozzle tube, which makes it possible to handle hard-to-reach places.

The main components, imiprotrin and cyphenothrin, are modern high-performance insecticides of the last generation. Getting on the chitinous membrane or in the intestinal tract of the bug, they poison the parasite, paralyzing and leading to its complete destruction. Means Kombat has the following properties:

  • Provides increased mortality for bedbugs;
  • It has a long residual effect;
  • It is a little toxic for people around;
  • Effectively fights bacteria and mold.

Means Kombat has a strong and persistent citrus odor. It is recommended to treat the rooms in protective equipment. One cylinder is enough for the area of ​​an apartment from 40 to 70 square meters. The indisputable advantages of the Combat are:

  • Ease of use due to aerosol packaging and additional nozzles that allow to handle hard-to-reach places;
  • The invisibility of the application due to the strong flavors contained in the preparation.

You can buy the drug in any retail chains, the price is just over 300 rubles


Combat - a tool effective and common, he helped us quickly get rid of bedbugs. Like my sister, who advised him. It takes more time apartment preparationthan the pest itself.

Olga, Yoshkar-Ola

Combat SuperSprey +
Combat SuperSprey +

Drug Fufanon

To combat all synanthropic insects that can live in an apartment, Denmark has developed an excellent drug Fufanon. It can be considered modern karbofos, since they use an identical active ingredient. It is a yellowish, oily liquid in the form of an emulsion.It is packaged in ampoules or plastic containers of 1 and 5 liters. Infected rooms are treated with Fufanon solution. To do this, in five liters of pure water diluted with 5 ml (1 ampoule) of the drug. This amount will be enough for the disinsection of 50 square meters. m square.

When working with the drug must comply with security measures. All outsiders, as well as domestic animals and aquarium fish are removed from the premises. The room must be ventilated and thoroughly cleaned with a soap-soda solution a day after the treatment. The manufacturer recommends re-disinfection, it should be carried out in a month, or as needed. The effectiveness and effectiveness of Fufanon against bed bugs is confirmed by numerous positive reviews. A long period of residual action is detrimental to bedbugs and their larvae. The tool can sell retail networks of garden equipment.

The price of 1 l of funds is about 1,500 rubles.


When on the body of the daughter noticed bite marks, decided that it is midges. But when there were more of them, we examined her room and found them in bedbugs.Immediately they began to look for a means and stopped at Fufanon. "Infected" was one room, but processed the entire apartment. Enough 2 times and no more bedbugs!

Irina, Omsk

Fufanon from bedbugs
Fufanon from bedbugs

Means Tsifoks

The strongest domestic drug, Tsifox, is intended and approved for use only by SES employees who have special permission to work with such toxic substances. Included in the group of means of strict accounting. The composition of the poison includes - cypermethrin (25%), emulsifiers and perfume. Surfaces are treated with Zwix water solution. on 1 sq.m it is necessary to take 50 ml of this means. Disinfect the room is necessary in special means of protection. The drug Zvioks from bedbugs - it is a clear liquid with a specific odor.

The price for 500 ml of Cifox is about 1000 rubles.


When we realized that bedbugs settled in the apartment, they immediately called special service to handle the apartment. The guys did it perfectly. We used Zwix in our work (we specifically learned from them what kind of remedy helped so quickly). All his friends now recommends contacting specialists.

Vitaly, Moscow

Cyclox remedy for bedbugs
Cyclox remedy for bedbugs

Clean house

This is a new drug used in the fight against bedbugs. In the Russian market it is sold in two forms: powder and aerosols. Within a short time, he can help destroy these pests and permanently rid them of their homes. Preparation Clean the house from bugs passed testing, proving its safety. It is used in European countries. It contains the following components:

  • The concentrated substance cypermethrin. It has a strong effect, affects the nervous system of the bug, and causes paralysis in it, resulting in atrophy of the muscles of the insect.
  • Tetramethrin. Very quickly enters the body of the bug, resulting in death. The concentration that can be used is 2.5%.

Both forms of insecticide are well established in the fight against difficult to display parasites. The advantages of Clean House include the following factors:

  • High impact speed and efficiency;
  • Low degree of toxicity, since the drug rapidly decomposes under the influence of air;
  • It is possible to use means in rooms of the different area;
  • Stains after Clean House are easy to clean;
  • It is simple and easy to work with;
  • If the powder is left on the surface, it creates a protective barrier for a long time.

The main disadvantage of the drug is that its effect does not apply to the eggswho had time to post bugs. This can lead to the emergence of a new generation of these insects in the house. You can buy it in pharmacies in Moscow and other Russian cities at an affordable price of about 200 rubles.


They bought a clean house after they began to notice bites on the body. My husband's sister had such a problem, and they learned from her how to look for bedbugs. For their destruction bought a clean house and after 3 treatments got rid of parasites. My advice to everyone is not to delay the solution of such a serious problem!

Zoya, Ivanovo

Means Clean House
Means Clean House

Dichlorvos from bedbugs

Well known, thoroughly studied and good remedy for bed bugs Dichlorvos. It is quite effective in the processing of upholstered furniture, thanks to the aerosol. The only drawback of this drug is a persistent and corrosive, poorly weathered odor. Dichlorvos does not allow bugs to adapt to the components of the pesticide. Modern science has improved the insecticide formula, and today such varieties of this tool have appeared on the market:

  • "Neo", which has an instant effect and an odorless drug;
  • "Super";
  • "Eco" with the presence of aromatic additives;
  • The newest development is the Clean House drug in the form of dust and aerosol.

The cost of the drug is available for consumers - from 100 rubles.


Having entered a rented apartment, my wife and I discovered bedbugs. There were not many of them, so they decided not to call expensive services, but to use Dichlorvos. The result was not long in coming. The only thing that did not like the tool was the smell.

Stanislav, Kemerovo

Dichlorvos from bedbugs
Dichlorvos from bedbugs


It belongs to the class of organophosphorus drugs, which occupy a leading position in the destruction of bedbugs, ranging from eggs to adults. Means karbofos practically odorless and non-toxic. For disinfection measures use a 2% aqueous solution of the pesticide. Consumption - 100 ml of the finished product per 1Q. m square. Ease of use, reasonable price and efficiency are the determining factors for the dying popularity of Karbofos. At present, there are no facts confirming the appearance of bugs after using the drug and developing their resistance to it.

Packing 1 l costs about 1500 rubles.


Karbofos was advised by my aunt when we found bed bugs. The tool coped with the problem at "5" and after 2 weeks there was not a trace of parasites!

Irina, St. Petersburg

Karbofos from bedbugs
Karbofos from bedbugs

Other remedies for bedbugs

There is, besides the above, a huge number of various means used to destroy bedbugs:

  • Raid to kill all insects;
  • Dust - inexpensive, widely known insecticide;
  • Insecticidal preparation Fas from bugs. Its effect extends to other insects living in homes, including cockroaches;
  • Universal remedy - Destructive power. With it, you can destroy bedbugs instantly and for a long time to protect the house from the invasion of parasites;
  • CIMEX is an effective disinfectant. This is a special development of Finnish manufacturers, aimed at the destruction of bed bugs. Since the drug is based on organic substances, it is absolutely harmless to humans.
  • Insecticide. This is one of the best remedies for bedbugs. It allows you to bring them in a short time. This is the development of Russian scientists.The remedy causes paralysis and subsequent death of blood-sucking parasites;
  • Sinusan. A highly toxic drug that requires special care in the process of use. Re-treatment of the room is recommended;
  • Medilis Tsiper. its spectrum of action is large. He is able to destroy agricultural insects, it is often used in the fight against bed bugs.

As can be seen from the above information, that for the destruction of bedbugs produced a large number of various tools. Definitely answer which one is the most effective is very difficult. It should be remembered that even the best remedies for bedbugs can only have a temporary effect if one apartment is processed in a totally infected apartment building. After a couple of weeks, “uninvited guests” may appear in the room, who will begin to move from their neighbors. To achieve the maximum effect on the destruction of bedbugs, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive treatment of the entire housing stock.

If, after careful treatment and preventive measures, after a short period of time, the insects reappeared,then this can be explained by two reasons: either the means for removing bedbugs turned out to be of poor quality, or the bloodsuckers have acquired resistance to this drug. In this case, there is only one advice - you will have to acquire another poison and begin the process of fighting over. It is only necessary to buy and order insecticidal preparations in specialized stores.

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