How to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment quickly and permanently

Just two decades ago bed bugs only the pages of M. Zoshchenko’s stories appeared, it was nonsense to see them personally.Now these insects are beginning to actively flood the living quarters. Climate warming, the rapid adaptation of bloodsuckers to chemicals, the illiterate approach of the population to the persecution of parasites contribute to the rapid growth of bedbugs. The myth that bugs live only in dirty, untidy houses turned out to be untenable, the gloss and sterile cleanliness will not protect them from entering. And so the question of how to get rid of bedbugs in an apartment is becoming more and more urgent.

Features of bedbugs

Finding effective ways to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment will be much easier if you know their physiological features. The insect has a flattened body, the size of which in its full form barely reaches 8-9 mm (see photo). The speed of movement of an adult individual is about one meter per minute, maggots only 25 cm. Bedbugs are nocturnal, parasitic hunting is released at night, before dawn. In the daytime the bugs are hiding in the apartment in dark places. They prefer to set up their settlements closer to the victim, directly on the bed, with a sofa. Willingly placed under the baseboards, on the walls under the wallpaper, in the joints of furniture and dark, hard to reach places. Insects have good smelling and certain odors bugs are afraid.

Stages of development of bedbugs
Stages of development of bedbugs

Adults feed 5-10 days apart; the larvae need more frequent feeding. The full development cycle under favorable conditions ranges from 28-40 days. One mating for a female, the bug is enough to lay eggs throughout its life. For the entire life cycle, the duration of which reaches 18 months, the female can lay up to 500 eggs, and in one day 5-6. Eggs are protected by a durable shell, so almost no chemical drug is able to destroy them.

At temperatures above 50 ° C, below 20 ° C and mechanical crushing bedbug eggs die instantly.

Ways to deal with bedbugs

To permanently get rid of bedbugs at home, you should assess the extent of infection and choose an effective method. In 70% of cases, the first thing bedbugs occupy sleeping places: a bed, a mattress, a sofa. It is necessary to carefully and meticulously check these items. The habitat of parasites is not a sight for the faint of heart. In order to prepare yourself for this morally and exactly know, how to detect bed bugs nests and how they look, you can watch the corresponding video.

When a nest is found - a chaotic accumulation of adults, larvae, eggs, chitinous membranes, dark excrement, a difficult choice has to be made: throw it away or carry out a pest control. If the mattress or sofa is old, it does not make sense to fight bedbugs for the right to possess it, it is easier to get rid of the sofa itself. In addition to beds, you should explore the entire space of the apartment, furniture, decor items, books.

Bed bugs
Bed bugs

Frequent reason for the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment can be neighboring apartments. In this case, the answer to the question of how to get rid of bed bugs, involves communication with neighbors and the development of common measures. Otherwise, you should not cherish the hope that you will be able to get rid of blood-sucking insects for a long time. If there are a lot of contaminated apartments, and one of the owners refuses to disinfect, you can contact the SES and they will force the treatment of the negligent tenant’s apartment.


“I never thought that I would have to deal with bedbugs. Having found these unpleasant creatures in her apartment, she did not become shy and went with a survey to her neighbors. It turned out that at our entrance there are 7 infected apartments.The culprit turned out to be a dysfunctional neighbor who trash all the trash from the trash can. Not only did he bring these parasites into the house, he also completely refused disinsection. They wrote a collective letter to the district police officer, he forwarded the case to a civil court and a forced disinsection was appointed. Together, we managed to get rid of the nasty bugs. "

Olga, Volgodonsk

The choice of the method of how to get rid of bed bugs depends on the assessment of the contamination of the premises, time, finances and forces that a person is willing to spend. The most popular ways to fight:

  • Contacting specialized services is the easiest and most effective way to quickly and permanently get rid of bed bugs in an apartment. No need to puzzle over what drug to buy, how safe it is. In professional companies, the manager always clarifies all the details about living, the presence of allergies and other nuances. The duration of treatment varies within 3-6 hours, depending on the area. Destruction of bugs with a guarantee in a one-room apartment in Moscow will cost between 1200 and 1600 rubles and depends on the distance of the object.In the regions, the price may differ slightly. Disinsectors irrigate surfaces, interior items, but you should not naively believe that they themselves move the bed, wardrobes, carry out indoor plants, pack and wash clothes. This amount of work is performed by the owner of the apartment.
    Processing Services
    Processing Services


    “I rented an apartment and a few days after settling I felt at night that someone was biting. He turned on the light and saw a bug on his body. I didn’t think much about it in the morning, I called the medical service, the guys arrived, they did it quickly cold mist treatmentliterally 3 hours. Since then, more bugs have not seen. "

    Oleg, Volgograd

  • Independent destruction of bugs using insecticidal drugs. A way available for everyone to purchase effective insect baiting agent can be in any hardware store, online shopping sites. The price can vary from 100 to 1200 rubles. The effectiveness of the event depends on the drug and compliance with instructions. In order to forget about bed parasites forever, it is usually necessary to re-process the apartment.
  • Temperature effects - according to the degree of toxicity, it is an absolutely safe method and it has good results.
  • Mechanical impact is a dubious method, the essence of which is reduced to cleaning the room with a vacuum cleaner and night ambush in order to take the bug off by surprise and kill it with a slipper. The effectiveness of the procedure depends on perseverance and perseverance.

    Methods of dealing with bedbugs
    Methods of dealing with bedbugs
  • Folk methods of getting rid of bedbugs in the apartment. The cost may not always be lower than that of modern chemicals. The effect of the application varies in each individual case and most often. folk remedies good only for repelling insects for a short time.

Independent use of insecticides

If you are still thinking how to get rid of bedbugs at home, it is recommended to pay attention to insecticidal preparations. They do not leave marks and stains on the furniture in the apartment, are easy to use and effective. The most effective possess chemicals intended for wet processing. This method allows the substance to penetrate into the smallest gap. Crayons bed bugs gels and dry powders called Dustami, are not able to penetrate into hard-to-reach places of the apartment and therefore the result from their use is much worse.

Fighting bedbugs in the house
Fighting bedbugs in the house

According to their toxicity, insecticides are divided into 4 classes, the toxicity scale according to the degree of exposure to humans begins with low-risk and ends extremely dangerous. By type of exposure, drugs are divided into:

  • imagoidal - destroy adults;
  • larvicidal - affect the larvae;
  • ovicidal - destroy insect egg-laying.

Different preparations for home use and composition. The most common are:

  • Pyrethroids - affect neurons and destroy insect nerve cells. At bedbug muscle cramps begin, it coils for a few seconds and dies after a few hours. In case of insufficient concentration, the effect of the drug may be reversible. The advantages of pyrethroid agents are the absence of odor and safety of use.
  • Organophosphate compounds - affect the parasites through the digestive system. After being applied to an insect, paralysis occurs almost instantly and after a short time it dies. FOS preparations include chlorpyrimark, averfos, Sinusan, they all have a sharp peculiar smell.

    Among all modern chemical agents, FOS-based preparations are considered the most effective and reliable.

When using chemicals at home, you must observe precautions and use personal protective equipment. During the persecution in the apartment should not be people, pets. All hygiene items, food should be carefully packaged. All rooms, rooms, balconies, loggias should be processed at one time to prevent bedbugs from hiding.

Security measures when processing
Security measures when processing

The most popular and affordable means for the destruction of bedbugs at home are recognized:

Most of all chemicals do not affect insect eggs. Therefore, to remove bedbugs from the apartment completely, it is necessary to conduct a course of several treatments. Since for some time the larvae will appear, the task is reduced to the systematic destruction of new-born individuals and not allow them to grow to an adult state in order to prevent new eggs.Only a set of measures, and strict adherence to instructions will help get rid of bedbugs.

How to get rid of bedbugs with the help of folk remedies

The answer to the question of how to get rid of bedbugs on their own, people have been searching for for several thousand years. Over the centuries-long period of the struggle with bedbugs, a great variety of folk remedies have been accumulated for the expulsion and destruction of hideous insects. Ways like conspiracies, it does not make sense to consider, in view of their absolute uselessness. But along with this popular piggy bank there are some very useful methods.

Most of the folk remedies that are applicable at home, have a deterrent effect on bloodsuckers. Their use can be rational for facilitating life in the period of neighborhood with bedbugs, while comprehensive measures are being taken to destroy them. The most popular folk remedies:

  • Table Vinegar. The smell of liquid is able to scare away an insect for a short time. It is necessary to process all surfaces adjacent to the bed. The higher the concentration of vinegar, the stronger the effect. Vinegar is sometimes treated with vents to avoid penetration of migrating bedbugs from neighbors. Naphthalene has a similar effect.

    Grass from bedbugs
    Grass from bedbugs
  • Sprigs of mint, wormwood, tansy, wild rosemary can keep insects at a short time and protect households from bed bites. Bundles of herbs are laid out along the perimeter of the bed, along window and door openings. Periodically, the herbaria should be updated, as the smell weakens with time.
  • Wet cleaning using dustov soap.

You can try to get rid of bedbugs with the help of solutions based on kerosene, turpentine, ethyl alcohol. When conducting such experiments in an apartment, one should take into account the flammable properties of liquids and observe fire safety techniques. A big disadvantage of these products is a pronounced smell, for weathering of which it will take more than one day, and contact action. To get rid of parasites, the liquid must directly fall on the bug. For processing sofa, upholstered furniture such a method is also unacceptable, as stains may remain.

Mix recipes:

  • 100 ml of kerosene and 100 ml of turpentine mix and add a few drops of naphthalene.
  • a glass of water, 30 ml of turpentine, 40 ml of kerosene, 60 g of green soap.
  • 200 mg of turpentine, 200 mg of ethyl alcohol, 10 g of camphor oil.


“After detecting bedbugs in the apartment, I read reviews about the effectiveness of folk remedies, I decided to try to get rid of the parasites by independent efforts. And they watered them with kerosene, and laid out fragrant herbs with them, and the bugs continued to bite anyway. Only time has been wasted. ”

Valya, Rostov

Temperature mode against parasites

The death of bedbugs
The death of bedbugs

Bedbugs are very resistant to temperature extremes, but plus 50 ° and minus 20 ° are critical for both adults and offspring. This physiological feature was noticed in the Middle Ages and people poured boiling water over insect accumulation sites. In apartments, this method is unsuitable, because the interior can deteriorate, and neighbors from the lower floors are unlikely to be pleased with the appearance of drips on the ceiling.

The modern way to get rid of bedbugs in an apartment using high temperatures is to steam generator application. Household appliance handles things, upholstered furniture, toys, walls, baseboards, sleeping places.All wardrobe items, bedding that can withstand high temperatures are erased in hot water. To prevent re-infection, washed and dried items are packed in sealed bags.

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