Who bites in bed at night except for bedbugs

Finding bites after a dream on the body, I want to find the culprit and punish him. The most terrible representatives of bloodsucking insects are bed bugs. It would seem that the mosquito is a bloodsucker, but it does not cause panic fear and disgust, like a bug. Ate from the bite marks, it was possible to determine that the instigator of the itch is not a small creeping parasite, then you can breathe with some relief, because it is much easier to find and neutralize other bloodsucker.The list of those who can bite at night in bed other than bedbugs is limited to a few insects.

Who bites at night

Human blood is enjoyed by fleas, midges, mosquitoes and lice, the latter, unlike all of the above, prefer to live on the body of their victims all the time. The traces left after the feast of the parasites differ from each other and the photo of the bites presented below will help to recognize the true violator of the night sleep.

Fleas - unpretentious pests

Fleas, their eggs and larvae
Fleas, their eggs and larvae

Feline, basement, earthen, dog - all these flea species willingly lodge in apartments and houses of people. Although they prefer the blood of animals, the human is by no means alien to them. And if someone bites at night in bed, they are the first on the list who should be accused of encroaching on their own blood.

Fleas are distinguished by their small size and excellent jumping ability. To catch a brown insect, whose body is densely covered with bristles, is almost unreal. Perfectly aware of their invulnerability fleas bite a person at any time of the day. The peak of their activity occurs during the daytime, but if the population is numerous, and there are not enough food sources,hungry individuals can go hunting at night.

Fleas bite without anesthetic substance being introduced into the puncture site. For this reason, their bites are very painful and are felt immediately. With saliva, an insect injects an enzyme that prevents blood from clotting. The protein structure of the substance provokes the appearance of allergic reactions. In place flea bite there is a red blister, sometimes it becomes covered with a purulent crust.

On a note!

Like bugs, fleas bite several times and leave behind a chain of several punctures. Unlike the linear path klopinoy, their bites are not arranged in a row, but randomly (see photo).

Flea bites
Flea bites

Fleas tolerate A number of dangerous diseases and helminth eggs, therefore, having found jumping parasites in the house, you should immediately take insect control measures and pick up the necessary tool. To make sure that there are fleas in the apartment, you should lay out a white sheet on the bed or on the floor and watch it for a few minutes. If dark spots periodically appear on the canvas and rapidly disappear, there can be no doubt that this is no flea.


Began to notice that someone bites at night.The bite was unbearably itchy. I looked at the site photo of bedbug bites. On my body, they were located differently, so these insects were excluded from the list of accused. One night I left a glass of water near the bed, and in the morning I found several dead individuals in it. Carefully reviewed, compared with a photo and came to the conclusion that it is fleas. Probably moved from the basement. The problem was solved by one spray. Dichlorvos.

Karina, Belgorod

Lice - true parasites

Head lice
Head lice

In bed, in addition to bedbugs, lice can also bite. To distinguish them from other bloodsuckers is quite easy at the place of their localization. Head lice live in the hairline. They create their settlements in the hair on their heads, pubic ploshchitsy may be in the armpits, in intimate places, on the hairline of the abdomen, where they feed and multiply. Traces lice bites respectively, also found directly in habitats.


During the Middle Ages in Europe, not washing was considered a special sign of holiness, and lice were called "pearls of God." Among the population, the search for each other's hair inhabitants was a sign of strong friendship.

Biting lice is not as painful as other bloodsuckers, but when they breed in large numbers, their bites and movements cause severe itching. Ignoring the presence of parasites is not worth it not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because of their harmfulness. Through small wounds infections can penetrate.

Louse bites
Louse bites


My friend started complaining about night bites, but there were no obvious signs. We began to poke fun at her, saying that invisible bugs bite her. After going to the hairdresser, she returned in tears. It turned out that she had pediculosis. Where did the lice come from, unclear. A friend has always been very clean and the appearance of such shameful insects does not correspond to her way of life.

Victoria, Moscow

Occasionally found linen lice. These parasites live in clothes, bedding. Sometimes they are confused with flea bugs. Any person can bring a couple of individuals into the house - just visit or spend the night in the contaminated room. Insects of small sizes, gray-brown color. Unlike head bites, open areas of the body. Their bites are not identified in the hair.Linen lice are a serious danger to humans, as they are carriers of typhoid fever.

Parasites quickly and rapidly multiply. It is enough to get into the house of one fertilized female and under favorable conditions there will be a whole colony in a month. Eggs are very small and it is almost impossible to notice them with the naked eye on the bed or clothes. For the destruction of parasites and their egg-laying, it is necessary to expose all bedding to high or low temperatures:

  • hang out when the thermometer is below minus 10 ° C;
  • wash in hot water;
  • iron iron or process steam generator.

Mosquitoes - disturbers of the night calm

Mosquito bites
Mosquito bites

Mosquitoes - the most innocent nominees for the role of the perpetrators, who bites at night in bed. Unlike silent bugs, their presence is accompanied by an annoying squeak. They feel great in the natural environment, and in urban apartments, houses. And if from other blood-sucking insects you can hide in other uninfected rooms, then you cannot hide from mosquitoes anywhere.

Female individuals drink the blood, they need nutrition to reproduce offspring.Bite for any open areas of the body. At the site of the bite appears a large blister and severe itching. Unlike traces of fleas and bedbugs, the puncture sites are located chaotically without any hints of a chain or track.

Omnivorous cockroaches

No matter how strange it sounded, not only bugs and other bloodsuckers can bite at night, but also Prusak. Proved and recorded cases where cockroaches nibbled cilia in babies, the skin near the lips and nails. The lack of food resources and moisture caused by an excess of individuals in the colony can induce the insect to eat the flesh.

Cockroach bites
Cockroach bites

Cockroach bites - the phenomenon is quite rare. Much more often they fall into the ear of manfrom where they cannot get out by themselves. If a similar situation arises, you should immediately consult a doctor, who with a special syringe and other medical equipment will wash the scum with water pressure and remove it from the organ of hearing.

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