What do bedbug bites look like on human skin?

Having found strange traces on the body after a night's sleep, people start to knock down the thresholds of dermatologists and allergists, even without suspecting that these may be bedbug bites. The myth that blood-sucking insects - the result of unsanitary conditions and poverty, has long been dispelled. Bugs with the same pleasure settle in elite new buildings in Moscow and in provincial barracks. Knowing how the bites of bed bugs look is good for everyone. Timely detection of bloodsucking parasites will allow you to start pest control in the early stages and prevent their active reproduction.

If you settle in a room with favorable conditions 40 individuals of bugs, after 6 months their number will reach 6000.

The appearance of bedbug bites

It may seem that bedbug bites have a lot in common with mosquito bites and allergic reactions, rashes, which can occur with chickenpox. The difficulty of diagnosing parasite bites lies in the fact that each person has an individual reaction to insects. But there are a number of specific signs by which it can be determined that the cause of damage to the skin is bed bugs:

  1. After the bite of the domestic bug, there remains a swelling with a pronounced contour and a protruding knob.
  2. The main distinguishing feature is the characteristic paths from bedbug bites (see photo). It is not typical for these bloodsuckers to make single punctures. Each insect bites its prey 3-5 times, the interval between bite marks can vary from 2 to 4 cm. Bedbugs eat collectively and therefore the number of tracks can vary from a few to a few dozen.
  3. With careful examination in the center of the cone, you can see the trail of a puncture through which the bloodsucker fed.
  4. Blood specks on bedding, wallpaper, adjacent to bed.
  5. Bedbug bites occur after sleep. At night, the person does not feel the insect sucking blood.
  6. Bedbugs bite only at night. During the day, they hide in secluded places. A rare exception that can force bloodsuckers to go hunting in the afternoon is a long hunger that makes them especially aggressive or high concentrations of individuals, due to which they have no place to hide during the daylight hours.
  7. In places where the bug has bitten, severe itching, burning and soreness, slight peeling of the skin may appear.

The reaction of the skin to the bites of domestic bugs depends on the puncture site and the thickness of the skin. On the face and neck, the skin is thinner and the capillaries are located closely, in these places the bite marks appear stronger.

On a note!

The bite of a bed bug in a child is accompanied by patches of a brighter color and larger size compared with adults.

Photo of bedbug bites on human skin

Bedbug bites
Bedbug bites

Bedbugs bite open areas of the body without hair. Favorite places are the neck, face, back, arms, feet, legs. You can see an impressive picture of the effects of bites in photos. Insects are not in a position to slip clothes, but under certain circumstances they can climb under the victim's clothes.

A fresh bite mark looks like a puffy blister with a characteristic bump in the center. He can very itch and resist the temptation to scratch the wound is very difficult. After 2-3 days, it begins to fade away and is a red spot. If you look closely at the photo, you can see the tracks of red spots. In rare cases, symptoms of a bed parasite bite may appear after a few days.

On a note!

The number of bite marks on the skin depends on the contamination of the apartment. The more individuals there are in the room, the more acne can be found in the morning, respectively. There are cases when there were up to 500 punctures on the human body.

How to bite bugs

Bed bugs
Bed bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic individuals that feed on human blood. When hungry, they have a light brown flat body, dimensions which range from 3.5 to 8 mm. Due to the nature of the structure, crushing an insect in bed is very difficult. However, after saturation, the body of the parasite lengthens and expands, as a result of which it becomes more vulnerable. It is these crushed individuals that leave behind on the bed specific brown blood spots, which are obvious signs of bed bugs.

Regardless of gender, age, the bug absorbs a lot of food, which is twice as large as its own weight. Larvae differ in the smaller sizes and a transparent little body. If we consider the larva after feeding, you can see a drop of blood in her stomach.

The upper and lower jaws of the bug are a proboscis, performing a piercing and sucking function. During the period when the insect is not puzzled by the search for food, the proboscis is firmly pressed against the cephalothoid, therefore the sucking apparatus of the parasite is rarely seen in the photo.

On a note!

Bloodsuckers feed exclusively at night, and external factors: light, noise on them in no way affect. So sleep with the lights on and avoid attacks of bedbugs will not work. The peak of activity of parasites falls on the predawn time: from 1-2 am to 6 am.

The bedbug pierces the skin of its victim and tries to find a capillary. He well feels the vibration of blood in the vessels and accurately determines the place for the bite. The proboscis of the parasite is equipped with two channels. Through one, he sucks blood, and the second serves to inject saliva into the puncture site, which has an analgesic effect. For this reason, the person does not experience pain while being bitten. For one bite, the bug consumes approximately 1-1.5 μl of blood, then it moves 2-3 cm and continues its meal.

One adult bug makes 3 to 5 punctures during feeding. This amount of blood is enough for him not to experience hunger for 6-10 days.The feeding time of an adult individual is 15–25 minutes; for the full growth of the young, it takes 3-4 minutes.

Buggy satiety
Buggy satiety

On a note!

The bites of domestic bugs in pain can vary depending on the age of the biting individual. Adult parasites bite absolutely painless. The larvae of domestic bugs feed on a daily basis and their bites are accompanied by instant itching, pain, as they do not inject saliva into the wound.

Who can fall prey to bedbugs

Domestic bugs feed exclusively on human blood. Pierce the skin of pets they can not afford, a rare exception are birds. Parasites essentially do not care whose blood to feed. They are not picky regarding gender, status, age of a person. But if they are given the choice of who to bite, then the bugs choose the skin of women and children. Since it is thinner in comparison with the male and the capillaries are close. Male parasites attack less willingly, just the body of the representatives of the strong sex is not so susceptible to their bites. Therefore, it is often the opinion that bed bugs do not bite all people.

When family members sleep in different rooms, it may seem that someone from the family has gained special love from bedbugs in view of the fact that only he is being attacked by bloodsuckers.For such selectivity there is only one explanation. The sleeping place where the “pet” of the parasites spends the night is infected, and they simply did not get to the other rooms. But if you do not take measures to destroy domestic bugsthen in a short time they will spread throughout the apartment.

Bedbugs bite women and children
Bedbugs bite women and children

It is also a mistake to think that bugs give preference to a certain blood group. According to statistics, the number of people with 1 and 2 blood groups prevails over owners of rare groups, so it may appear that the parasites are selectively suited to the blood group.

Among the victims of domestic bugs are many illustrious personalities. The king of France, Louis 14, is known not only for his temper, for his love of love, and for the fact that in his childhood he slept on leaky sheets. The Sun King suffered from insomnia due to bedbugs, by his order spirits were created, which with their smell were supposed to drive away the bugs. The appointment of canopies over the bed, which became widespread in that period, was very utilitarian. They were hung not so much for aesthetic reasons, but for the parasites not to fall on their heads from the ceilings.It should be noted that this measure did not save from bedbugs, they miraculously hid in the folds of matter. The famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy surrounded the bed with basins of water, hoping that bloodsuckers would not be able to get close to him. But the bugs did not stop it, and they successfully selected their victims from the ceiling.

Differences between bedbug bites and other insects

The bites of all insects for an unknowing person seem similar - redness that itches. Therefore, it is difficult to determine who bites in bed except bedbugs.

The difference between a bug bite from a mosquito

Confusing mosquito bites and bedbugs is especially easy in the summer. The nuances of insect behavior and traces of punctures have a number of characteristic differences:

  • the appearance of mosquitoes is usually accompanied by buzzing, the bugs do not give out their presence sounds;
  • mosquitoes can appear during the daytime as well as in the evening, and in the daytime, bedbugs prefer to go unnoticed and leave their shelters only at night;
  • bedbug bites have clearer contours than mosquitoes;
  • Traces of mosquito bites are arranged randomly, and klopinye several in a row.

The difference between tick bites and bugs

Wounds from tick bites differ in larger sizes. Tick ​​bite accompanied by painful sensations and it is easy to detect on the skin, since it is common for a mite to submerge its head under the wound.

How to distinguish bedbug bites from fleas

There are many varieties of fleas, the most common types of parasites on pets. Man can bite bed fleas, as well as bedbugs, they are active in sleeping places. Bedbug bites are characterized by severe swelling, pronounced color and blood points. Traces from punctures of fleas do not have bloody specks, are randomly located, most often on the legs and more like spots than blisters.

The difference between midge bites and bedbugs

The midge prefers to bite on the street, in contrast to the “homely” bedbugs. A small black insect does not pierce the skin, but literally gnaws at it. The person instantly feels a strong pain and the bite mark begins to itch. Bite midges heal for a long time and disappear in a week.

Types of insect bites
Types of insect bites

What is dangerous bite bed bug

As a result of epidemiological studies, the transmission of dangerous viruses to human life has not been proven.Large danger bedbug bites are for people who are particularly sensitive to the enzyme contained in insect saliva. In such cases, bites can trigger anaphylactic shock and angioedema.

Harmful health effects of bites:

  • Bedbug bites can cause allergic reactions, according to statistics, they are subject to 80% of people.
  • The appearance of severe itching and pain.
  • Combing wounds leads to suppuration, inflammation, and erosion of the skin.
  • Numerous, regular attacks of parasites with severe infestation can cause anemia of a child, an elderly person, an infant.
  • In rare cases, bedbugs are carriers of diseases.
  • Fever, headache, sometimes loss of consciousness.

Cases where bedbug bites can cause a deterioration in well-being are considered to be isolated. For most people, they are just as dangerous as mosquitoes. To a greater extent, the appearance of blood-sucking insects in an apartment affects the mental state:

  • For the squeamish and suspicious person only the image of a bloodsucker can terrify.And what can we say about the close proximity and crawling bloodsuckers on their own bodies, which to everything else can still bite.
  • Worsening of sleep leads to irritability, decreased performance.
  • The appearance of neurosis, depressive state.

How to treat bedbug bites

When identifying bites of parasites should not panic. In no case can not comb the wound, so as not to provoke a purulent process. In the absence of pain syndromes at home, there is no need to treat the site of the lesion. Symptoms of bites disappear within 2-3 days, and complete healing of the wound occurs in a week.

Fenistil gel
Fenistil gel

If the puncture site is very itchy and sore, it is recommended to treat it with warm water and alcohol solution to avoid suppuration. There is no special effective drug for the prevention and treatment of bed bug bites. You can use ointments with antiseptic effect, essential oils, which will help the damaged skin to heal faster.

On a note!

To speed up the healing process, it is recommended to lubricate Fenistil gel with a wound. It will relieve itching, swelling and reduce pain.Menovazin and Afloderm have proven themselves well. Drugs can be purchased at pharmacies, they are distinguished by a low price, they need to be damaged 3-4 times a day. People who are prone to allergic reactions should drink a course of antihistamines.

With strong allergic reactions to bites, self-treatment is absolutely contraindicated. If mucus appears in the wounds or they do not pass for a long time, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only a specialist can prescribe the right and effective medication.

Folk methods of bites

In the treasury of folk remedies collected many recipes to alleviate and eliminate the discomfort associated with insect bites.

  • To reduce swelling, apply ice or frozen meat to damaged areas.
  • Anoint the bite with tea tree oil. This remedy will reduce pain and itching.

    Folk remedies for bedbugs
    Folk remedies for bedbugs
  • Wipe wounds with alcohol or alcohol tincture of herbs for disinfection.
  • To remove puffiness, make lotion from scarlet or ice cubes and wipe them with wounds.
  • Prepare a soda solution, the thickness of which resembles sour cream and lubricate the bite.
  • Juice plantain, onions, parsley helps to remove skin irritation.
  • Spread the bite mark with grated garlic when suppurative inflammations appear.

How to prevent bedbug bites

Absolutely effective ways to prevent the bites of bloodsuckers do not exist yet. However, you can pick up tools with insect repellent smell or cook bite ointment on their own.

If the rash on the skin is the result of a bug of klopin, the most effective way to prevent new lesions is to destroy the parasites themselves. Get rid of bed bugs can be different methods, but the most effective - is baiting pests effective chemicals. To pin hopes on folk remedies, and even more so on conspiraciesnot worth it.

On a note!

If you still have doubts about the bitten parasite, you can use the popular method of determination. To do this, sticky tape is attached around the perimeter of the bed frame, sofa or crib. In the morning, it will be possible to collect insects and hand them over for analysis to an entomologist or another specialist whose activity is related to household pests.

Getting rid of the pesky neighborhood needs to start as early as possible. It is possible that the bugs have just begun their settlement and have not yet had time to acquire numerical offspring. Reproduction of parasites happens at a rapid rate. The average female lays an average of 5 eggs per day, during its life cycle, it can produce from 300 to 500 eggs. Under favorable conditions, after 40 days, the new offspring will be able to increase the population size.

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