Fighting moles at the dacha folk remedies

Mole ordinary - an animal, about which you can safely say that the medicine is worse than the disease. This insectivorous fauna representative feeds on pest larvae and can completely dig the garden in search of food.When making moves, it damages the root system of garden plants. According to gardeners, pests are better than moles. From the first damage is less. Since the mole is an “ambiguous” animal, many feel sorry for killing animals. There are many different remedies for moles.capable of harming these earthmoving animals. But, choosing how to deal with moles, gardeners prefer folk remedies.

Types of folk methods

Get rid of moles on the site forever folk remedies impossible, because it underground animals, which tend to develop new territories. As a consolation: industrial methods also do not get rid of animals. If you stop taking precautions, the mole population on the site will quickly recover.

Traditional methods of struggle take into account the physiology of the mole:

  • delicate sense of smell;
  • delicate ear;
  • movement through excavated tunnels;
  • the desire to clean up your house of garbage.

Ineffective, but used methods

The mole feeds on live earthworms and maggots living in the ground. For feeding him special poison from moles need to:

  • dig up a large enough worm;
  • cut it along;
  • lay poison in the worm;
  • unearth a mole course;
  • put on the bottom of the tunnel "charged" worm;
  • fall asleep excavation and hope that the insectivorous predator will stumble upon a worm before it finally dies.
Folk methods of fighting the mole with the help of worms
Folk methods of fighting the mole with the help of worms

Destroy in this case will succeed only one animal, and they live with their entire families. That is, such baits, even within the same wormhole, need to be laid very much.

Digging up animals one by one is also a very inefficient and labor-intensive way of dealing with moles. In this case, you need:

  • having found a mole hillock, crush it to fall asleep;
  • wait until the mole starts to restore the destroyed communications;
  • very quickly, so that the beast did not have time to escape, dig up the animal with a shovel;
  • kill / carry very far.

No one can call such a method of fighting moles effective. The loss of one individual is unlikely to be fatally reflected in the entire mole family, and much time will be lost.

Sometimes the fight against moles in the garden plot is carried out with the help of water. Nora flooded. Can help if construction wormhole is at the very beginning or the soil is clay.In other cases, this method is good for deep watering trees. He will not make a special impression on animals.

On a note!

In the course of the fight against moles you should not destroy earthworms. Among the popular methods of struggle there is such. But worms do much more good by doing passages in the soil. Due to the moves of the roots of plants receive oxygen. In addition, underground predators eat not only worms. The absence of earthworms cannot guarantee that the moles will not come to the garden.

Average level of effectiveness

Folk recipes to combat the mole
Folk recipes to combat the mole

Fighting moles in the country during the weekends with the help of digging or poisoning is hopeless. Lovers of beautiful flowers can use the hostility of moles to the smell of some plants and plant imperial hazel grouse in the garden around the perimeter. The bulb of this plant gives off an odor that is unpleasant for underground hunters, able to drive moles out of the garden. Scare away moles With the help of folk remedies, you can not only imperial gritty. Use other options:

  • Validol. It is argued that the smell of pills is enough to scare away.
  • Kerosene.Soaked rag placed in mole passages.
  • Mazut. Apply also as kerosene.
  • Naphthalene. Tablets laid out on burrows.
  • Acetic essence. It can frighten, but evaporates quickly.
  • Bleach solution. Capacity with liquid put in molehills. Chlorine evaporates quickly.
  • Tobacco. Any tobacco smell products are effective until the tobacco becomes wet.
  • Castor is small. Small oil containers are placed evenly throughout the site.
  • Red ground pepper. Effective until wet.
  • Herring heads, whey, decaying vegetables, rotten eggs and other organics predisposed to rotting effectively help to get rid of moles in the garden and at the same time from neighbors in the area. Sometimes from the owner of the site.
  • Tear gas. When using this tool, it is better not to fight the moles on your own, but to entrust this business to professionals.
  • Wormwood or peppermint. Suitable only in fresh form. I have to change every day.
  • Legumes They allow you to effectively fight the moles in the garden with folk remedies, well fitting into the overall composition. It is enough to plant the plants around the beds and around the perimeter of the garden.

The effectiveness of these folk remedies depends more on the enthusiasm of the site owner, who will constantly update them.


We were literally tortured by moles in the country. In Belarus there are a lot of them everywhere, the ground is convenient for them. We tried all possible plants that should scare away these monsters. I can say that folk remedies of this type do not help much. Live plants animals bypass, and odorous "gifts", embedded in holes, caused discontent among neighbors. Oddly enough, ordinary tins, hung on the ropes around the site, helped. They rang even in almost windless weather. Such moles are not carried.

Svetlana Kazlova, Gomel

Mole trap
Mole trap

To protect against moles you can use traps. This is not a fully folk remedy and, if desired, you can buy a trap in the store. But it is easy to do with your own hands. For the manufacture of krotolovki required:

  • Sections of a plastic pipe with a diameter equal to the size of the mole course. The number of segments at will and depends on the size of the mole family.
  • Leaf thick tin. Needed for the device "curtain" at the entrance to the trap.
  • Not very soft wire, able to bend at a right angle.
  • Scissors for cutting tin.

After harvesting the necessary materials, you can begin to manufacture krotolovok:

  1. The tin is cut into pieces slightly smaller than the diameter of the pipe, and its height is larger. Future lower corners are best rounded.
  2. Cut the pieces of wire, calculating the dimensions so that they extend beyond the walls of the pipe in the upper part.
  3. The tin pieces are folded around the wire so that the tin rotates freely around the wire.
  4. At the top of the pipe drill holes for the wire.
  5. The tin is installed in the tubes so that the bottom edge is directed inside the trap.
  6. Wire is passed through the drilled holes and the top edge of the tin curtain and bend the ends.
  7. From the other side of the trap they make the same curtain.

Krotolovka ready. Tin curtain freely let the animal inside, but will not let him get out. The devices are placed on the backyard in moles. In fact, they replace the real tunnel. Then you can periodically check the presence of animals in the rabbit or “bury” the moles there alive.There is a chance that next year the smell of rotten meat will scare the next family.


From my point of view, krotolovki - not the most effective fight against moles. Industrial animals are killed, like rats, and shaking out these flattened corpses does not give much pleasure. Self-made krotolovki is also not very convenient to use. If you put them "tightly", then living creatures feel sorry. And digging up traps periodically and shaking out moles from them is very dreary.

Alexey, Bryansk

Highly effective folk remedies

Mole trap
Mole trap

Such means include devices that make sounds unpleasant for animals. In stores there industrial sound mole scarersbut adaptations are easy do it yourself.

For scaring you can use:

  • cans;
  • plastic bottles of large volume;
  • empty glass bottles;
  • alarm clocks on electric batteries.

Banks and plastic bottles are put on sticks stuck in the ground. In the bottle, you can make cuts to get the effect of the turntables. Under the influence of the wind empty container turns and rattles. In addition to sound, vibration is transmitted through a stick to the ground.

On a note!

But the fight against moles in this way has some drawbacks: scarers can be blown off by a strong wind and they do not work in calm weather.

Empty glass bottles are buried in the ground at an angle to the horizon. In windy weather, they howl, scaring the moles and people. The use of bottles is more laborious than cans on sticks: it is necessary to dig in the container, taking into account the wind rose. In calm weather, this popular method of struggle also does not work.

Repeller with an alarm against moles
Repeller with an alarm against moles

With the advent of cheap alarm clocks on electric batteries, this Chinese watch has become the most effective remedy for moles. They work in any weather and for six months do not require any worries. The only drawback is that in six months it is easy to forget the place where the alarms are buried.

To make such a means of struggle is very easy:

  • buy 4 small alarms;
  • set them at different times;
  • put alarms in a half-liter jar with a wide neck and a screw cap;
  • put a condom on the can, pulling it to about the middle of the container;
  • bury alarms in different corners of the garden, not forgetting to mark the burial.

A condom is needed to ensure that the bank is guaranteed not to get moisture during heavy rains. Alarms ring twice a day at different times. The duration of the call is 1 hour. Of all the popular means of struggle, this is least dependent on weather conditions, does not smell and does not harm the environment.


When suddenly moles appeared in the garden, we had a long thought about how to deal with moles at the dacha, if we needed a dacha as a place of rest, and the unpleasant smell and rattling of tin cans did not suit us. At one forum they advised to bury alarms. The moles surrendered without a fight.

Mikhail, Tver

The last way to fight the moles at their summer cottage with folk remedies is reliable, but very time consuming and expensive. Driven around the perimeter fine metal mesh to a depth of about a meter. The advantage of this method is that the grid lasts for several years. Instead of a grid, gardeners often use slate. In this case, the fence will be "eternal." But slate will disturb the natural exchange of bacteria between the enclosed space and the “free” one.

Important! Mole nesting is located at a depth of 2 m, and the feeding passages are located under the sod layer in loose soil and at a distance of up to 50 cm below the surface in hard or often drying soil.In the fight against moles with a mesh or slate, this circumstance must be taken into account.

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