How to get rats out of a private house

Rats live in close proximity to humans, these cause a lot of inconvenience. With the onset of cold weather, or with a significant increase in the number of rat flocks, individuals behave more arrogantly. They sneak into the house, run around in the cellars, carry eggs in the hen house.They leave an unpleasant smell, rat droppings, the danger of contracting terrible diseases. How to get rid of rats in a private house, which is more effective - to expel or destroy?

Biological methods

The natural enemy of rodents is a cat. Animals scare even the smell of the animal. The cat fulfills its hunting instinct, chasing after rodents. Do not mind to profit from fresh meat.

If even a kitten handles mice, only an experienced cat can overcome a rat. A large rodent in combat with a cat is able to win. Therefore, the cat does not always agree to catch rats, and sometimes it just flees.

To use "biological weapons" from pests in the house, you need to be confident in the abilities of the cat. Choose not a purebred representative of the cat, but a semi-wild creature with strong natural instincts.

On a note!

The cat rarely binds to rats, doesn’t really chase mice. Only a cat that is not inferior to large rodents in size can be taken out of a house.

Mechanical methods

Fishing rats
Fishing rats

If there are rats in the house, the head is visited by the thought of using traps, traps.Mechanical methods of struggle were the first inventions that allowed to cope with rodents in the territory of their own possessions.

Modern devices for mass disposal of rats are sold in specialized stores. Can do rat traps with their own hands.

In the use of mechanical methods of struggle there are pros and cons. A rat that has fallen into a trap makes shrill screams, thus frightening off the rest of the rodents. In the future, there may be several variants of events. Rats leave the premises or simply bypass the traps.

The same goes for rat traps. A trapped animal becomes a warning to others. The exception is disguised traps, the existence of which does not guess rodents. A series of plastic bottles under the steps, with a cut off neck, smeared with vegetable oil is a good protection against rats. Rodents fall into the bottle, can not get out of it.

Mechanical methods of struggle include making loops for rodents. They are made of nylon cord, flexible wire. Tighten the loop, placed in places where rats were seen, against their movement.Rodents often move along the walls in the dark part of the room. Head fall into the loop. Trying to move forward, show effort. The loop is tightened.

On a note!

A rat is caught and a towel, if you have time and desire. Quietly waiting in a dark place, with the appearance of the animal, dramatically throw a towel. There are several drawbacks to this method - you need to spend time, be able to respond quickly. In the room there is the smell of a person, a rat can smell it, not get out of the mink.

Gel traps

Rat Glue
Rat Glue

Common products for mechanical trapping of rodents are traps from a sticky gel base. Within 14 days glue from rodents does not lose properties, instantly fixes everything that gets into it. One touch of a pad is enough to keep the rat firmly stuck in the trap.

Ways of extermination of rats are impressive variety, gel trap among them is one of the first places in terms of effectiveness. There are several advantages:

  • you can catch a whole brood of rats;
  • does not contain toxic substances;
  • used in any room.

Glue is applied on cardboard, plywood, plastic. Fixed to the floor with screws, nails.The size of the trap should be within 50 * 50 cm. The glue is applied with a solid line with 3-5 cm indents between the rows. The glue strip should be 5 cm wide.

Check it is necessary every day. Throw away the trap, make a new one, or get rid of sticking pests, update the layer of glue. Lime rats in this way can be a few weeks. To lure the trap, in the center is placed fragrant bait.


The smell of smoked meat, fish, meat, fried bacon, chips, cheese, seeds attracts rats. The smaller rodents react less to flour, cereal, grain, and sweet foods.

Ultrasonic Repeller

Rodent Ultrasonic Repellers
Rodent Ultrasonic Repellers

A modern invention that works on the basis of ultrasound. The human ear does not feel vibration, so the device does not affect the state of health, does not affect health. The device works from a city network of electric current or on batteries. To rodents do not get used to ultrasound, it is possible to periodically change the frequency.

The area of ​​action depends on the power of the device. Muffle the background carpets, furniture. It is recommended to place the repeller in each room so that a negative background is present throughout the house. Devices are recommended to be installed for 1 month, then you should take a break.

Ultrasonic repeller acts on the nervous system. It is able to get rid of rats in 3-4 weeks. The animal feels constant discomfort. The only way to get rid of a bad feeling for a rodent is to escape.

On a note!

Rodent Ultrasonic Repellers It is recommended to use in parallel with other methods of struggle. There is no exact information about the effect of ultrasound on pets. If the house has a hamster, guinea pig, decorative white rat, the use of the device must be abandoned.

Chemical methods

Rat poison
Rat poison

Bring out rats and mice can be poisonous substances. The specialty store offers a rich selection of drugs with a toxic effect. Surprises a large variety of forms with different exposure intervals.

To erase rats in the house will take 2 weeks. Immediately before applying the poison, it is necessary to understand the features of its action. To destroy rats at home can be drugs based on anticoagulants. Preparations are allowed to use in a dwelling house on condition of exact observance of the application instruction.

Poison for rats prevents the production of vitamin K, which is necessary for normal blood clotting. When a toxic substance enters the liver, the pathological process starts. Rat poison not excreted by the kidneys. Constantly accumulates tissues. The action begins immediately, but the effect is felt after some time.

Rodents willingly eat the bait, because it adds flavors, food additives. Poison rats can be for 1 day. The speed of action depends on the dose of poison that entered the body. For the death of an adult individual, about 6 g of a toxic substance is needed. With the accumulation of the desired concentration in the liver, internal bleeding opens.

On a note!

Mummifying agents have been added to the composition of modern toxic drugs. After the death of the animal, the body does not decompose, does not emit an unpleasant smell of rotting, dries slowly. The drugs are not addictive. The poison, which entered the body only 1 time, leads to inevitable death, but with a slight delay.

The most popular products are:

In addition to anticoagulants, there are drugs that can kill a rat much faster. They include components that cause severe toxicosis. Bring rats succeed in 1 day. Such a means is Krysid. In a residential private house, it is recommended to breed rodents with the Krysid in special cases. It can be used in a village house if it acts as a summer house.

On a note!

The ratsid can effectively get rid of the entire family of rodents in the house. But it should be used only once a month. During work, adhere to certain rules, because the drug is dangerous for residents of the house, others. To bury the dead bodies of rodents into the ground to a depth of at least 0.5 m.

Folk recipes

You can always get rid of rats folk remedies. Rodent control combines the use of mechanical methods, chemicals. Traditional recipes can be exterminated rats or expel.

DIY trap

At the sight of a rodent in the house, you should not run headlong into the store for a trap for the extermination of pests. You can quickly build a structure yourself, without much financial expenditure.

  • In a plastic bottle with a capacity of 5-10 liters cut off the neck.Turn, insert into the bottle. At the bottom put fragrant bait. The mouth is fixed with tape. Put the trap in an inclined position near the stairs, shelves. The rodent gets inside, cannot get back. It remains to solve the problem of how to kill a captured rat. The method is especially effective in the village for fighting rats in a private house.
  • Turn over a large pot for indoor flowers. On the one hand lift, insert the plate edge. In the center lay the bait. Rodent sneaks to food, clings to the plate, is trapped. It is necessary to install the structure on a solid basis in a dwelling - a floor, a concrete surface to avoid detonation.
  • With rats in a private house you can fight with a bucket of water. Pour, without reaching the edges by 5-10 cm. Spread husks, straw, dry leaves in a thick layer on the water. In the center throw the grain, seeds. To bucket substitute a plate. She is a little ladder. Rodent sneaks to the bait, falls into the water. It is possible to exterminate rodents without special efforts, periodically renewing the appearance of the trap. The method is good because you do not need to kill pests later.


Fighting rats
Fighting rats

Elimination of rats carried out by mechanical, chemical means, using methods of scaring.

  • Output for 1 day of rodents can be wood resin. The tool is suitable for private homes, if rodents are seen in the barn, cellar, outbuildings, closet, in the sauna. Sprinkle ash on the floor. Rodents intensify their activities at night. In the dark, ash is not visible. Sticking to the body causes irritation, burning. The animal tries to get rid of contamination with the tongue, the substance enters the stomach, causes discomfort. The rat does not die of ashes, but flees.
  • Expel rats will help a sharp smell. Moisten a rag with gasoline, kerosene, ammonia, vinegar, put in a plastic bag, make a small hole in it. The smell slowly fills the room, begins to chase the rodents.
  • Burn wool or dead rat, throw in the basement. The smell of burning makes the rodents flee wherever they look.
  • Herbs. To the rats bypass the house side, did not want to stay in it for a long time, you can use the plants. In each room, leave a bunch of wild rosemary, chamomile, wormwood, peppermint, tansy, black elderberry, ratman.
  • Essential oils.Frightens rats smell of mint, chamomile, lavender. To spread the smell around the house, you can use a special lamp or spray a few drops on a wax candle, a lamp bulb. When heated, the fragrance will spread throughout the house. The smell of people acts favorably, rats drives from home.
  • Catch the rat. Singe tail, let go. The rodent will run to its relatives, who can not stand the smell of scorched wool. Itself will drive everyone out of the house.
  • Spicy mixture. Sprinkle on the floor hot peppers, dried chamomile, burdock seeds with prickles. Pepper, chamomile cause skin irritation, the spines cling to the coat, preventing normal movement. A few days of such inconvenience - the rats will leave the territory.


Folk remedies
Folk remedies
  • Gypsum. The most common method - a mixture of gypsum with flour, sugar. The ingredients are taken in equal proportions. A treat is laid out on plates - covers. Near put the container with water. The mixture inside the stomach hardens, along with the inside of the rodent.
  • Poisonous mixture. 15 g of borax mixed with 20 g of rosin. Add 30 g of powdered sugar to mask the taste of the poison.Spread out in places where rodents were seen. It is necessary to cook the mixture in rubber gloves so that the person’s smell does not remain on the cooked dish.
  • Soda. Mix soda with sugar in equal proportions. Add some flour. The tool is safe for humans, pets, rats brings death. In the stomach, the soda reacts with the natural juice, the reaction starts bubbling. Gases are collected. Since rats are not able to regurgitate, excessive gas formation, bloating leads to death.
  • Wine cork. Grind the cork, fry in lard. Fragrant bait for rats ready. In the abdomen, the cork swells, deforms the internal organs, makes breathing difficult, causes suffocation.
  • Alcohol. Moisten bread in beer, put on a plate. Mice are attracted by the smell, they eat with pleasure the bait. A few days later, beer lures are switching to vodka. First diluted with water. Every day increasing the dose of ethanol. Then soaked with pure vodka, but the taste of bitterness is masked by the addition of sugar. Alcohol addiction develops in rats. They are not interested in other food, every day they make their way to the bowl. At this stage, you can safely kill rats, or watch,how individuals are degraded. Adult rats die from alcohol, a new offspring is born weak, unable to survive.
  • Autumn crocus. The plant blooms in late summer, autumn. All parts are poisonous. For a deadly bait you need 10 g of seeds. They are mixed with 200 g of any product - cheese, grain, seeds, cereals.
  • Beans, beans, cook over low heat until cracked. Drain, dry. Fry the beans with chilibuha seeds in a frying pan in vegetable oil.
  • Stearin. Chilibukha seeds turn into powder, add sugar, raisins, grated stearin.
  • Quicklime. Mix with sugar in a ratio of 1: 3, so that rodents do not notice the unpleasant taste of lime. Scattered in plates, put in places where rats like to be.
  • Beer. Add alcoholic drink in milk, leave a bowl. In the morning you can collect dead rodents.
  • Barbaric way. If you can not get rid of rats, you should use a not very humane, but extremely effective way. Catch a few rats, sit in a metal barrel. Hungering. Over time, the rats begin to gnaw each other, the strongest survives. This beast is set free.In a short time will destroy the entire family of rodents from small to large.

Folk remedies for rats amaze with ingenuity. They can be used if the house has small children, animals, or do not want to deal with toxic substances. If independent efforts do not give proper results, you should seek the help of specialists. Removal of rats is a process that requires special efforts, skills, and caution.

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