How to bring food moth in the kitchen

Food moths in the kitchen - a very common phenomenon. Unattractive brown-gray moth insect can be brought into the house with bulk food. It is enough for several individuals to find themselves in the room for the breeding process to become impetuous.To be in a favorable environment, the mole is able to gnaw even a cellophane bag.

Species and characteristics of the pest

The appearance of a moth in the kitchen is associated with the presence of its eggs, larvae and pupae in addition to the insect itself. This means that in order to successfully combat the flying pest will have to carry out comprehensive work. It is necessary to detect and eliminate their habitat, thoroughly wash the kitchen cabinets and clean the ceiling, throw away the spoiled and treat the allegedly contaminated food.

The fact that the kitchen mole started up in an apartment is indicated by the following signs:

  • the presence of nondescript butterflies on the ceiling and walls;
  • specific cocoons and seals in cereals, flour and other products, including dried fruits;
  • small caterpillars crawling in kitchen furniture.

The presence of these signs indicates that it is urgent to take steps to destroy a dangerous insect. The moth does not live long, only a few weeks, but during this time it is capable of leaving numerous offspring. It reproduces at any time of the year, so there is no reason to talk about seasonality. An adult does not eat anything at all, it only drinks water.Destroy food insatiable larvae of food moths.

There are several ways to enter the apartment moth:

  • through gaps and ventilation wells in apartment buildings;
  • together with stale cereals, flour and other food products that were stored in inappropriate conditions;
  • through windows unprotected by a mosquito net.

Types of food moth
Types of food moth

The food moth in the photo presented on our website will allow you to familiarize yourself with the features of the insect. There are several varieties of kitchen pests:

  • barn moth, absorbing mostly nuts;
  • flour moth, starts in flour and makes it unfit for consumption;
  • on potato tuber lives potato moth;
  • grain variety settles in cereals and other bulk products;
  • moth-eater removes dried fruits and mushrooms;
  • cocoa fire;
  • mill moth; very rarely in residential areas

The butterflies of the food moth are characterized by a gloomy color. The length of the wings of an insect does not exceed eight millimeters. Located on a horizontal surface with folded wings, the pest almost merges with it, resembling a small bump or unevenness.

Attention! It is rather difficult to distinguish the food mole from the pest by appearance. This can be done at the place of stay of insects. So, the groat moth never settles in the closet and vice versa.

Very small, practically invisible eggs of the food moth can get to the kitchen in packages of cereals, flour, dried fruit, other groceries and products. They resemble small sticky grains, very similar to semolina. About a week later, they appear moth larvae. Regardless of the type of moth, they all look the same. These are small whitish caterpillars, reaching a length of no more than 1.5 cm. The larvae of the food moth in the photo, available on the site, will allow you to get acquainted with their appearance. Mostly they lead a hidden lifestyle, passive, inactive. Over time, the larvae pupate and after a short period of time adult butterflies appear. Favorable conditions for active breeding are: air temperature within 25 ° C and humidity –50%. Small gray pellets in packages of loose products, grains glued together and woven over with web are clumps that are irrefutable proof that a mole started up in the kitchen.

Harm from food parasite

Food moth
Food moth

Untimely struggle with moths in the apartment may have unpleasant consequences. First of all it concerns the moral factor. After all, flying gray butterflies bring some discomfort to the situation, and their ability to grow rapidly causes significant damage to the financial condition of the family and food. Moth is a carrier of dirt and bacteria. Harm to humans due to the presence of insects can manifest itself:

  • severe allergies;
  • problems with the immune system;
  • intoxication of the human body.

To avoid these negative consequences, it is urgent to get rid of food moths in products.

The causes of the spread of pests

The butterfly of the food moth cannot appear in the house just like that, because the insect does not move over long distances by means of hops, therefore the reason for the appearance of parasites in food in an ideal kitchen is very exciting for the hostesses.

The insect can travel in different ways. One of the most common options are contaminated products brought from a store or market. Most often this happens with packaged groceries, the quality of which is visually rather difficult to check.The moth in the croup is put on industrial granaries, and then transported in bags to grocery stores. Here insects multiply rapidly and make products useless.

To get rid of parasites in these conditions is very difficult. To interrupt the process of spreading insects will not help even the lack of ventilation and air flow. An adult individual is able to lay eggs, even in those grains, which are located next to the infected groceries, in unsealed packages.

A mole can get into food products from its neighbors through ventilation or open doors and windows, which is extremely rare. If there is at least one gray small butterfly in the house, then you should think about how to get rid of the food moth in the kitchen forever.

Means of flying pest control

Fight against food moths
Fight against food moths

A positive result from the actions taken will take place only in the case of an integrated approach to solving the problem. The fight against food moths should include measures to destroy representatives of all stages of the development of an insect - eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults.

To get rid of moth in croup and other bulk products first need to identify the habitats of pests. It is quite simple to do this by examining the bulk products available and determining where the mole came from. It is advisable to check the sealed packaging, because the mole eats cardboard, polyethylene and foil. If groceries are stored in banks, then pay attention to the edges of the lids, for the absence of cobwebs of insects.

Finding mole in the products, you need to get rid of them without regret. After that, you should free all kitchen cabinets and shelves in order to clean them with a vacuum cleaner. The final stage in this fight is the treatment of the premises with the help of chemicals or folk remedies that will not allow the moth to come out again.

Modern means of dealing with moths

To combat the food moth, a large number of special preparations are produced, which are successfully applied at home. They are divided into two types:

  • liquidation insecticides containing toxic substances and intended to destroy existing insects;
  • repellent drugs used to scare away new parasites.

Everything insecticides against moths Available in aerosol packaging, which ensures the simplicity and thoroughness of surface treatment. The most popular and widely used chemicals include:

  • Raptor "protection from moths." Helps to quickly destroy the insect larvae and butterflies. Handle furniture, clothing, carpets and other items in the apartment. The effect lasts for 12 months.
    Food moth sprays
    Food moth sprays
  • Aerosol Armol. Instantly destroys butterflies and has a long period of exposure to the larvae. Mainly used to combat clothing moths.
  • Raid antimole. Popular means of protecting household things from pests. The effect persists for a year or until the first wash.
  • Spray Combat Super Spray. Destroys almost all flying and crawling insects. It is sprayed in places where moths spread. The product is safe for pets.


“I found mole in the kitchen. I decided to take drastic measures - everything was washed, threw out contaminated products and processed the kitchen with the Raptor. The result is excellent. In the kitchen - cleanliness and order. "

Diana, Saratov

When working with insecticides, it is necessary to remove food products in order to avoid their infection.

Repellent agents help excrete insects and prevent oh reproduction.Available in the form of plates, briquettes and tablets. They may contain carcinogenic components, so putting them in the kitchen cupboard next to food is not recommended.

Quite often in the fight with moths use special sections with flavors of mandarin, chamomile and lavender. They, emitting special substances, prevent the reproduction of insects, and also scare away adult individuals. Basically, they are designed to protect things in wardrobes, but can also be used as a remedy for food moths in products. The most popular among the sections are the brands - Raptor, Mosquitall, and Globol.


“A moth in the kitchen appeared suddenly. Withdrawn with the help of Combat, and in those cabinets where unpacked cereals are stored, the Mosquitol section was laid out for prevention. Moth doesn't bother anymore. ”

Irina, Krasnodar

Folk remedies for food moths

Folk remedies for food moths
Folk remedies for food moths

In addition to chemicals with high efficiency, people in most cases, prefer to use more safe and time-tested folk remedies. "Grandmothers" household methods will help bring the mole and will serve as reliablepreventive means for food from possible invasions of pests. TO folk remedies for moth relate:

  • lavender in all its forms;
  • peels of citrus fruits - lemon, orange, mandarin;
  • garlic;
  • sagebrush;
  • leaves of laurel and walnut;
  • natural camphor and camphor essential oil;
  • mint, tansy, rosemary, thyme and other plants with a strong odor.


“The moths in the cereal were brought out with orange peels. Many complain about the inefficiency of folk remedies, but it helped us. Maybe because they started the fight as soon as they noticed a few butterflies. ”

Oleg, Samara

There are still many different means used by people in the fight against parasites. How to bring food moths in the kitchen will help knowledge of the folk box.

Another, perhaps the safest means that you can use in the kitchen without fear of the consequences is food moth traps. The cardboard strips are covered with an adhesive base containing the pheromones of the female moth. They destroy males and prevent insects from reproducing.

Knowing what the mole is made of and how to fight it,You can protect and protect food products from destruction and spoilage.

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