How to permanently remove the mole in the apartment and house

At least once in life, every person faced the problem of how to get rid of moths in an apartment. These annoying and harmful insects can cause great harm not only to your favorite things, but also to products.The appearance of a nondescript butterfly in an apartment can permanently spoil the mood of all inhabitants, because not only material values ​​are threatened, but also the family budget. Therefore, the fight against pests is a priority at the first signs of his appearance in the room.

Mole - general information

There may be many small and innocuous insects in the house. Not every hostess knows how to get a mole in an apartment once and for all. After all, to many means the pest has developed a strong immunity. Therefore, before you begin the destruction of indoor parasites, you need to find their habitat and determine what kind of moth wound up in the apartment. Modern science claims that today there are more than 30 species of harmful insects. The most common are these types of moths:

  • wardrobe;
  • fur coat;
  • felt;
  • furniture;
  • carpet;
  • cereal;
  • fruit moth and other varieties.

To simplify and generalize the classification, two most frequently encountered subspecies are the clothes and food moths. Adult representatives of these domestic insects are small in size, not exceeding 15 mm.They have an unsightly grayish color. Only males can fly, but they don’t do it very well. Females do not use wings. They are smaller in size than in males.

Clothes and food moth
Clothes and food moth

The main harm is caused not by a flying mole in the house, but by its larvae and caterpillars, which, thanks to a powerful mouth apparatus, can eat everything continuously and in large quantities. They live near the source of food or directly in it. Everything moth larvae lead a sedentary lifestyle and to becoming a butterfly all the time in one place. Transformed into an adult, they stop feeding, so their lifespan is too short. The rest of the time, the mole spends only on reproduction.

An adult individual has the ability to mate already on the second day after its appearance. The female places the clutch in secluded safe places located in close proximity to the source of food, which is necessary for future larvae. A butterfly moth is able to lay up to 150 eggs at a time. For the appearance of a nest of an insect, one fertilized individual and comfortable conditions for reproduction are sufficient.

Causes and main signs of the appearance of moths

You will get rid of the moth if you know the causes and signs indicating the presence of a pest in the house. Main ways to penetrate the moth into the apartment There are such options:

  • entering the room through an open window or entrance door;
  • presence of a nest in store-bought products or things;
  • relocation from neighbors through the ventilation ducts or slots, as well as from the entrance.
    Moths and moth eggs
    Moths and moth eggs

It is difficult to find insect eggs, but to detect and get rid of a caterpillar, a variety of cobwebs and pupae in a closet with clothes or a can of bulk products is not difficult. It's hard not to notice the flying mole. This is a sure sign that it is necessary to conduct a thorough audit in all closets with things, a kitchen set and begin to get rid of pests by all known means.

Identification of habitats and parasitism

Before you decide how to get rid of the moth at home, you need to find out where it started. Moth prefers to eat natural materials or some varieties of food.

The audit in the kitchen cabinets will allow to detect the source of the pest spreading along rather characteristic cobwebs and small worms in the croup, flour or dried fruit. The best solution is to get rid of contaminated products. After that, it is required to thoroughly rinse the kitchen set, ventilate and dry its internal space. If the degree of contamination of food is not very high, then it is recommended to warm it at a high temperature in the oven or other ovens. The thoroughness and accuracy of the activities carried out will allow to get rid of the food moth the first time.

Identifying the habitat of a clothes or furniture moth is also not difficult. To do this, you must perform the following steps:

  • carefully examine the cabinet in which fur, wool and other wardrobe items are stored;
    Mole in the house
    Mole in the house
  • examine the natural upholstery of upholstered furniture available in the apartment;
  • carefully examine the carpet products made from natural yarns on the walls and floors.

All these activities will be a reliable help in solving an extremely important problem, how to get rid of moths in an apartment.

The main methods of dealing with moths at home

The long-term struggle with the domestic pest has allowed to develop a set of tools and methods to get rid of the moth. The most commonly used are such methods of dealing with moths:

Heat treatment of the apartment

Harmful insects feel most comfortable in a temperature range that ranges from -5 ° C to + 45 ° C. If these parameters change dramatically, then this will kill the whole brood. Thermal agents include:

  • Freezing the premises for several hours. This tool will help get rid of adults and larvae.

    Important! Care should be taken to prevent damage to the heating system.

  • Steaming or washing things at the maximum allowed temperatures. Furniture and carpets must be treated with special household hair dryers or steam generators.
  • Put fur clothes in cold rooms to get rid of moths.

These tools are quite effective and with a small degree of infection will get rid of the moth in the apartment.


The best result in the fight against the dressing moth can be obtained if you use effective insecticidal preparations at home on your own with the strictest observance of safety measures. A rich arsenal of tools such as sprays, fumigators and scare sections is on sale. Let us consider in more detail the line of these devices:

Moth sprays
Moth sprays
  • Aerosol products are the most convenient to use. They help get rid of moths with a high degree of efficiency. The chemical composition of drugs creates a powerful poisoning effect, aimed at the destruction of parasites at any stage of development. Manufacturers are trying to eliminate the unpleasant odor of the funds, through the use of special fragrances. The most popular are such aerosols:
    1. «Armol"- has proven itself in the processing of fur and wool products;
    2. «Raptor"- an effective remedy for moths and larvae, having a residual effect during the year;
    3. Mosquitall "Moth protection"- one of the most effective drugs to get rid of" rodents ", used for processing clothes, furniture and fabrics;
    4. «Clean house"- an economical product with the smell of lavender.
  • Fumigators. For mobbing moths use the same tools as mosquitoes. Their smell does not harm human health, but is detrimental to insects and will help get rid of them. Among them, the most popular are "DiK - 3", "Raid" and "Mosquitall".
  • Sections from moths help scare their butterflies, which can be used as a preventive measure against pest infestation. The best effect is provided by the sections "Raptor" and "Mosquitall".

Highly effective means to permanently get rid of the pest.

Folk recipes

Folk remedies for moth
Folk remedies for moth

To poison the mole you need to quickly using effective methods. But if in the house there are small children, pets or people suffering from allergic diseases, then in this case it is best to get rid of insects by using a folk remedy for moths. People widely apply plant odors against moths as natural repellents:

  • the dried grass of lavender with flowers, thanks to its specific smell, expels insects forever;
  • citrus peels, tobacco, wormwood, walnut leaves and chestnuts;
  • geranium provides peace in the house;
  • Lavender oil applied on tampons can kill adults.

Professional Pest Control

If all of the above methods and tools did not help get rid of the moth and the question of how to remove the pest remains open, then you will have to seek help from specialists. Professional pest control know how to kill pests quickly and with a high degree of efficiency. For the treatment of premises they use preparations based on natural oils that have an unpleasant, specific odor. Experts will competently pick up the tool and carefully treat the infected room, which will get rid of the moth forever.

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