Tincture wax moth indications and contraindications

Traditional medicine can work wonders. Today, she uses various approaches to treatment with herbs, flowers, roots or honey.For more than one century, they have healed from diseases and helped to preserve the health of many people. One of the most amazing and effective medicines for many ailments is the tincture of the wax moth, the main component of which is insect larvae.

Insect features

The wax moth is an unremarkable small-sized gray butterfly that is considered to be a real thunderstorm of beekeeping. This winged honeybee pest is familiar to every beekeeper. Insect has a smell very similar to honey aroma. It is for this reason that the bees take the wax moth for "their own", which gives her the opportunity to gain access to honey.

By itself, a nondescript butterfly does not pose a danger to bees. It only lays eggs on honeycombs, from which, over time, harmful larvae appear. At the initial stage, they feed on honey and perga, in the process of development - wax cells mixed with the remnants of a cocoon.

Wax moth
Wax moth

Eating wax, gluttonous caterpillars damage the honeycomb, covering the path of its movement with silk. In addition, they eat honey and brood, as well as spoil the frame and insulation for hives.With a large accumulation of insects, the caterpillars are able to eat even their own kind. Such destruction affects bee colonies, as a result of which many die or leave their homes. But the caterpillars, due to their gluttony, are reincarnated as very medically useful insects.

On a note

Bee moth in traditional medicine used since ancient times. Our ancestors knew about the amazing healing properties of this insect in the seventeenth century. The tincture of the larvae of the wax moth was then used by medicine men for the treatment of heart diseases.

The secrets of cooking tincture of larvae wax moth

The tincture of the wax moth (ognevka) is prepared from larvaethat have not yet reincarnated into pupae. The uniqueness of the organism of these creatures lies in the development of cerrase - a special enzyme, thanks to which beeswax is broken down and absorbed. That is why the wax moth uses the waste products of bees as food.

On a note!

According to many beekeepers, for the preparation of tincture is better to use larger larvae, as they contain a greater amount of nutrients.The recipe for making a wax moth tincture is quite simple, which allows it to be made at home. To get 10% wax moth larvae extract need 10 g of larvae per 100 ml of alcohol. The recipe for 20% tincture is distinguished by an increase in 2 times the number of caterpillars.

The recipe for making a wax moth tincture is quite simple, which allows it to be made at home. To obtain 10% of the extract will need 10 g of larvae per 100 ml of alcohol. The recipe for 20% tincture is distinguished by an increase in 2 times the number of caterpillars.

Tincture of wax moth
Tincture of wax moth

It is not difficult to prepare the tincture: these components should be placed in a glass container and infused for a month in a cool and dark place. Light brown shade medicine has a delicate honey-protein aroma. Before use, the tincture must be filtered. Shelf life of such drugs to 3 years.

Medicinal properties, which has the tincture of larvae of the wax moth, due to the chemical composition of the tool. It contains:

  • Vitamins and amino acids;
  • Enzymes and lipids;
  • Bioflavonoids and peptides;
  • High molecular weight proteins and serotonin-like substances;
  • Hypoxanthin;
  • Nucleotides and steroid hormones;
  • Fatty acids and minerals.

The use of tincture of the wax moth has a wide range of action due to the rich chemical composition of the alcohol extract.

Indications for use

Previously, folk medicine experts recommended treatment with wax moth larvae to destroy the tubercle bacillus. Later, this method was used to treat:

  • Diabetes;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Immune system (increases body resistance and increases physical activity);
  • Acute respiratory diseases, as well as bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis;
  • Allergies;
  • Cardiovascular diseases (arrhythmias, heart attack, angina pectoris, hypertension). The drug helps to reduce shortness of breath and reduce pressure;
  • With pathology that is associated with impaired metabolic processes;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system (especially treatment with wax moth is effective in prostate adenoma).
    Allergy, heart disease, tuberculosis
    Allergy, heart disease, tuberculosis

And this is not all evidence that tincture wax moth treats. It is also used in gynecology and surgery.The extract is used in oncology, as it reduces the rate of spread of malignant tumors. The presence of psychotropic substances in the preparation helps to restore the nervous system: relieve fatigue, stress, tension, improve mood and memory.

The active wax moth tincture is also used by athletes during the preparation for competitions, in which large physical loads are provided. The drug has also found use in hematology. It is prescribed for anemia and other blood diseases. The wax moth extract promotes healing of wounds and protects against fungal infections.


“In the off-season and during the period of viral diseases we take tincture of the wax moth with the whole family. The result is a lack of sick leave and school passes. Recommend."

Svetlana, Astrakhan

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that traditional medicine does not recognize the efficacy of tincture made from wax moth larvae, therefore it is necessary to use the drug with caution. It is advisable to consult with your doctor and not replace the medications prescribed by him on your own.


“As a practitioner for over 10 years, a doctor cannot confirm the miraculous properties of a wax moth tincture. Moreover, the replacement of potent drugs prescribed by a doctor in case of serious diseases is fraught with a patient’s deterioration. I do not recommend it to my patients instead of officially registered drugs that have been tested and confirmed their effect on the body. Positive reviews of tincture explain the placebo effect. You need to trust traditional medicine, not medicine men or beekeepers! ”

Alexander Petrovich, St. Petersburg


As well as any other medicine, besides advantage tincture from larvae of a wax moth can do harm to health of the person. With extreme caution, it should be taken by children, as the body of a small child is very sensitive. Contraindications to the use of wax moth tincture are the following:

  • Individual intolerance to bee products, which can manifest as an allergic reaction, headache, weakness;
  • Acute hepatitis;
  • Allergies to bee products;
  • Gastric ulcer (acute period);
  • Chronic pancreatitis.

Some sources do not recommend taking medication to children under the age of 14, pregnant and lactating women.

Mode of application

Wax moth tincture
Wax moth tincture

You need to know how to take a wax moth tincture, as the dosage may vary. Instructions for use indicate how to drink, and how many days to take the drug for a particular disease. During treatment, the intake of alcohol and products with preservatives is not recommended.

The course of treatment must be at least 3 months. This duration of therapy is explained by the need for the accumulation of useful substances, after which their potential is already used.

Universal application

In most cases, the tincture based on the wax moth is used in 15-20 drops of 10% extract (at the rate of 3 drops per 10 kg of human weight). The drug is diluted with water or other liquid. 20% solution is recommended to drink 7-10 drops 2 times a day. For prophylactic purposes, such a dose is taken 1 time per day.

The duration of treatment depending on the disease may vary. To avoid doubtful moments, before using the drug, consultation and prescription is necessary.

Outdoor use

Wax moth extract is often used for external application, as it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, wound healing properties. Therefore, it is widely used to treat skin diseases, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, thrombophlebitis. In addition, a cream or ointment based on the extract of the larvae of the wax moth helps to eliminate pressure sores, bruises, sprains, as well as wounds of various origins. Effective tincture with furunculosis, trophic ulcers, herpes.


“I have known the wax moth tincture for more than 10 years, as I have been preparing it myself and am an experienced beekeeper. This is an excellent tool, saving them from migraines, chest pain and cold. "

Ivan Ilyich, Uralsk


“About the healing properties of the moth heard a long time ago. But you need to know how to take the tincture. Already after the first reception, red spots appeared on the body. I do not know, maybe the tool is simply not suitable for my body. "

Liliya Ivanovna, Tambov


“I learned about the many properties of the wax moth tincture from a friend. I decided to first try the tool externally. With the help of ogniyevka got rid of a terrible scar (4 cm in diameter).The surface of the skin in that place became equal, became softer and visibly white. ”

Elena, Chelyabinsk

According to the reviews, the wax moth tincture has helped many patients get rid of migraines, gout, and many of the above diseases. However, in some patients, after discontinuation of the drug, the unpleasant symptoms return again. There are also those patients in whom the administration of the extract did not bring positive results, and even caused side effects in the form of allergies and headaches. In such cases, the drug is recommended to cancel.

Where can one buy

Tincture of wax moth
Tincture of wax moth

Wax Tincture is not made and is not sold by any licensed pharmaceutical company. Beekeepers themselves or small private companies that specialize in selling bee products are engaged in its preparation.

Therefore, in order to avoid deception and not harm your health, it is better to purchase the drug from familiar beekeepers. You can also use the Internet, and order the drug on the site of the farm, interested in customers and saving their reputation.From the purchase in online stores selling various goods, it is better to refuse.


"Tincture based on wax moth for a long time could not find anywhere. Searched all pharmacies until a neighbor recommended a beekeeper's friend. I ordered the drug from him. ”


Some firms engaged in the production of tinctures do not provide instructions for use. Acceptance of such drugs causes concern, as the dosage depends on the concentration of the solution. This is another nuance that you need to focus on when buying tincture of wax moth.

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