Moth wax moth reviews and contraindications

Tincture of the larvae of wax will is a means of traditional medicine, which is used to treat a large number of diseases, strengthen the immune system. If you read the reviews on the forums about this tool, the list of ailments,cope with the tincture of the wax moth is simply limitless: tuberculosis, impotence, gastritis, ulcers, intervertebral hernia, migraines, sinusitis, bronchitis, polycystic. Has the panacea for all diseases been found, or is it just another quackery, let's understand.

What is wax moth

The moth wax moth, the mothfish, the melanium moth, the bee moth, the shashel - all these names refer to the same insect. Wax moth - butterfly melonella from the family of wax moths, inhabits everywhere, with the exception of regions with a harsh climate, in hives of wild and domestic bees. The length of the adult butterfly varies between 2-4 cm, the front wings have a dark brown color, the back ones are distinguished by a lighter color. Mouth apparatus of adult moth has no proboscistherefore, it cannot consume any food, and livelihoods are supported by accumulated substances. In the adult state, females do not live more than 12 days, and the males 26.

Moth fireworm
Moth fireworm

The butterfly lays eggs, which in 7 days turn into octopuses moth larvae with a yellowish head and miniature size of 1 mm.As it grows, the caterpillar's body length reaches 2 cm. The entire period of the larvae feeds on the waste products of the bees: wax, feather, royal jelly. According to reviews of beekeepers, one larva of melonella is capable of destroying several hundred bee cells, and when the hive is highly infected, the bee colonies weaken or die.

Composition and properties of wax moth tincture

The tincture of the wax moth is made from butterfly larvae. Adults are not used to prepare the drug. Distributors tinctures of moth larvae They believe that the beneficial properties of caterpillars are due to the high content of biological substances that they accumulate, feeding on bee products, including wax. The composition of the wax moth extract includes the following components:

  • about 20 amino acids, some of which are irreplaceable, that is, the human body is not able to produce them on its own;
  • cerase enzyme - a component for the splitting of wax has a destructive effect on the bacterial membrane of tuberculosis;
  • active substances that inhibit viruses;
  • trace elements that stimulate cell growth.

Initially, the tool was intended for the treatment of phthisis. Subsequently, the tincture was promoted as an alternative drug for the treatment of tuberculosis without drug treatment and as a therapeutic agent for the cure of such illnesses as:

  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • weakened immunity;
  • ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis;
  • female infertility;
  • male impotence;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • disease of the nervous system;
  • anemia, leukemia;
  • gastritis, pancreatitis, ulcers;
  • recovery period after surgical treatment.

On the basis of the extract of the larvae of the wax moth, Okoved is produced to treat diseases and prevent eye diseases and restore vision. Wax moth tincture is recommended not only for sick people, but also for a healthy, active lifestyle. The tool improves performance, enhances endurance, helps muscle tissues to quickly recover from physical exertion. Do not forget the creators of tinctures and people who are engaged in mental work. Regular use of the product helps to improve memory, concentration, and perseverance.Given the indications for use, an extract of the moth larvae is needed for almost every person.


The history of the creation of an exotic tincture

According to the legends, the tincture of the larvae of the wax moth was used many centuries ago in Japan, China, Russia, Ancient Greece. The first who began to explore the wax moth was Ilya Mechnikov. His research was continued by the Soviet homeopathist S. A. Mukhin, who supposedly owns the discovery of the enzyme cerase, confirmation of the antituberculous action of the larvae. The doctor died in 1981 and his baton was picked up by Spiridonov, Kondrashov, Rachkov.

The surname of the homeopath appears only on the pages of the sites of beekeepers who actively promote the tincture with phenomenal properties. In the most reliable Internet source of Wikipedia there is no information either about the doctor S. A. Mukhin, or about his achievements. With high probability, the whole story with the research of moth infusions tincture is a legend invented for product promotion.

The wide sections of the population learned about the infusion at the beginning of this century after the publication of Karneyev’s article in the magazine “Beekeeping”.

Opinion of doctors about the tincture of the larvae

All reviews of doctors about wax moth extract are one. Official medicine does not see the prerequisites for the treatment of any disease by this tool due to the lack of a scientifically proven base. In addition, this enzyme tseraza, the action of which is referred to by folk healers, is not listed in the classification of enzymes and its chemical formula is not known in scientific circles.

Such a wide range of effects means bewilderment. And the destructive effect on viruses, bacteria, and the strengthening effect on the body's cells, and the effect on the bloodstream, etc. The wax moth extract cannot contain as many biological substances as the manufacturers claim. A high content of micronutrients and vitamins can boast of any pharmaceutical preparation, which will differ significantly lower price and availability of a certificate of quality.

Positive effect of admission moth larvae extract on the body is due solely to the placebo effect. When the patient sincerely believes in the miracle drug, the brain begins to produce the appropriate substances and the body triggers a self-healing mechanism.

If the use of tincture of the wax moth does not contradict the treatment protocol, the doctor may allow the use of a folk remedy, but he cannot recommend it, let alone prescribe it.

Dosage, contraindications and price of funds

Tincture of wax moth
Tincture of wax moth

Tincture of the wax moth larvae is not available in any pharmacological enterprise. The only producers are beekeepers. They can buy both the finished product and the larvae themselves. The tool is a pharmacy bottle with a liquid of dark color and floating whitish caterpillars. The solution can be 10%, 20%, 30%. To prepare 10% of the tincture, 10 g of larvae are taken, which are poured 100 mg of alcohol 40%, then the potion is drawn in a dark place for 2-3 months. In recent years, they began to prepare the tincture not only from the larvae, but also from the excrement of ovonok, referring to the fact that they are more saturated in composition than the larvae.

Usually the tincture is accompanied by instructions for use, which is prepared by the manufacturer, so the recommendations may vary. In some contraindications for use are completely absent and the tool is recommended even for pregnant women, small children.In others, there are age restrictions. The only thing that unites all medicine men is the minimum three-month course of treatment and the dosage of the drug: 1 drop for one lived year. On some vendor sites, disease and body weight are taken into account for dose composing.

The price of one 50 ml bottle made in Altai starts at 300 rubles. For a three-month fortifying course you will need at least 3 flakonchikov. Manufacturers recommend drinking a tincture for a stable result for 6 months, for which you will need to purchase at least 6 bottles.

Application Reviews

For the most part, reviews of the use of wax moth tincture are left to visitors of manufacturers' sites, rarely messages about a phenomenal elixir are found in forums devoted to the fight against tuberculosis.

Olga, 45: “My adult son was given a disappointing diagnosis - tuberculosis, a stage of disintegration. Three months he was treated in the hospital, then outpatient treatment was prescribed. On the Internet I found an article about the healing properties of a wax moth tincture, I ordered it from Altai beekeepers. Son takes it for five months, said that the condition has improved.We will hope for further positive dynamics. ”

Anna, 35 years old “Tired of constantly getting sick and decided to take up the strengthening of immunity. Established nutrition - began to eat more vegetables and fruits to enrich the body with vitamins, and also acquired bee moth tinctureto increase resistance to viruses. Behind a rainy autumn, but to my surprise, I have never caught a cold. ”

Sergey, 40 years old: “My son is 15 years old. For the last 7 years he has been constantly ill. Every cold turns into obstructive bronchitis. In the inpatient unit, the entire staff knows him by sight and by name. A district pediatrician fears that bronchitis may turn into asthma and while the child is in adolescence he still has chances to overcome the disease. Therefore, we all sent our forces to prevention. Being engaged in the search for an effective treatment for bronchitis, I came across a message on the forum of a person with the same problems as my son. He told how he managed to defeat the illness with the help of a tin moth tincture. Immediately ordered 7 bottles, so that was enough for the course. Son did not show the contents of the vial and the caterpillars removed.It has been 3 months after the start of the infusion. It is impossible to say that the son was completely cured, but he became ill less often. After a 2-week break, we will continue the treatment course. ”

Sofia Lvovna, 43 years old: “My brother has an apiary. After reading reviews about the magnificent properties of the wax moth, I asked him to collect the larvae in a jar when he had the opportunity. I made the tincture myself, nothing complicated about it. So far, the treatment is only one month. It seems to me that I began to get better sleep and feel more cheerful. "

Andrei Alekseevich, a student at the Medical Institute in Lugansk: “Ignorance of people is truly surprising. Twenty-first century in the yard, and they believe in the healing powers of the mandrake root, rhino skin tinctures, and now also in the extract of the wax moth. Not so scary when people use traditional medicine along with the recommendations of the attending physician. It is terrifying when people refuse drug treatment for potions. Recently, a five-year-old girl was brought to the ward, who was choking. I barely managed to save her. And all because her mother, after the little girl was diagnosed with bronchitis, ignored the appointment of a pediatrician and decided not to poison the girl with chemistry, but to cure her with the help of a tincture of a wax moth.I called the ambulance only when the child had difficulty breathing. Before making such decisions, especially when it comes to children, weighed against the risks and potential health risks of using folk remedies. ”

Christina: “To accept such a disgusting potion, there must be good reasons. I am very squeamish and do not know what should make me drink a mixture of floating caterpillars, filled with unknown than. Who knows, maybe they were mistakenly poured with technical alcohol, and after taking the drug, I certainly won't need any medicines anymore. ”

Anton Petrovich, 59 years old: “I've been keeping my apiaries for 15 years now. About 5 years ago there was a dull cough. I was not diagnosed with tuberculosis, as they did not find obvious causes of coughing. I had to rely on traditional medicine. A wise woman from a neighboring village advised me to make a tincture of wax moth larvae. This "good" periodically starts up in the hives, so I did not experience a shortage of components for the preparation of medicines. Peel tincture three-month courses with monthly breaks. After a one year course, the cough was almost gone. Now his wife is going to treat migraine tincture. ”

Albina is 35 years old: “My girlfriend is 31 years old and she could not get pregnant. What she did not do any more, to which doctors and medicine men did not go - it was all in vain. Regarding his wife as useless, her husband left her. The poor thing has completely lost the meaning of life - neither a child nor a husband. While suffering greatly lost weight, became exhausted, barely moved his legs. Her mother - a regular reader of healthy lifestyles insisted that her friend began to drink tincture of the wax moth. Gradually, a friend began to regain consciousness, forgive the betrayal of her husband and met a wonderful man. Six months later she became pregnant, then gave birth to a healthy boy. For everything that happens with her, thanks to the tincture of the moth, and her little son sometimes affectionately calls him "bee."

Maria, 48 years old: “Her husband's message that he had tuberculosis was shocking. There were several lesions in the picture, and the doctors set up a spouse that they would have to resort to surgical intervention. My husband was treated in a TB dispensary and drank pills in handfuls. I believe that for treatment you need to use all the methods of treatment. Therefore, it has become a frequenter of forums, public,on which people shared their ways of fighting tuberculosis. Irish moss, dill seed, spruce cones jam - which I just did not carry to my husband in the hospital. Once, while waiting for the office hours, I got into conversation with a woman who also, like me, came to her spouse. She said that after taking the wax moth tincture her husband had a positive dynamic. On her recommendation, ordered the tincture. After 3 months of use, the husband began to gain weight, tomography showed noticeable improvements, and after 3 months, her husband was transferred from the hospital to outpatient treatment. I cannot say with certainty what exactly helped my beloved: pills, tincture of the wax moth, or the belief that he can overcome the disease - the main thing that helped. ”

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