How to get rid of midges in the apartment

Very often, especially in summer, midges appear in our apartments. They are very annoying, but the harm is not only in this - they are capable of causing damage to human health. The midges spoil the food, bite. They are able to start in fruits, sour vegetables, sweets or flowers that serve as bait for insects.To avoid these troubles, learn how to get rid of black flies in the apartment.

Where do midges come from in the apartment

Very often homeowners are interested in why small midges appeared in an apartment. It is surprising that these insects appear even in those apartments, the doors and windows of which are tightly closed. To fight the midges, you need to figure out where the pests come from. Below you can see their photos and names.

Fruit Flies

Most often, fruit midges occur where there are dirty or rotten vegetables / fruits, plant residues, and sour food. Judging by the existence onion midges, many of them prefer to multiply in this vegetable.

In most of the fruit eggs are still at the time of the formation of the fruit. They patiently wait for conditions suitable for their development: the process of decay activates their growth, after which a huge number of fruit midges are removed. They are on stage the larvae feed tainted products.

Fruit Flies
Fruit Flies

Adult midge lives very few - only about 24 hours. The destruction of the midges in the apartment is hampered by the fact that they multiply very quickly when there is suitable food and medium in the form of rotten fruit. As a result, a whole swarm of these insects may appear from one individual.The most effective method of struggle is to eliminate the causes that contribute to their appearance.

The causes of the appearance of blackflies in the apartment may be different. Rare hygiene of the garbage can, its untimely devastation. The leftovers in the bucket may be infected by insect larvae that develop when these residues rot. If food remains are on top of the rest of the trash, a cloud of flying parasites is formed in the near future.

Blackflies in the kitchen

The apartment can live not only fruit midges, but also other varieties of this parasite, feeding on aquarium sediment, trash from the cells of pets. Sometimes small midges start around bowls of cats and dogs. A dish unwashed in time, the regular leaving of food in plates - and they will become permanent residents of such a house.

Important! To avoid the appearance of midges in the apartment, you must thoroughly wash not only your dishes, but also the "table" of pets. It is important to clean the aquarium in time, change the water in it, so as not to allow the parasites to lay eggs in the disappearing residues. Only in this way it is possible not only to get rid of the black flies forever, but also to prevent their reappearance.

Blackflies in indoor colors

Blackflies in indoor plants
Blackflies in indoor plants

Houseplants - one of the causes of the appearance of blackflies. Often pests indoor plants develop as a result of watering plants brew, rash her remnants as fertilizer. Black flies love moisture, so it is very important to monitor moderate watering of plants. Green pet may suffer from larvae sciaridewho love to destroy the roots. Get rid of black flies in room flowers need as quickly as possible, otherwise the plant may suffer.

Sewer midges

Types of midges are numerous, one of them - sewer midge. Particles of food, falling into the sewage system, begin to decompose, stuck in the siphon or on the folds of pipes. This provokes the reproduction of new hordes of insects. The second condition of the nasal life - dampness is also observed. Remove the midges from the apartment, who settled in the sewers, it is very difficult, because to remove the source of their appearance is often not possible.

Sometimes pests are found around a leaking toilet, because here too the ideal conditions of life with high humidity have been created for them. Getting rid of them is also difficult.

Midges with food from shops and markets get into the apartment, but their further life in an apartment depends on maintaining order and cleanliness of the house, timely cleaning of the sewage system. With the right actions to get rid of them is easy.

The destruction of midges in the apartment

In order to find out how to get rid of the midges in the apartment, you should know what they eat and where they breed. You should consider fruits, vegetables, tables in the kitchen. After this visit with the inspection of the sewer in the kitchen and bathroom. Probably, the nasal appears from a piece of food rolled up under the furniture or a drop of honey that went unnoticed during harvesting. If nothing of the kind is found, it is worthwhile to inspect the indoor plants, which can also be the source of the appearance of midges.

At home, the nasal deer often appears precisely from household plants. The larvae feed on the roots, so as a result of this neighborhood the plants die. To get rid of the midges in the flowers, you should use folk remedies: stick carnations into the soil, cloves of garlic or sulfur from matches, reduce the frequency of watering. As a preventive measure, you should put pebbles on the ground, put sand or black pepper on it.

Blackfly Remedies
Blackfly Remedies

Disposal of fruit midges

  1. You need to check all the fruits and vegetables for rot. If these are found, you must destroy them. The rest is placed in the fridge. Having lost a source of food and reproduction, insects will quickly disappear on their own.
  2. Check whether all cereals are stored in dry containers, whether they have not disappeared. If traces of mold are found, this rump should be thrown out.
  3. Thoroughly vacuum all surfaces in the room, rinse in the bathroom or in the toilet - depending on where the parasites are found. In order to get rid of pests, you need to tighten them in a vacuum cleaner, directing the pipe to the places of clusters. The vacuum cleaner bag should be emptied away from home.
  4. To quickly get rid of insects in the apartment, you can place sticky tapes indoors or blackfly trap. This will reduce the "livestock" pests several times.
  5. An effective remedy for black flies in the apartment is an alcoholic beverage. It is necessary to leave a beer or wine at the bottom of the glass - in the morning there will sink a large number of insects.

Than poison the midges

It doesn’t matter what the midges get from, if they have already appeared.When you need to get rid of them as soon as possible, you need to resort to modern from the midgeswithout forgetting about the hygiene of the room.

  • Sink or sink should be treated with a means of clogging. You can replace the tool with soda, quenched with vinegar. After the foam is formed, the drain should be carefully shed with water.
  • If it is necessary to poison the gnats living on the balcony, it is treated with aerosol means or solutions from flying parasites. After such an event, they will not fly into the apartment. It should be borne in mind that this method is good only in those premises that are quickly and easily ventilated, since the spray from the blackflies can severely damage the health of the homeowners.
    Harassing midges
    Harassing midges
  • An ordinary mosquito fumigator will help get rid of midges. Only adult insects will disappear - eggs and larvae will continue to live on.

Folk remedies for mosquitoes

People have long known not only why black flies appear, but also how best to get rid of them. Such breeding methods will not harm either domestic animals, or plants, or a child or adult.

  • Pour water into the jar, add dishwashing detergent and apple cider vinegar.Place the jar in places where insects accumulate. In just a few hours they will disappear. The trap will attract the midges, and the detergent in the composition will not allow to get out. To improve efficiency, it needs to be updated weekly.
  • Many parasites love rotten bananas, including some types of midges. You should leave a banana peel or a brown piece in the kitchen - this will allow to collect them in one place. Quickly close the bag containing the rind and discard it. You can immediately get rid of a significant proportion of parasites.
  • A similar effect has a glass with a sweet drink. On top of this you should stretch the film in which to make holes with a needle. Moshkar will crawl over food through these holes, but will not be able to fly back.
  • If you do not want to build traps, you can use the available funds. You can pour beer or wine into the cake cover so that the bottom is closed. Insects gather to smell, drown in it.
  • In the bank leave compote, sweet tea, juice, fruit syrup, wine drink. Let stand for at least the night. In the morning quickly cover the jar lid. To kill the midges accumulated in it, you can put it in a microwave for a minute or in a refrigerator for 120 minutes.

If folk remedies are not sufficiently effective in the fight against midges, the parasites should be removed with the help of chemical agents (aerosol, solution, dust) acquired in the store. To get rid of pests help the following popular tools:

  • Raid;
  • Raptor;
  • Dichlorvos.
Blackfly Aerosols
Blackfly Aerosols


As in many other cases, it is often easier to prevent a problem than to solve it. So in the case of the appearance of blackflies - it is better to do everything so that they do not appear in the apartment than because of thinking how to get rid of them.

  • It is important to maintain cleanliness, to dispose of garbage in time, to clean up food residues, to wipe the kitchen table thoroughly, to store vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator.
  • Regularly clean sewer pipes, siphons, using specials. facilities.
  • Keep your kitchen sink clean.
  • Clean up rotting vegetables and fruits, do not allow a similar problem.
  • Put on the windowsill geraniums. Insects do not like these smells, so they leave the apartment with geraniums.
  • Install mosquito nets - this will not allow mosquitoes from neighbors to fly into the house.
  • Carefully seal up all the holes in the floor, if the house has a basement floor - often from there these creatures penetrate into the dwelling.

Winter is not the season when this fast parasite actively reproduces.If insects suddenly appeared in the cold season, it is enough to open the window for a short time to eliminate all pests.

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