Bites of midges on a person photo and treatment

Departure for a picnic in late spring or early summer can darken such a nuisance as a midge bite. Mosquitoes are often attacked not only by vacationers in nature, but also by owners of homestead land. What caused such aggression of insects, how a midge bite looks on a person and whether he needs treatment - let's understand.

Introducing the insect

Blackflies are small insects whose size is barely 5 mm. Most of the species are inherent and at all miniature size - 2 mm. They live everywhere, with the exception of Antarctica. All phases of development, until the insect reaches the stage of imago, midges spend introductory environment. The family has about 1,800 species, in European temperate climates are dominated by Drosophila, whitefly, sciarid. The differences between them can only be determined by a knowledgeable entomologist. But the poor thing, bitten by a black fly, is not up to the definition of species and the whole gnat looks the same to him.



Most species have warm-blooded blood. feeding only female midge. Males taste exclusively fruit or flower nectar.

People who live near water bodies or travelers in the taiga and tundra are most aware of how midges bite. As they say experienced, the midge in the taiga will be more terrible than a mosquito. Swarms of insects are called not only as nasal. Rivers, lakes with running water are mandatory conditions for the breeding of insects. Females lay their eggs on the stems of plants, stones in water.Some individuals descend under water in order to postpone their offspring. Other females do not burden themselves with the skills of divers and drop eggs on the fly. If you take a portion of water from the bottom of the river or some other reservoir, you can see the smallest worm-shaped white larvae with a magnifying glass.

The peak of activity begins in mid-April, early May and ends only by the end of June. In the northern regions, the activity of the midges decreases after snow falls. Insects feed only during daytime on a sunny day. On a rainy, overcast day, at night the activity of the nasal is not recorded. Insects are kept in flocks, in which there are myriads of individuals. People and animals suffer from midge bites. There have been cases when tens of thousands of cattle were killed by attacks from the Columbat midge in Danube countries.



“Once in the late spring, we arrived with our family to visit relatives living on the banks of a small creek Khoper. Suspecting nothing, they decided to get out into nature and relax on the bank of the river. We drove to the shore and inspired by the view of the spring landscape quickly got out of the car.And then it began! A flock of small midges stuck to us, began to bite frantically, tiny insects were killed in the mouth, nose. The child immediately ran into the car, and we adults still tried to resist. But neither fast running nor waving branches did not help. I had to leave the inhospitable shore, it’s good that at least nobody was allergic to the midge bite. The locals then laughed at us and said that the midge will disappear only after the spill and the June hay. ”

Valentina Vladimirovna, Balashov

Features of bloodsucker bites

As noted above, only females can bite. Blood is necessary for them to ripen eggs. The bites of midges are comparable to a surgical procedure. They do not pierce the skin, but literally gnaw it, at the same time the insects inject an anesthetic substance that allows a person not to experience pain until the parasites are fully saturated. At the same time, the annoying bloodsucker injects an enzyme that prevents blood from clotting.

Insect saliva contains toxic substances for the human body, as a result of which a swelling and redness, burning and severe itching appear at the site of the lesion.Numerous bites can provoke fever, swelling of internal organs and, in rare cases, cause death.

Midge bite in the eye
Midge bite in the eye

The reaction to the bite of a midge differs in different people and depends on the age, pain threshold, number of lesions, and propensity for allergies. Severe itching causes a desire to scratch the place from the bites of midges. Even an adult is unable to refrain from this, but what can we say about children who tear apart the lesion before the appearance of blood. As a result, the situation is aggravated by the penetration of bacteria. Photo bite midges are presented below.

The consequences of attacks midges

Insects bite all exposed parts of the body. Hands, legs, parts of the face are mostly in the area of ​​their attention. In the first moments after the bite of the midge, the person does not feel any pain because of the content of the anesthetic substance in the insect's saliva. Then the symptoms described in the table appear.

Type of symptomsManifestation
Primary symptoms
  1. The appearance of severe burning and itching
  2. Redness in the affected area
  3. Chaotic dot wounds. A detailed examination to identify the puncture itself at the site of the bite of the midge is impossible.
  4. Severe swelling of adjacent tissues. Some midge bites in the eye area may cause swelling of the entire face.
  5. The appearance of wounds, blisters in the affected area.
Common symptoms
  1. Increase in the size of the lymph nodes.
  2. Increase in body temperature to 39 ° C.
  3. Blood pressure change.
  4. Cardiopalmus.
  5. Purulent inflammation of the skin.

The allergy to the bites of midges occurs due to the content of a complex of hemolyzing substances in the saliva that have a protein nature. In children, the primary symptoms may be more pronounced than in adults. The first reaction to bites is the appearance of itching, which the child is trying to extinguish by combing. As a result, swelling on the children's tender skin increases, pathogenic microbes get into the wounds, which leads to the fact that the skin does not heal for a long time.

Midge bites
Midge bites

In rare cases, the most dangerous consequences of a midge bite are anaphylactic shock. The damage from the bloodsuckers is also the fact that they can be carriers of pathogens of dangerous diseases. The midges were the cause of plague epidemics no less than rat bites. The risk of infection is small, but it still exists if the female first ate the blood of the sick animal and then attacked the human.


"I used to be apart fruit flies in the kitchen did not meet other species of this insect. But recently I had to face a real horde of bloodsuckers at a picnic. I could not even imagine that they could bite like that. The fingers and the back of the hand swelled from their bites. It’s good that we came to nature in the late afternoon and the midges soon disappeared. ”

Olga, Bryansk

Bite treatment

How to treat a midge bite and whether it is worth it depends on the degree of symptoms. First aid is to treat the wound with an alcohol-based solution or a disinfectant. Subsequent activities are aimed at eliminating itching, reducing redness, relieving pain syndromes, and avoiding infection. How much time the bite spots heal depends on the characteristics of the organism and the measures taken aimed at recovery. In the absence of an allergic reaction, home remedies with traditional medicine are sufficient. Otherwise, it is impossible to do without consulting a doctor. Independently prescribe treatment with antibiotics, hormonal ointments are contraindicated.

Blackbird Bite Allergy
Blackbird Bite Allergy

The treatment of the bite of the midge is carried out according to different schemes, which depend on the type of skin changes.

Action algorithm
First aid after midge bite
  1. Wash affected areas in cold water with antibacterial or laundry soap.
  2. Dry and in no case resist the temptation to scratch.
  3. Treat with antiseptic: furatsilinom, chlorhexidine.
  4. For severe pain, take an anesthetic.
Elimination of rashes and removal of edema
  1. To apply soda compresses to the places from the bites of midges.
  2. Take antihistamines.
  3. Anoint the bite with bepanthen, Fenistil Gel or Asterisk.
How to treat itching
  1. Lubricate the affected areas with antipruritic ointment or Menovazin solution.
  2. Apply dressings with alcohol solution or novocaine.
Treatment of infected wounds
  1. Treat the wound with soapy water and hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Attach lotion with water antiseptics.
  3. Anoint the wound with an antiseptic cream.
  4. At high temperatures and a pronounced inflammatory process, consult a doctor.
The appearance of black pus in woundsSeek assistance from a medical facility.
First aid for the bite of the midge in the eye
  1. Rinse eyes with running water.
  2. Lubricate the eyelids with phenystyle or bepantenom, avoiding getting the cream in the eyes.
  3. Contact an optometrist.

Folk recipes

At home, applicable recipes of traditional medicine, which allow you to remove the tumor after the bite of the midge, eliminate itching and prevent infection of wounds:

  • Soda and vinegar are well established as a means to relieve swelling. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a solution of soda, moisten them with a gauze bandage and apply it to the affected skin. Eliminate swelling in a few hours will help soda paste. For its preparation, soda must be mixed with water to the consistency of a thick slurry. The resulting substance periodically smear damaged skin.
  • Laundry soap - a universal remedy for redness, swelling and itching. Lather is applied to the swollen place and washed off after drying.
  • In the absence of home remedies, edema can be eliminated using any agent containing menthol. In critical situations, it is allowed to use toothpastes, mouth rinses.
  • To eliminate itching and swelling after bites fit cold compresses. Frozen meat, ice cubes, cold water, in a word, everything that gets in the fridge is applied to swollen places.

    Folk remedies for midge bites
    Folk remedies for midge bites
  • In nature, emergency help yourself or a child can be provided with the plantain leaf. Attach the pre-washed sheet to the affected area and attach with a bandage. Dandelion leaf has the effect of eliminating edema.
  • It is possible to eliminate discomfort after the bite of the midge with the help of potatoes. To do this, cut a cleaned tuber, juice or grated potatoes to attach to the damaged skin.
  • Applications of boric alcohol or an aqueous solution of boric acid will relieve itching and will have an antiseptic effect.
  • Onions - a recognized folk remedy to relieve pain and reduce swelling after domestic gnaw bite. Onions should be chopped, wrap in cheesecloth and attach to the bite.

Bite prevention

The easiest way to save yourself from the bites of the midges is to avoid visiting places where the nasal insect lives. But this is not always possible, as in some regions the midges intrusively remind of their presence directly on city streets, in parks, squares. Therefore, in these cases it is worth protecting yourself with anti-mosquito sprays, wearing closed clothes.During the walk with the baby do not forget to cover the stroller with a mosquito net.

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