How to deal with ants and aphids on currants

To get rid of ants and aphids on the currants can be folk remedies. Professional drugs are used for severe infection of the garden plot. In a small amount ants benefit: increases soil fertility, protects against small pests, therefore there is no point in using barbaric methods of control without special need.

Causes of war

Currant ants do a lot of harm. In search of nectar, inflorescences are destroyed, making it impossible for the berries to tie. In times of drought, they gnaw the tops of the branches of young bushes. The twig stops growing, dries.


The greatest harm from ants is the spread of aphids. Insects carry small parasites on the bushes, wait until they are full, leave behind a sweet secretory substance - honey dew. For ants aphid - this is a real delicacy.

A large population of bushes by aphids threatens with the appearance of fungi, mildew, disease, drying. Protecting currants from ants and aphids is the main responsibility of gardeners.

Folk recipes

Methods of combating ants and aphids on currants should be effective, safe.


Initially, you should try to find anthill. It is located deep underground, holes are visible on the surface, passages, loosened soil is located.

There are several ways to remove the ant family from the site:

  • fill the nest with a bucket of boiled water;
  • dig the nest to the depth of the shovel;
  • spray with boric acid solution;
  • put herring head on the nest;
  • sprinkle the nest with cinnamon;
  • sprinkle with baking soda;
  • pour gasoline on fire.
Folk recipes from ants
Folk recipes from ants

The remaining methods of struggle are expelling ants from the garden plot:

  • The easiest way to get rid of folk remedies for aphids and ants - planting garlic in the immediate vicinity. You can even under the currant. If you do not have time to do this, lay out the garlic cloves, tie the arrows on the stems, and rub the twigs.
  • On the black currant tied sheepskin dipped in a solution of phenol. In the absence of wool, cotton wool, pieces of fabric, and a clothesline are used. The smell of acid scares off ants, allows you to save currants.
  • Remove the ants will help cinnamon, corn flour. Crumbled means under the bush. Cinnamon scares away a strong smell, makes you run where your eyes are. The second inflates the stomach, insects die.
  • Spray currant from aphid can be a solution soda. In the water add a little flaxseed oil or liquid soap. These substances allow soda to remain on the leaves for a long time.
  • Add to jam yeast, put the bait under the bush.Ants willingly eat treats, hope, forget about their main responsibilities - do not bring food to the anthill. Such behavior of workers for a long time dooms the whole family to starvation.
  • On currant bushes fasten sprigs of wormwood, tansy, elderberry, mint, tomato tops.

Folk methods show great efficiency with a slight contamination of the soil with ants. What to do if the colony multiplies, the funds do not help, there is also an answer.

Professional methods

Professional ant products
Professional ant products

How to process a currant so that ants do not approach it, the aphid does not settle, gardeners know, they share experience.


Spray the bushes with pyrethrum solution. The powder is made from a special type of chamomile. The composition contains a natural insecticide that kills insects. To get the drug is problematic due to reduced production.


The anti-cloud drug will help to save the currant. The active component is boric acid. The substance is safe for humans, non-toxic to plants, in insects causes paralysis, early death.

Auxiliary ingredients - food additives, flavors.Made in the form of capsules. They sprinkle around the currant bush, if the ants attacked her as a whole column. Leave on the anthill. The drug acts during the week.


Insect Gels
Insect Gels

Preparations in the form of a gel are used indoors, outdoors. Active ingredients retain their properties for two weeks. It consists of broad-spectrum insecticides. Cause death if swallowed. The effectiveness of such means was confirmed:

The gel is applied to the plank, a piece of plywood, plastic, thick cardboard, placed under the currant.

The peculiarity of this method of struggle lies in the mass death of an anthill. Insects eat poisonous bait themselves, drag it to the nest, feed womb, larvae. Insect death occurs within three days after entering the stomach. Ants, unaware of anything, continue to eat the bait. Then comes the massive death.

Methods of dealing with aphids

Ways to combat aphids
Ways to combat aphids

If ants are attracted too much by a bush, aphid starts up in currant leaves. To discourage ants, you need to get rid of small pests.

How to process currants from aphids:

  • 30 g of soap is dissolved in 1 liter of water, sprayed with a bush. Aphids are glued together, losing the ability to move. Soon perishes.
  • From the leaves of the potato to cook a cool broth from the aphids. Boil a few minutes chopped greens, leave to infuse for a day. Broth sprinkle currants several times.
  • Chop 200 g of garlic, pour 1 liter of water. Insist about a week. Concentrated tincture process currants.
  • Insist 200 g of onion peel in 2 liters of water for three days. Use tincture for spraying aphids.
  • One of the most effective means of protecting a bush from aphids is wormwood. It will take 30 g of dry potion, 300 g of fresh plant. Pour 2 liters of water, boil a little, leave to infuse day.

On red currants, aphids start up more readily than on black ones. For this plant need special care, attention.

Currants - unpretentious bush, resistant to adverse factors, but the invasion of aphids and ant colonies rarely withstand. To begin to fight pests need at the first sign of danger.

While the ants bypass the plant side, it makes no sense to destroy them, but to prevent the attack is necessary.The easiest option is to plant mint, calendula, and garlic near the currant. Spray the aphid shrub regularly.

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