How to deal with ants and aphids on apple trees

Ants bred on leaves aphid and thus interfere with the plant to grow normally and bear fruit. Every year, gardeners decide how to get rid of ants on an apple tree, until pests destroy a tree and spoil the apple harvest.

How to protect a young tree

Young trees die faster from diseases and pests. Therefore, if aphid appeared on apple seedlings or garden ants, urgently need to take action.

The tree needs to be well watered and the branches treated with a chemical before the buds swell. You can use one of the following tools:

  1. Olekuprit. On a bucket of water is to take 400 g of the drug.
  2. Nitrofen. 200 g of the substance is diluted with 10 liters of water.
  3. Spark. One tablet is dissolved in a bucket of water. Treatment, if necessary, is carried out every three weeks.

The first two drugs can burn the leaves on a young apple, so they can not be reused. The spark is safe for greens and does not pose a threat to humans and animals.

Ant Chemicals
Ant Chemicals

How to get rid of ants in the roots of apple trees

Removing ants from under an apple tree can be difficult. They build deep passages and damage tree roots, causing the seedlings to die. Solve the problem of tree protection You can folk ways:

  1. For 10 liters of water take 400 grams of black soap, 2 tablespoons of acid and 10 tablespoons of kerosene. Means poured anthill in the early morning or evening.
  2. Anthills in the roots fall asleep with quicklime and pour water.

To prevent insects from settling in the roots, it is necessary to protect the apple tree with chemical preparations.The treatment is carried out in September, using granular preparations:

These funds can not be used at another time, because they affect the metabolism in the plant.

On a note!

Protect the apple tree from ants onions. It should be landed around the trunk. Ants do not like smell the plants and prefer to stay away from him.

How to get rid of ants in a tree trunk

Ants on an apple tree can appear under the bark. They crawl into the cracks and destroy the wood. If insects were found in the hollow, then it is necessary to take the following measures:

  1. Rotten wood is removed from the hollow.
  2. The void is treated with an agent containing diazolin.
  3. The damaged area is sealed.

On a note!

The trash that was obtained from the hollow needs to be filled with boiling water to kill the ants and their larvae.

If the pests have penetrated under the bark of the tree through a crack, then dead wood is removed from it, and the damage is treated with an antiseptic, dried and sealed with garden pitch.

Fighting ants on an apple tree
Fighting ants on an apple tree

Do not use insecticides. Insects will die inside the tree and worsen its condition.

How to protect an apple tree from ants

You can fight with ants and aphids on apple trees with folk remedies and shop chemistry. Folk recipes are good because they do not harm the plant and man, but they do not always help the first time.

On a note!

To some insect poisons, resistance is produced. Therefore, insecticides should be used as indicated in the instructions.

Folk remedies

To prevent ants from attacking the apple tree, its trunk should be protected by traps or trap belt. It can be covered with a metal ring, which will prevent the insect from crawling up. But between the wood and the obstacle there should be no gaps and gaps.

On a note!

Some summer residents believe that ants eat a tree and can chew on their way in the bark. But it is not so. A healthy apple tree is too tough for them. But they can crawl into cracks and hollows.

To save the apple tree from insect invasion will help one of the following methods:

  1. Smear wood birch tar round.
  2. Cover the barrel with a mixture of oil of wormwood and soot.
  3. Spray the leaves with a special solution - per 1 liter of water 5 g soda and 30 grams of flax oil.

Foil “skirt” allows you to protect your crop from annoying insects. The material must fit snugly to the trunk so that the foragers could not crawl under it.

Funds from the store

Aeroxon belt will help if ants crawl along the bark.It contains a sticky substance that does not freeze for a long time and catches insects.

Effective trap garden glue protrudes. Before using it, wrap the trunk of an apple tree with a thick cloth. Do not allow the product to get into the wood.

In getting rid of pests use the following drugs:

  • Aktara;
  • Fufon;
  • VDG

Before treating apples from ants and aphids, you should read the instructions for use, which will indicate the required dosage. Spraying poisonous substances should be carried out before flowering of the garden.

If ants started on an apple tree, then soon there appear aphidthat will ruin the whole crop. Therefore, it is urgent to take action and poison the insects. However, the first is to compare harm and benefit of ants in the garden. In order to prevent the spread of pests do preventive maintenance - use adhesive traps or metal belt.

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