How to get rid of ants in a private house folk remedies

Ants are insects whose hard work deserves respect. People often admire their perseverance and organization, hierarchy. A completely different person begins to treat them if he finds them in his home. By their presence, ants create great discomfort to humans. They not only cause a feeling of disgust, but also spoil the products, and also are carriers of dangerous infections (typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, diphtheria, etc.). Therefore, the question of how to get rid of ants in the house is relevant for every person who is faced with such a problem.

What attracts insects in the house

The appearance of these tiny creatures in the kitchen of many housewives is puzzling why there are antsand where insects come from. The reasons for their appearance in the house may be as follows:

  • cold - ants are heat-loving insects, so with decreasing air temperature they go in search of heat;
  • unsanitary conditions - irregular removal of the bin, dirty dishes, leftover food on the floor or table, open products;
  • ants in the house can appear along with the seedlings brought to the house or houseplants, as well as the ground for them;
  • sometimes ants climb into the house from neighbors who poisoned them;
  • small pests can also be found in fruits or vegetables brought from the market.

On a note!

In search of food insects are able to walk more than one hundred meters. And for their fellows, they leave a special mark, so that they can all together taste the delicacy found. Insects also carry food in nestwhere they are waiting for other individuals and larvae.

What ants can appear in the house

Ants in the house
Ants in the house

Not all ants make their way into a person’s dwelling, but only those who cannot stand severe frosts.

  1. Pharaoh ants - The length of the body of working individuals is not more than 2 mm, the uterus grows to 4-6 mm, has a light brown or yellow color. They do not tolerate cold weather, so during the cold season they live exclusively in heated premises.
  2. House ants "thieves" - frequent "guests" in a country house. These are small insects whose body is colored brown-red.
  3. Sod - very small ants of black or dark red color. They prefer to settle in the kitchen in cracks, crevices, or under baseboards.
  4. Black big ants - dangerous peddlers of microbes. They can be found not only in a sugar bowl, but also in a garbage can, where food residues rot and accumulate in themselves pathogenic bacteria.

Therefore, if ants appeared in the house, even if they are single individuals, you should sound the alarm. It is necessary to immediately destroy them, forgetting about any pity, because at home the insects are a serious danger to the inhabitants of the house.

You can save yourself from street ants with both store supplies and folk remedies.


If there are ants in the house, you need to know how to get rid of them. Chemicals in the form of aerosols, gels and pencils are in great demand among the population today.

Insect gels and sprays
Insect gels and sprays


According to consumers, insecticidal gel is the most effective means of controlling domestic pests. Especially this option is acceptable in a situation where it is not possible to detect the ant nest.

The tool has a viscous consistency and a simple method of application: it is applied around the perimeter of the room, as well as along the ant paths with a dotted line. The gel acts on insects gradually: the ants who have eaten the poison carry it to the anthill, where they share it with their relatives. After several hours, nerve impulses are blocked,the consequence is the paralysis and death of the pests. The process is accelerated when the poisoned individual is eaten by his fellows.

After a month the gel can destroy all the ant family living in the house. One of the most sought-after are:

  • Raptor;
  • Fas;
  • Globol;
  • Brownie or Sturm.

Another good gel from house and garden ants a great warrior. With its use of insects in the house will not be in 2-3 days.


Aerosols - not less popular remedy for ants in the house. The spray has an instant effect due to the insecticide it contains. Aerosol is sprayed onto the nest found, as well as in the path of insects.

On a note!

The advantage of the spray is the possibility of processing the most narrow and hard-to-reach places, which is not true of the gels. The negative side of the aerosol means is a short period of exposure, and sometimes a high cost. Will help to quickly get rid in the private house of ants aerosols Reid, known to many Dichlorvos, Raptor, Combat, Deliziya or Geth.

Chalks and powders

To escape from garden ants in the house, you can use pencils or powders.They are the most affordable means of pest control, but less effective than the above drugs.
Insect control will be more protracted due to the low degree of toxicity. Therefore, poison in this form is preferable to use with a minor infection by insects at home. The line drawn by chalk around the room perimeter can scare away ants. Powdered drugs are scattered in a strip in places of insects. The most common options for such tools are:


Pest traps and repellers
Pest traps and repellers

If ants bred in the house, you can use trapswhich are of different types:

  • Electric traps are a device inside which there is a bait. Its smell attracts the attention of insects, once trapped, they die from an electric shock. After it remains only to remove the ants from the device.
  • Glue traps - boxes, the inner bottom of which has a sticky surface. An ant that gets into it will not be able to get back.
  • Poisonous traps - the principle of operation of devices of this type is based on the use of poisonous baitwhich is inside the box. The pests that have been fed up with it seek to bring food to their brethren, as a result of which the other individuals of the colony are also infected.

Ultrasonic Repeller

When ants have been tortured, and the treatment with chemicals at home is unacceptable (if a child lives in the house, a pet or someone from the household is allergic), then you can use ultrasonic repeller. The device produces ultrasonic waves of various frequencies that insects cause great discomfort. As a result, forcing them to leave the lived-in area. The range of such devices is within 200 m, which makes it possible to easily clean the house of a rather large area from pests.

Folk remedies

You can also bring ants folk remedies. Moreover, this method of struggle is safer and more affordable than the use of toxic substances.

Fragrant plants

Aromatic herbs will help drive the ants away. Perfectly cope with this leaves of tansy, sesame, bitter wormwood, lavender or mint. If ants crawl into the house, you should lay out the elements of fresh or dried plants at the threshold, on the windowsill and in the corners,and insects will no longer disturb.

On a note!

It will also get rid of black ants with the scent of red or black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric and even strongly smelling detergents. The smell of poured spices in the habitats of pests will cause insects to leave the house. For these purposes, also suitable citric acid or baby talc.

Boric acid

Safe for humans boric powder is the strongest poison for hymenoptera. It can be scattered as an independent means, and in combination with jam, honey or sugar. Due to the fact that ants are big sweet teeth, the latter option will be more effective.

No less effective against ant potato balls. They are made from boiled potatoes, eggs, boric acid and sugar. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and form small lumps, like walnuts. The poison is laid out near the ant nests and trails.

On a note!

When applied boron powder It is necessary to limit the access of insects to water.

Home remedies for ants
Home remedies for ants

Minced meat bait

Good for helping meat from ants bait. Its basis is minced and borax.The mixture of these components is laid out where ants are most often found.


Yeast - This is the best tool used by the people against ants. Yeast mixed with jam and water has the effect of a time bomb. The mixture is poured into small containers, and placed near the anthill.


Ants also do not smell vinegar. It is enough to regularly wash the floors in the house with vinegar, and the ants will not start there. Often vinegar is used in the garden.

Essential oils

Excellent ant protection is essential oils. The aroma of eucalyptus, mint or lavender is very scares pests. It is enough to drop a few drops of water into the water and spray the whole house with a solution so that the insects are gone.


Another unique recipe for pest control is the use of semolina or ants millet. The croup is poured right into the ant dwelling. By hammering in all the exits, it forces the insects to leave the territory of the house they like.

In order to permanently get rid of the ant colony at home, you should use the services of pest control services. Fast disposal of pests is subject only to real professionals.

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