Absolut from ants

Absolute ant products are designed to combat domestic and garden ants. They allow in the shortest possible time to get rid of uninvited guests. The preparations are available in the form of an insecticidal gel and bait, as a result of which they have a different method of application.


The Abs gel from ants is a transparent or light-brown mass of viscous consistency with a pleasant smell. The basis of the drug is chlorpyrifos - an insecticide that adversely affects the body of insects.The poison in the intestine causes the death of the insect. If the remains ants if his congeners eat it, then the same fate awaits them. As a result, a single ant family can die from a single drop of gelatinous gel.

Absolut from ants
Absolut from ants

Often on the Internet you can find positive reviews about the Absolute gel of people who have time to evaluate the effectiveness of the tool. And this is understandable, because the drug has a lot of advantages. Efficiency and profitability are its main advantages. Equally important, the Absolute gel is of low toxicity, but this does not mean that toxic substances are completely safe for human health and pets. Therefore, when working with the drug should observe precautions.

Another positive aspect of the tool is an easy way to use. The instructions for use indicate that the mass is applied in two-centimeter segments every 3 cm. With this method of coating, one tube is enough to process a small one-room apartment, the area of ​​which does not exceed 30 square meters. m

The tool is available in tubes of 125 ml worth between 260-270 rubles, there are also tubes of 30 g, which cost from 110 rubles.


The Abs bait from ants is produced by the manufacturer in an encapsulated form with helium or powder chlorpyrifos.

The tool has a principle of action, similar to other on the market bait. The aroma of delicacy attracts ant workers. The ants who have tasted the treats become infected with poison, after which they return to the colony and distribute its microparticles among their fellows. The maximum effect when using Absolute capsules can be seen after 2 weeks. In order to prevent re-treatment after 1.5 months.

Lure Absolute from ants
Lure Absolute from ants

One blister contains 2 closed capsules. You can buy the drug in a specialty store or order it online. Its cost varies between 100-120 rubles.

The principle of using capsules Absolute is quite simple. After opening the sealed packaging they are placed in an apartment or house in places where insects are most often found, or near the anthill.


I was pleasantly surprised by the result of using the bait Absolute in the apartment. Despite the low cost of funds, the effect struck at 100% - the ants did not. Recommend.

Stas, Petrozavodsk

Ants in the country so fertile that they filled all the kitchen furniture and even the bed - almost got into my mouth. On the advice of a neighbor, I purchased Absolute gel. I cleaned the kitchen and the bedroom around the perimeter and didn’t meet any pest on the next weekend. A unique tool: effective and does not have a specific smell. Now I am advertising him to all my friends.

Gennady, Sochi

If you could not find the Absolute on sale, review of the best ant products will help you choose the best option.

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