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The appearance of many housewives in the household ants takes them by surprise. Everyone who is faced with such a problem is wondering where and how insects got into the house, and most importantly, how to get them out now. Considering the peculiarity of insects, which consists in that only working individuals move on the surface, and the uterus providing a colony with eggs does not leave the nest; Kombat from ants will help to cope with such a task.

Product Features Combat

Products Kombat ant is produced by the Korean company Henkel. Preparations are in great demand not only among our compatriots, but also among residents of other countries, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of Combat. After all, the means of this line have a lot of advantages:

  • A simple method of use - the use of drugs does not require additional preparation or preparation of solutions. Means fully prepared for use.
  • The high level of effectiveness of Combat agents is achieved thanks to the insecticidal components contained in them.
  • Safety - substances toxic to pests are practically non-hazardous to human health. Once in the intestines of insects, the poison affects their digestive and nervous systems, resulting in death. ants.
  • Affordable cost is an important nuance that many people pay attention to.

Kinds of means

Ant ant
Ant ant

Henkel products are available in two variations: as an aerosol and as a Combat trap.

Spray can

Kombat aerosol is based on permethrin and tetramethrin. The tool refers to the drugs of the third class of danger, in connection with which it is completely safe for human health and pets.However, precautionary measures are still to be observed: before carrying out the treatment, it is necessary to remove products, hygiene items, as well as bedding, children's things and toys.

On a note!

Another advantage of the spray is a pleasant aroma. Therefore, during processing, there will be no inconvenience.

The aerosol is sprayed at a distance of 0.2 m not only in the places of movement of the ants. The instructions for use indicate that an insecticide solution should be used to treat all hard-to-reach slits (for this, a flexible nozzle is provided in the kit), as well as places of possible occurrence of pests. At the end of the process should leave the room for at least 2 hours. To completely get rid of antsafter 2 weeks should be repeated processing.

Kombat spray is available in bottles of 500 ml, the cost of which is about 450 rubles.


Insect Trap Combat
Insect Trap Combat

Kombat trap from ants is a structure that has a sticky base. Due to this, the product can be fastened even to a vertical surface. Traps establish near ant nests, and also where pests most often move.The smell of the bait inside the trap attracts the attention of insects. Having entered such a house, the ant will taste the prepared treat, which contains an insecticidal substance (hydramethylnon). The consequence of this "feast" is the inevitable death of insects.

On a note!

The manufacturer guarantees complete destruction of pests using the Kombat trap for 3 months. However, in practice, an effective result can be observed already in 3-5 weeks.

One package worth about 300-400 rubles contains 4 traps.


Ant grass various effective meanshowever, after a while they appeared again. But the aerosol Kombat smog clean the apartment from pests just two treatments. And then I did the repetition in order to prevent (as the manufacturer advises).

Galina, Zhytomyr

Ants are missing in the house thanks to the Kombat traps. Awesome stuff - no smell, no dust, completely safe, and besides, quite accessible. Recommend.

Yury, Kislovodsk

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