Ants muracid

Ants muracid
Ants muracid

Ants on the garden plot are frequent guests. They not only loosen and fertilize the soil, but also breed aphids. Muratsid from garden ants can help solve the problem. The tool is inexpensive and effectively deals with insects from the first application.


The active ingredient of the drug is diazinon. It affects digestion ants and causes their death the very next day after application. The advantages of poison Muracid ant are:

  1. Inexpensive price - 25 rubles per pack.
  2. Low consumption. The solution is enough to process up to twenty anthills.
  3. Short time action.
  4. High efficiency.

It is a toxic substance that does not affect soil composition and plant growth. It does not need to be used often - the only treatment is enough to get rid of ants in the garden for a whole month.


In my garden there are five anthills. They were small, so I spread only one ampoule of Muracid. The next day, the pests completely disappeared. Two months later, a new settlement “grew up” on the site. But I already knew that the struggle with him would not be long and painful.

Lidia Ivanovna, Tambov

Poison can be used in enclosed spaces and apartments. To do this, get dry matter, which is mixed with bait.

How to apply

Instructions for use states that one ampoule must be diluted in 10 liters of water. There are 3-4 drops of a chemical per liter.

On a note!

If the garden is a small ant settlement, then there is no need to use the entire drug. The ampoule has a convenient dispenser that can measure the right amount of substance. The rest should be tightly closed and removed to a place inaccessible to children and animals.

Ants nest is watered with Muracid. On one average settlement should use about two liters of solution.Poison envelops the house of pests and does not allow them to crawl out. In contact with the active substance, insects die. The next day all the inhabitants of the anthill will die out, including womb and larvae.


If you want to kill ants in the apartment, then sugar is mixed with Muratsid and the composition is filled into the slit. Ants eat poison with sweet bait.

The reviews on Muracide are positive, but success depends on the accuracy of the instructions. If the ant colony is impressive, then you should use 5 liters of the prepared solution. The diluted drug can not be stored.

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