Ant remedy Anteater instruction and reviews

Ant traps and aerosols are not always effective. They destroy only the working individuals and do not touch the uterus with the larvae. Drugs that are processed anthill, can get rid of pests in one day. Such an agent is the Anteater. Before using it, you should find out what instruction manual for the Ant-Eater CE and Super Anteater.


Ant Ants allows you to quickly destroy pests in the garden and in the apartment.An ant that has been in contact with a substance becomes infectious. It poisons other individuals and causes their death.

Poison Anteater is available in bottles of different sizes:

  • 10 ml;
  • 50 ml;
  • ampoule 1 ml.

The product can also be purchased in powder, which can be conveniently mixed with bait. This mixture is used in enclosed spaces, houses, apartments. Called poison Anteater Super.

On a note!

The poison should be stored in a dark place from +5 to + 35 ° C. Keep it away from small children and pets.

Ant anthrax
Ant anthrax

The active ingredient diazinon from ants eliminates as follows:

  • enters the bloodstream and begins to act on the insect's nervous system;
  • the ant begins to experience cramps;
  • death soon comes from suffocation.

Ant dies within a few minutes after contact with a poisonous substance.

A person can observe how after the application of the Anteater the individuals become too active. They run around in a panic and do not know what to do - to save the larvae and the queen or run away. Soon the insects slow down and they die.


If a anthill located in an apartment or under stones, it is best to use granules. In dry form, the Anteater destroys insects that are difficult to reach.Apply the remedy as follows:

  1. At the cottage or garden plot, the pellets are laid out in dry and calm weather near the colony and ant paths.
  2. Indoors, disperse the substance in places where insects accumulate or make a paste of poison and water, which should be placed on ant paths.

Dry granules should be replaced when they become dirty.

If the product is purchased in a bottle, then a solution is prepared from it. For 10 liters of water you need to take one ampoule. The poison is dissolved in one liter of water, and then the volume of liquid is gradually brought to the required volume.

On a note!

Use of the agent should begin when the entire ant family is in the collection. This is the morning (before 10 am) or evening (after 6 pm) hours.

Use of the drug Anteater
Use of the drug Anteater

An anteater from garden ants will help if you dig up a nest before finding pupae that look like rice grains. The solution is poured into the ant house. An anthill after treatment is buried with earth.

When processing should observe the precautions:

  1. Do not spray with plant roots and seeds.
  2. Do not use the substance near water.
  3. Protect hands and face during the procedure.

Insecticide is used for strawberry bushes, strawberries, potatoes and plants that are in the growth stage.


Anteater can exterminate pests and not be afraid to harm the soil. It does not affect earthworms, does not accumulate in the soil, preserves all microorganisms. But the advantages of this means are not the end:

  1. Insecticide kills ants for three days.
  2. Effective in the form of a solution and in the form of granules.
  3. One ampoule is enough to destroy from 5 to 10 anthills.
  4. Can apply on the summer cottage and in an enclosed space.
  5. Does not harm birds, animals and bees.
  6. Safe for plants.

Another advantage of the drug is its price. A large bottle costs 135 rubles, the average - 50 rubles. The cost of one ampoule is 15 rubles.


I did not dare for a long time fight ants in the garden. She was afraid to spoil the soil and harm the birds. But the consultant in the store persuaded me to try the drug Anteater. I spread it according to the instructions, unearthed an anthill and filled it with poison. After a couple of minutes, the substance worked - the insects became slow and sluggish.

Elena, Tyumen

I didn’t manage to defeat the ants from the first treatment - it was too big a nest. The next day, in the morning, I spread a fresh batch of Anteater and filled the colony. A couple of days in the garden pests disappeared. The remedy did not affect the plants. Everything continues to grow and bring a good harvest.

Nikolay, Novokuznetsk

Anteater reviews are mostly positive. The drug quickly acts on insects and completely destroys the entire colony. For a little money, he cleans the garden plot and the garden from pests. If the use of chemistry in residential premises is not possible, to get rid of the ants in the apartment will help folk remedies.

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