Lure for ants

Effective ant baits
Effective ant baits

The ants in the apartment spoil the food and things, and in the garden they plant an aphid that sucks the sap from the plants. Help fight insects traps. For each need a bait for ants. After all, just so the pests do not get there.

Boric acid bait

Boric acid widely used in the fight against various pests. The substance is able to destroy the ant colony. The most common recipes are:

  1. A teaspoon of the product is mixed with melted honey or a piece of sugar.Small pieces of bread are dipped into the syrup.
  2. Raw and fresh stuffing is mixed with two tablespoons of boric acid. Pea-sized balls roll out of the mixture.

Means is displayed in the cracks and places of pest accumulation. You can do it for black ants and domestic.


Substance causes paralysis and death. If another arthropod decides to eat poisoned insects, it will also die.

Yeast use

Bait: yeast and syrup is quite effective, and it can be done at home. Yeast should be taken dry, not expired. Brand of the product does not matter.

On a note!

On 1 teaspoon should be taken 4 teaspoons of sweet water.

Lure is being prepared in several stages:

  1. Prepare sugar syrup from 50 ml of liquid and 50 g of sugar.
  2. It is mixed with dry yeast.
  3. Sticky mixture is applied to cardboard, paper or board.

Syrup will cook faster if you use powdered sugar. Instead, you can take liquid or melted honey.


The substance causes excessive gas formation. This becomes the cause of the death of living creatures.

Shop lures

On the summer cottage It is better to use bait for industrial ants. They allow you to destroy a large number of different pests. Purchased products are poisonous and have a pleasant aroma that attracts members of the ant family. The most popular brands of lures for ants:

Plus store poisons that ants spread the tool throughout the colony. Thanks to this, even those individuals who do not leave their home are destroyed.

Before you decide what bait to make or buy, you should determine the location of the nest. After all destroy the ants can only by destroying anthill and killing the queen. To overcome insects fail, if you only fight with working members.

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