Means raptor ant

The most effective and popular means against the "red aliens" is the raptor of ants, which helps simultaneously from cockroaches, bedbugs and mosquitoes. With the help of this drug, it is possible to destroy insects in a fairly short time.

Harm from house ants

Red antswhich is also called pharaoh antsThey live only at home, eating what they find in the house. Anthill, similar to what forest insects do, they do not build, but live in nests. Their colonies settle in the ceilings between the floors, in the crevices of the floor, in the ventilation aisles and other places within the premises.

You can find them on the ant-paths that pave insects from their nests to places with food or their waste: near the sugar bowl, jars of jam, near kitchen cabinets, near the bin.

On a note!

Due to the fact that ants visit various places, incl. and trash can, they can become carriers of harmful microbes, collecting them among the waste products. therefore fighting ants in an apartment or house should be carried out immediately after their detection.

Means in the fight against insects

Raptor funds release form
Raptor funds release form

Ant remedy Raptor is an innovative chemical product containing components that are not dangerous to humans and animals, but effectively affect the nervous system of ants.

It is produced in several forms:

  • The granules containing the toxin, which, after being transferred by the ants on the paws to the nest and entering their digestive tract, affect the insects' nervous system, causing paralysis and death.
  • Gel - is applied by applying to the places of stay and ant paths; when ingested, the insect helps to destroy it.
  • Traps, aerosols and fluids with fumigators that are used to scare away flying insects.

Means Raptor has a wide range and high impact in the fight against domestic pests and insects.

Impact of Raptor Pellets

Raptor granules
Raptor granules

The Raptor granules from ants contain in their composition the substance attractant, which lures insects with a special smell, and then using insecticide fipronil acts on them poisonously. After contact with the agent, the ants either taste it or carry it on their paws to the nest. Eight hours after the poisonous substance got into their body, a strong stimulation of the nervous system was observed, which leads to paralysis and death.

Granular Raptor can be used to control pests not only in the house, but also in greenhouses or on the garden plot summer cottageIt is applied in two ways:

  • Dry, falling asleep in the cracks, cracks in the floor and near the baseboards, the place of accumulation and movement of ants. It is better to do this in dry weather, in the absence of wind, in the morning or evening, the flow rate is determined by the area of ​​the room or area: 10 g per m2.
  • In the form of a solution, for the preparation of which 10 granules are taken for 0.5 l of water, the solution is used to treat the shower, bath, toilet, or spill it in small portions in order to entice pests.

The duration of the Raptor after treatment with a solution or the sleeping of the granules is 2 months.

Another popular type of means Raptor - traps containing poison fipronil with the addition of honey for luring insects. Ant traps they are convenient in that they do not give access to the poison to their pets, and the ants freely climb there and use the poisoned bait.

Gel Raptor Ant

Gel Raptor Ant
Gel Raptor Ant

The basis of the action of any gel is its ability to lure pests with smell. The raptor gel from ants and cockroaches works in such a way that insects, attracted by the delicious aroma of vanilla and apricot, come to feast on, and also carry on the paws particles of the gel to the nest, where other residents and ant uterus. The toxic substance acts on the eggs, of which new individuals will not hatch anymore.

On a note!

It is necessary to use the gel in small portions: with the help of a thin spout, the tool can be applied with small strokes at the places where the ants follow and where they are concentrated, and even in the most inaccessible corners of the room. Usually, the treatment is done in the kitchen, bathroom, around the bin and ventilation, near the washbasin and toilet.

The amount of poison is specifically designed so that the ants have time to bring it to their colony to the rest of the inhabitants, which will lead to mass poisoning of pests. The validity of the Raptor in the form of a gel is 2-4 weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages of Raptor-gel

The advantages of the gel compared with other forms of Raptor:

  • The gel has a high concentration of a toxic substance, therefore it acts more effectively on all kinds of ants;
  • after application, poisonous components are active for a longer period than Raptor in granules;
  • the tube with the tool has a thin nose that will allow to apply the substance in hard-to-reach places of the room;
  • the product is easily washed off, after which no traces remain on the surface.

Gel Disadvantages:

  • the effect of the drug is not immediately felt, so the ants can multiply greatly in a short period of time;
  • Pets can come to the sweet smell, so you will have to keep them out of the room where the Raptor is used, so that they cannot lick and poison it.


If pets lick or eat the Raptor, this will lead to digestive disorders, but will not cause the death of the animal.

Precautionary measures

The use of drugs Raptor
The use of drugs Raptor

Like any ant chemicalWhen applying the Report, you should observe the following precautions:

  • avoid contact with the skin of the drug;
  • in case of accidental contact with eyes or skin, rinse with water;
  • after using the product, wash hands with soap and water;
  • Keep the raptor away from food, children and pets.


Reviews of the Raptor, as a popular remedy for various insects, indicate its high efficiency.

When i have there are ants in the housethen at first I was not even scared. But then, when I began to find them in a teapot, then in sugar, I decided to get it sorted out as soon as possible.In the store I was advised to buy Raptor gel. At home, I processed all the places and paths I visited. Within a few days, the remedy helped, and now I have no trace of them left in my house, but there is still a half of the gel left in the gel, it may be useful.

Irina, Moscow

I bought the Raptor in the form of granules and applied it in bulk, pushing it in the slots in the floor and baseboards, poured around the trash can and in the bath. I have no animals at home, so no one else could eat them. The remedy helped, all the ants gradually disappeared.

Valery, Tula

The Raptor helped me, but not completely. I had a lot of red small ants in my apartment, poisoned them with granules, diluted in water. Now there are fewer of them, but there are some instances, I will still be hitting something extra.

Olesya, Smolensk

At first tried different folk methods for extermination of ants, but I realized that modern insects do not take grass. On the advice of a friend bought Raptor gel and put it in strokes on the walls and places near the trash and ventilation. After a couple of days, the ants are gone, so the chemistry is still more effective.

Tatyana, Kiev

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