Ash from the ants on the site

Ash against ants
Ash against ants

Garden ants do a lot of damage. They plant on plants aphids, which destroys young leaves and stems. Ash has been used against ants for a long time. It destroys pests, fertilizes the soil and protects plants from diseases and fungus.

How to use

If shish kebab gatherings are scheduled, then it is worth getting around the whole garden at lunch time. It is necessary to notice in what places were formed anthillsin the evening to destroy them.

Charcoal, which will remain after the holiday, must be collected and spilled hot on ant nests. Before this, the anthill is worth digging.

On a note!

We need to act quickly so that the frightened insects do not have time to scatter and save their the queen.

Apply fresh ash from the ants on the plot, in the garden and in the garden. It is necessary to take it hot, then it will destroy insects and block access of air to the passages.

Ash decoction

Ash from the ants in the garden is used as a decoction. It protects planting from insects and kills the breeding aphids.

There are several recipes for ash decoctions:

  1. For five liters of hot water take 1.5 kg of sifted funds. Infusion is kept in a dark place for 48 hours, and then filter and add 40 g of soap. Liquid is used to combat aphids, which ants bred.
  2. Three hundred grams of ash diluted with boiling water and kept on low heat for 30 minutes. Then the product is diluted with water to 10 liters and 40 g of soap is added there. Leaves and young stems are sprayed with a solution to prevent them from starting. aphid and ants.

It helps ash from various diseases, and it also scares away the ubiquitous foragers from trees and greenery.


To prevent the ants from attacking the beds, prevention should be done. In this case, too, you can rely on the ashes.

Around the bushes with flowers dig a shallow channel and poured there pounded substance. From above everything is filled up with fresh earth. Pests are afraid of ash and do not gnaw buds.

On a note!

Tobacco powder is mixed with dry powder. Substrate powder onions, cabbage, radish.

Plants are sprayed with a decoction of coal. Some gardeners scatter means around the perimeter of everything suburban area or vegetable garden.


I have been using ash in the garden for a long time. I collect it and store it in closed buckets under a canopy. I prepare infusions from it, scatter in a dry form on beds with cucumbers. I cope with anthills with hot ashes. It destroys insects and does not allow them to build a new house.

Christina, Tyumen

My mother always used in the garden of ants ash. I thought that the method had become obsolete. After all, so many things are invented now. But it turned out that the substance effectively fights pests and does not poison the plants.

Lida, Tambov

This folk remedy is very popular among gardeners. It fertilizes seedlings and helps get rid of numerous pests. Hot tool destroys ant colonies. It is impossible to use ash in residential premises, but there are many popular ways to get rid of ants in an apartment or house.

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