How to deal with bark beetle in a wooden house

Bark beetle - A representative of the numerous order of pests that feed on wood.Insects settle in weakened living trees, destroying plantings. But often the beetle settles in wooden buildings, panels made of natural wood. Bark beetle can start in the furniture. A colony of beetles can turn a solid wooden structure into dust.

Brief description of the insect

The bark beetle is a nondescript insect, ranging in size from 1 mm to 9 mm. The bark beetle family includes about 140 species of beetles, common in Europe. In terms of its structure and food preferences, the pest is closest to weevils. The beetle is covered with a durable chitinous cover of black or dark brown color. In the photo, one of the most dangerous bark beetles is the typograph beetle.

Bark beetle
Bark beetle

Bark beetles get into the tree through a tiny 2 mm hole, and sexually mature insects will appear through the exit. Inside, they gnaw through a whole maze of moves, which is why it is so difficult to get the beetle out.


In the last century, massive outbreaks of bark beetle-typographers resulted in the death of large areas of forests. Beetles have food preferences. In the European part, they prefer conifers, but can also feed on wood from deciduous trees.Small species settle under the bark, larger ones penetrate deeply into the core.

The main part of the life of the beetle spends inside the trunks or logs. In addition to imago, insect larvae live in wood. The structure of the labyrinths that the beetles pierce through the wood is characteristic of each insect species. Inside are mating chambers, uterine and larval passages, egg and pupal cradles. All these cameras are connected by a complex, confusing system of moves. If they are found on fruit trees, they must be disposed of using various methods of struggle.

The presence of bark beetle is indicated by:

  • mud flour outside the inlet;
  • multiple small entrances to the inside of the trunk;
  • exfoliating bark;
  • drops of resin on living trees.

Another way to detect beetles is by ear. Is the bark beetle heard? In the affected houses you can hear a quiet rustle - it is the beetles gnawing passages in a dry tree. Slightly audible noise will help to find a place where a pest can dwell.

Bark beetle tracks
Bark beetle tracks

Various methods of fighting the bark beetle

If a bug is found in a residential, exploitable structure, then there are many methodshow to get rid of a bark beetle in a wooden house. The methods vary in complexity and efficiency and depend on the degree of contamination and the area that the beetles inhabit.

Derive bark beetles help:

  • chemical;
  • biological;
  • electromagnetic radiation;
  • mechanical methods of destruction.

Chemical method and popular tools

The most effective is the chemical method - it helps to get rid of both adult insects and their larvae a wooden house. Chemical means of bark beetle can handle a large area, without having to dismantle structures. The modern chemical industry produces a large assortment of bark beetles. Consider the basic, most popular insecticides.

Name of the remedyProcessing Method and ValidityAdvantages and disadvantages
Konfidor ExtraLive trees, furniture, wood panels, logs are treated with the prepared solution. Valid for 2-4 weeks.Destroys adult insects and larvae. Compatible with fungicides, insecticides. Requires multiple processing.
BI-58Spraying with a solution of fruit crops, green spaces, buildings and furniture.Valid for up to 3 weeks.Destroys a wide range of pests, imago and larvae. Compatible with fungicides. Requires multiple processing.
NEOMID Stop BeetleDesigned for external and internal processing. Valid for 2-3 weeks.Destroys adult insects and larvae. High penetrating ability, does not prevent further work with wood. Re-processing is required.
AntisheckelineEffective when extrusion moves. Can be used both outside the house and inside. Valid for more than 4 weeks.Eliminates the emergence of resistant forms. Does not react with varnish, paint. Does not damage the surface of the furniture
ClipperProcessing by spraying or impregnating with a solution of furniture, wooden buildings, scaffolding. Valid for 2-3 weeks.Destroys adult insects and larvae. High penetrating power, does not prevent further work with wood
SenezhInsaImpregnation of all types of wood, home constructions, furniture, garden trees. Valid up to 30 years.High penetrating ability, does not prevent further work with wood. Untreated wood gives a greenish color.

Among the mentioned insecticides, the drug Senezh from the bark beetle is the most popular. The above list of anti-bark beetle products will help you choose the insecticide you need. These insecticides can not only effectively deal with the bark beetle in the house, but are also used to prevent infection. Treating trees from bark beetle, grapes, and berry bushes is possible with the help of these means, since they are non-toxic to humans. All types of bark beetles should die.

Chemical agents, for all their effectiveness, are hazardous to health if used without protective equipment or if they are diluted incorrectly. Therefore, methods for the destruction of bark beetles that are safe for humans are being developed.

Biological means of killing beetles

Bark beetle traps
Bark beetle traps

Effective protection against bark beetle - pheromone trap. It can be used to control the number of beetles inside a wooden house, a summer house, in large timber warehouses, in forestry, parks and gardens. On sale there are pheromone traps Barrier 500. Pheromone-soaked bait is placed in the dispenser. The downside isthat the trap is only effective against adult insects during the summer. The bait needs to be changed, and the dispenser must be periodically cleaned from insects caught inside. Trap safe, environmentally friendly tool.


Placing a pheromone trap in the house, there is a risk to attract bark beetles from the outside. Pheromones are able to act on beetles within a radius of 7 km. Most often, traps are used to combat the pest on a large (more than 10 hectares) area. The use of traps in urban environments contributes to the appearance of bark beetles in parks and suburban dachas.

Bark beetle in a wooden house gives a lot of problems. The destruction of the bark beetle with the help of antiferomonic agents has fewer disadvantages than the previous method. Their smell frightens off the pests, since the substances are similar to the large insect colonies emitted and report that the territory is occupied, there is no more food. Antiferomonas funds can be used indoors. The destruction of a bark beetle in a garden or forest is effective if antiferomones are combined with insecticide injections.

Electromagnetic radiation from pests

To protect the wooden house from the bark beetle will help wood processing with the help of special installations emitting high-frequency electromagnetic waves.They are able to influence biological objects, like a microwave oven, by killing adults, larvae and eggs. The disadvantage is that it is necessary to accurately know the location of the bark beetle and monitor the degree of surface heating, avoiding charring. You will also have to dismantle the construction of a wooden house, freeing it from metal fasteners.

Microwave against bark beetle
Microwave against bark beetle

Mechanical pest removal

You can fight and the radical method in which the damaged part of the timber is cut out and burned. The disadvantages are obvious:

  • you need to be sure that the adjacent sections of the logs or boards are not infected;
  • integrity of the structure is damaged;
  • possible only with a local lesion and in the initial stage.

The most used method of processing buildings made of wood, furniture is fumigation or aeration. Gas enters the passages, destroying the larvae and imago, pupae and insect eggs. You can handle large areas of storage facilities, a wooden house, an apartment.

Fumigation is carried out using a highly toxic gas phosphine or magtoxin. The gas penetrates deep into the structure of the tree, through a plastic film.The outer surface of the house is treated, covering the building with a special dome.


The method of fumigation and aeration cannot be applied independently. Processing should be handled by experts. Gas is poisonous not only for insects, but also constitutes a danger to warm-blooded animals, including humans.

The listed methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Among the most significant drawbacks - toxicity, the need for periodic additional processing, high cost. Many methods cannot be used independently in a wooden house, therefore folk remedies against bark beetle continue to be very popular.

Folk pest control methods

Than to process wood to protect it for a long time and safely for tenants, the national methods of destruction of beetles will help to solve. The easiest ways to get rid of the bark beetle are:

  • impregnation with hot linseed oil followed by painting the surface;
  • process surfaces with a mixture of kerosene (1 part) with turpentine (3 parts). The mixture, using a syringe, is poured into the passages;

    Remedies for the bark beetle
    Remedies for the bark beetle
  • scalding with boiling water. It is used if the appearance is not important.The method can not guarantee the complete destruction of pests.


Low temperatures can destroy pests. But frost can not affect the beetles that have penetrated deep into the tree mass. Therefore, the temperature method does not justify itself.

Fighting a bark beetle in a wooden house with the help of these methods will be incomplete, if you do not recall the most accessible and popular tool. Dichlorvos from bark beetles will help to poison pests and protect the house.

When processing a wooden house, a caulker is removed from the cracks, the ceiling is freed from insulation. The floor, ceiling, doors, walls must be cleaned of contamination and coatings that will block access to the composition deep inside.

After processing, the exits are caulked with sealants or silicone, and the top is covered with varnish or paint.

Prevention of infection by bark beetle

Prevention is the best method of fighting a bark beetle in a wooden house. What wood does not bark beetle start? The answer is one - in processed with special bioprotective substances. Prevention needs to begin before construction begins, choosing the lumber to build a house:

  • ask the supplier about the availability and processing method;
  • carefully check the logs and boards for the presence of outlets;
  • for prevention, periodically, wooden surfaces should be treated with insecticide, covered with protective substances;
  • promptly remove infected parts of wooden parts;
  • prevent rotting of the wood and accumulation of moisture;
  • Furniture protection is provided by bio-impregnation. Furniture lacquer does not allow bugs to penetrate the tree, and the remaining larvae and eggs will die.

The house from a log is popular because of environmental friendliness, low heat conductivity, availability of material. In order for the structure to please the owners for many years, timely processing from the bark beetle is necessary, and in case of infection it is necessary to know how to remove the bark beetle.

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