What to do if a bee bit

With the advent of the first sun rays, representatives of the insect kingdom are waking up. Together with flies and mosquitoes, wasps fly out of their shelters, wasps, bumblebees and bees.They also like humans are attracted to flowering plants. In this connection, many people suffer from the attacks of stinging insects. Moreover, both the bite of a wild bee and a beekeeper living in a beehive are dangerous. The body can react to a bee sting in different ways, ranging from a slight swelling and ending with loss of consciousness when anaphylactic shock occurs. This article will tell you what to do in such situations and how to help the victim to prevent complications.

Who bit

Before talking about providing assistance, you should find out the person stung by a bee or wasp, as the number of manipulations necessary in such cases may differ. Wasps are more aggressive. This behavior of insects is due to the possibility of stinging their prey repeatedly, without harming themselves in such cases. In addition, waspid poison acts much faster than bee.

On a note!

Bees are less aggressive than wasps, and attack a person only if they protect their nest. And it will take seriously to work to annoy the insect. After taking a bite, the female is killedleaving a harpoon-shaped sting in the victim's body.As a result, there is a swelling and redness after a bee sting or a wasp. The reason for this is the poison contained in a special tank located at the end of the sting. When ingested toxic composition of the human body begins to actively deal with it. The result is that there is an inflammatory process, accompanied by negative consequences.

What a bee sting looks like

Bee sting
Bee sting

Evidence that a human has been bitten by a bee is the following symptoms:

  • The presence of a sting. Notches, which are at the end of the spikes, contribute to the fact that the "poisoned spear" can be long in the body of the victim. During this period, poisonous constituents enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.
  • The bite site may turn red and swollen, and blanching of the skin is also observed in the damage zone. Such changes in the epidermis are observed even in people who do not have a tendency to allergies. Moreover, how much a tumor lasts after a bee sting will largely depend on how long the sting has been in the body of the victim.
  • The appearance in the affected area of ​​swelling. This reaction is particularly active in people with allergies.In this connection, they have a high probability of development of angioedema, the consequence of which becomes difficulty in breathing and heart palpitations. In the absence of timely medical care in such situations, the result can be fatal.
  • The pain and burning sensation in the lesion is another sign that a person has been bitten by a bee. The longer the poison spreads through the victim's body, the more the unpleasant symptoms will be felt. They can be reduced only by extracting sting.

In the photo of the bee sting below, you can more clearly see what the damaged place looks like.

On a note!

It is especially necessary to know how a bee sting looks, to parents of small children, since not every baby is able to explain the real reason for his crying. After all, many children perceive the bright color of the bee for a harmless bug.

About the consequences

Many people who have encountered such a problem often wonder if a bee’s bite can cause a fever. The consequences of a person’s bee sting are individual for each person; they can be expressed not only in the form of fever, but also weakness, as well as headache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.Anaphylactic shock is the most severe and unpredictable state, and the stinging insect bite is dangerous. All these manifestations allergic reactionIt is she who is the answer to the question why the bite is itchy.

Assist or what to do with a bee sting

Often affected by the attacks of a stinging insect, people are faced with the question of what to do if a bee bit. After all, the affected limb can not only turn red, but also swell, but the opportunity to contact a medical institution is not always there. But it should be remembered that it is on the correctness and literacy of action depends on the further well-being of the victim.

Finding the above symptoms in humans, it is important not to panic, but to act decisively and competently. First aid for a bee sting includes the following activities.

Sting extract

The first step in this situation is to extract the sting. After all, the longer the toxic substance is present in the human body, the more its body will be affected. To get the "poison pike", you must use a pair of tweezers, which must first be disinfected with alcohol.


Do not try to remove the sting with your fingers. It is also contraindicated to rub or scratch the lesion, since such actions will only exacerbate the situation and create the possibility of infection.

Damage processing

The next step is disinfection of the damaged area. In order to process it, use alcohol, a weak solution of manganese or hydrogen peroxide. This will help relieve swelling and pain from a bee sting. After applying a disinfectant, a cold is applied to the affected area, which will help to reduce pain.

On a note!

You can not compress or smear with alcohol 95 degrees fresh wound, a consequence of this may be a burn of the skin. Mass fraction of alcohol should not exceed 70%.

Plentiful Drink

An important nuance is drinking. Receiving a sufficient amount of liquid in any form will help the speedy removal of toxic components from the body.

Reception antiallergic drugs

Bite allergy treatment
Bite allergy treatment

Antihistamine medication will help relieve the itch of a bee sting, as well as prevent the development of serious complications.Bee sting pills are required for people with allergies. In the case of the development of an acute reaction in a victim, medical assistance is obligatory, because for allergic people the chance to die from a bee sting is large enough.

To prevent the development of complications of the victim, it is necessary to lay and cover with a blanket or use warm heaters. To prevent the development of shock in the absence of the necessary medicines will help receive Diphenhydramine.


You should not try to squeeze out the poison or rub the bite. In this way, it will not be possible to solve the problem, but there is a great chance that the wound will be able to fester.

You can not treat a bee sting by taking alcoholic beverages. They will only contribute to the spread of toxic components and the retention of fluid, the result of which will be dehydration.

You should also take into account where the bee made the bite. It is less dangerous if an insect is stung in the leg, arm or finger. Much more serious if the bite is applied to the head, ear or forehead. Particularly dangerous are the attacks of flower pollinators in lip, neck or tongue. Ingestion of venom in such places contributes to difficulty breathing and the development of powerful edema.Therefore, you can not hesitate in such situations, you should urgently give the victim an antihistamine and call an ambulance. No less dangerous if a bee bit the eye. Need to know what action to take.

It is especially important to take the necessary action in a timely manner if the child has suffered from a bee sting. Since in the warm period the likelihood of such situations occurring is quite high while eating ice cream or drinking carbonated drinks. A bee can be a pet. It is advisable to always have disinfectants in the house if the bee bit the dog or cat.

Bee sting treatment at home

Allergy Medicines
Allergy Medicines

To relieve the bite, or rather to reduce the sensations of pain that accompany it, will help receiving local anesthetic drugs. Such a cure for a bee sting should contain hydrocortisone, pramoxin or lidocaine.

  1. In order to reduce swelling, it is necessary to take an antiallergic drug from a bee sting. An example of this could be Zodiac or Tsetrin, Suprastin is also effective when a bee sting. Repeated intake of drugs is carried out before bedtime.If the puffiness does not subside within 3 days, you must take Dimedrol or Pipolfenol in combination with Analgin.
  2. Good effect gives activated charcoal when bitten by a bee, it contributes to the removal of allergens from the body. The drug is drunk at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight.
  3. The wound will not itch if you use Gistan or Fenistil with a bee sting. Gel preparations have antiallergic action: reduce puffiness and relieve itching. Bee sting ointment is applied directly to the affected area twice a day.
  4. Good help from the bite of bees compress from aspirin and activated carbon. It is especially good if the puffiness does not subside for a long time. To relieve swelling after a bee sting every other day, it is necessary to dissolve one tablet of each preparation in 100 g of water. Soak the cotton pad with the resulting compound and apply it to the lesion for a few minutes.
  5. If it is not possible to remove the swelling on the second day, or the neoplasm becomes purulent, then it is mandatory to consult a doctor.

Folk treatment

Folk recipes from bee sting
Folk recipes from bee sting

You can also use folk remedies for a bee sting,which differ in availability and low cost:

  • Parsley. Quickly remove the tumor from the bite of a bee capable of sprigs of parsley. 2 tbsp. l crushed raw materials need to pour 200 g of water, bring the mixture to a boil, the cooled infusion obtained is used for compresses.
  • Soda. When a bee sting, you must attach a slurry of soda. Relief will be noticeable after 10-20 minutes.
  • Bow. To remove swelling, inflammation and pull out the poison will help onion juice. Such compresses are also effective when the bee sting festers.
  • Potatoes. If the leg is swollen from contact with a stinging insect, you must use raw potatoes. The washed potato is cut lengthwise and applied with a cut part to the affected area. To remove the tumor from the bite on the face, you need to chop the potatoes, and apply the resulting mass in the form of lotions.
  • Aloe. If the hand is swollen in contact with the pollinator of flowers, to remove swelling and speed up the healing process will help all known aloe. It is enough to apply the healing pulp of the plant to the wound or to anoint it with juice. The procedure must be repeated every 10 minutes to get rid of pain.
  • Soap.If the tumor does not subside for a long time, the effect of the toxic composition can be reduced with the help of a pulp from laundry soap.
  • Garlic. The question of how to remove swelling from a bee sting does not arise if you use garlic immediately after removing the sting and treating the wound. It contributes to the disinfection of the damaged area and prevents the development of edema.
  • Sugar. Refine sugar is able to remove the tumor the next day. Attached a piece of sweetness not only pulls out the poison, but will also contribute to the rapid healing of the wound.
  • Vinegar is another good antidote to bee sting. Any acidic berry on hand will help cure a wound.

When attacking a stinging insect, it is important to remain calm. No need to try to drive off the offender, and especially seek to kill him. It is necessary to leave the territory of habitat of pollinators of flowers and to make treatment of a wound, according to the above described recommendations.

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