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Cockroach - the most unpleasant insect, settling in human habitation.It is not only disgusting in appearance, but also is a carrier of dangerous diseases: hepatitis, dysentery, helminthiasis, tuberculosis, etc. Getting rid of cockroaches is not so easy, but if you act in different directions, the war with insects can be won.

Scope of the problem

First of all, it is important to understand that cockroaches appear only where all conditions are created for them. Attractive for cockroaches dirty, cluttered homes with an abundance of food in the open access. Therefore, it is necessary to decide how to eliminate this, the most important, problem. Without deciding it, to achieve the disappearance of parasites is simply impossible.


Corroding cockroaches is not as difficult as preventing their subsequent appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to begin precisely with the prevention of relapses.

When deciding how to get the cockroaches out, the problem should not be considered on the scale of an apartment, but the whole house. An effective method of breeding will be only the simultaneous destruction of all the breeding grounds.

Once and for all get rid of cockroaches, you need to negotiate with their neighbors on the joint destruction. Minimum - bypass adjacent apartments. However, the best performance will be in the event that it will be possible to agree with the owners of apartments throughout the house.

Cockroaches in the house
Cockroaches in the house

It is advisable to jointly decide how the “household” floor will be treated from the parasites, if such is provided in a house.

With a strong infection of the apartments, it is necessary to jointly decide by what means it is preferable to poison insects.

Elimination of causes

The most important task is to render the premises inoperable from the point of view of the cockroach. If you can achieve this, it will be quite easy to get the cockroaches out.

What do you need to cockroaches no longer consider housing suitable for themselves? Follow some simple rules:

  • Always clean food in places inaccessible to insects, hermetically packing it;
  • At night, wipe the bath and sink dry, depriving the cockroaches of the necessary drink;
  • Carefully cleaned not only in prominent places, but also in the bedside tables, under the tables and the refrigerator;
  • Remove the trash so that cockroaches can not eat its contents.

Although these are very simple ways of fighting, homeowners with “sharing” rarely use them. As a result, they have to look for what to permanently remove cockroaches: purchased insecticides or folk remedies.

The destruction of a colony of cockroaches modern means

The time has come for a real war.Breed cockroaches can be a variety of ways, each of which takes a different time. Each of the means used requires a different approach.

Insecticides in aerosols.

Advantages - quick results, complete processing and total death of the parasites, with the right means. To see how to get cockroaches out forever, you need to resort to best tools.

Cockroach Sprays
Cockroach Sprays

The most famous and effective brands:

The disadvantages of such drugs can be considered a high price, sufficient laboriousness of the process, the need to leave the premises for all residents (be sure to take the child and pet away from the house - they can be very poisonous from insects).


“With cockroaches fought means Dohlos. The result is fast, but I had to send the dog to the country for a while so that it would not be poisoned by chemistry. ”

Irina, Voronezh

Using aerosol insecticides, it is necessary to spray the favorite places of cockroach accumulations, spray the product in the air, close the room and leave the apartment for a few hours.After returning home to thoroughly clean, ventilate, wet cleaning.

Gels, pencils, powder

These are the same insecticides, only released in a different form. Gels act a little longer, but when using them there is no need for owners to leave the apartment.

The following are the most effective remedies:

These drugs will not only help to quickly bring cockroaches at home, but are also completely safe for humans and pets. It is important that they are inexpensive, you can immediately get enough to handle all the premises.

So, acquiring a gel, you can get only 200 rubles, given the need to handle the entire apartment. It is much more profitable than using aerosols.


“They rented a flat with my husband and found that there were a lot of cockroaches in it. Destroy the parasites gel Globol. A month passed, no more cockroaches were seen. ”

Olga, Petrozavodsk

Each of the tools should be applied in different ways, they also act differently.The result of their use will appear only in a few days.

On a note! If you need to handle the inside of the refrigerator, microwave and other equipment, you should pay attention to the gels and pencils. Inflicting one lane means, you can see that after a while the cockroaches stopped appearing in the device.


Today in Moscow and other cities of the country special services poison cockroaches in the apartment. This option is quite expensive, so they cause disinsectors only in extreme cases, with a high infestation of housing by parasites. Specialists use stronger and toxic analogues of the above-described agents. As a result, insects disappear quickly and completely, but it is much more difficult to clean the room after specialized treatment. It is important to observe the safety of the apartment owners, since the means used by the disinsector are highly toxic.

One of the advantages of the method is that there is no need to think about how to get cockroaches out of an apartment at home, because the service destroys them completely, giving a guarantee for a certain period.

The negative side of calling specialists is the high price (from one and a half thousand for a one-room apartment) and the need for a long absence not only of homeowners,but also their pets: it is necessary to leave the apartment after treatment for at least a day.


"Cockroaches appeared with new unscrupulous neighbors. Independently poison the parasites did not. We decided to destroy the cockroaches by disinsector. It turned out expensive, but effective. Now we recommend everyone to trust the problem of insect extermination. ”

Oleg, Perm


Cockroach traps
Cockroach traps

Suitable in those cases if there are few cockroaches or their appearance is seasonal. Insects run on the bait scent, but inside the “house” they stick on special means and die. There are trapsin which the bait contains poison. Manufacturers of such funds promise that the poisoned cockroach will have time to get to their relatives and poison a significant part of them.

The method is very simple, inexpensive, but effective only with a small number of parasites.

On a note! It should be borne in mind that some traps are intended only for the destruction of ordinary Prusaks. Therefore, if the house has black or American species, you should resort to other means of struggle.

Folk means of killing cockroaches

This method of struggle is the least effective, but if there are few cockroaches, it may well help. Experts recommend using folk remedies in combination with industrial insecticides.

Oh, frost, frost

The reception is original, but very effective, especially in the northern parts of the country.

The mechanism of action is very simple: it is necessary to turn off the heaters, the heating system, open the windows and allow the housing to “freeze” well. If the temperature outside the window is below -12, it will take 5-6 hours to destroy not only the cockroaches themselves, but also all their deferred oteca. For greater reliability, it is better not to return to the apartment for 8-10 hours.

Advantages of the method are the ability to quickly and free to bring cockroaches, safety of animals and people.

There are, however, some disadvantages: if the apartment is heated, this method can damage pipes, radiators, heating and electrical appliances. For obvious reasons, this technique is available only in winter.

Boric acid

Boric acid
Boric acid

From cockroaches often use boric acidwhich is really detrimental to insects. A few simple recipes can even help with a large colony:

  1. Take the yolk of boiled eggs, mash with warm mashed potatoes, add 40 grams of boric acid. Thoroughly mix, roll the balls, spread out around the apartment. The tool is perfectly safe for animals and people.
  2. An equal amount of sugar, flour and boric mix, add water, knead the dough. Roll balls, spread out in the apartment.
  3. Sometimes acid dissolved in water and placed near a dry shell helps. In this method, the main thing is to drain other sources of water, forcing cockroaches to drink poison.
  4. Sometimes it is recommended to sprinkle with boric acid powder the places where cockroaches are most often observed: sink, baseboards, around the bin, ventilation.

    Attention! Some suggest that sodium salt or borax be used instead of boric acid. For people and animals, this tool is completely harmless, but deadly for parasites.


    “The cockroaches that appeared at my grandmother were fought with folk remedies. Lemon peels did not help us, but the boric acid balls coped with the task. ”

    Sergey, St. Petersburg

Citrus peel

Citrus Peel
Citrus Peel

Some argue that orange peel can repel insects from food, they smell unpleasant. After drying and spreading the crust of lemon or orange inside the tables, you can make the parasites not to touch the food.

Nevertheless, if you believe the reviews, the tool is not effective enough.


Being engaged in the fight against cockroaches can not be forgotten about the safety of the family and pets. Even non-toxic products can cause allergies or poisoning. To avoid such troubles, you must follow the rules:

  • Use aerosols only in empty rooms, after exposure carefully remove everything;
  • Gels and powders apply only in places where children and animals cannot reach. If there are pets in the house, it is better to buy drugs that frighten them away;
  • Consumer aid should also be hidden from animals and children;
  • Calling disinsectors for destruction of cockroaches with a guarantee, to strictly comply with their recommendations.

Most often in the package of each product there is an instruction, following which recommendations will allow to poison cockroaches quickly and without harm to your family.

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