How to get rid of aphids in the trees

With the arrival of spring, all gardeners begin a “battle for the harvest”, because many shrubs and fruit trees attack various pests, among which the smallest and most nasty are aphidsettling on the leaves and young shoots. Experienced gardeners know how to deal with aphids on fruit trees, what are the ways to eliminate pests and which one is the best way.

What is dangerous for aphids trees

It is difficult not to notice the attacking tree of the aphids: as soon as the leaves begin to turn yellow and curl, you can lift them up and see on the back side a cluster of small green, brown-brown or black insects. Aphids also appear on the tree trunk, on fresh shoots, buds, to feed on plant sap. It can settle on a birch, poplar and other trees in the forest.

If you do not immediately start fighting insects with various means, then the consequences for fruit trees can be deplorable (see photo aphids on trees):

  • settling on fresh sprouts, the louse eats their tops, preventing the tree from growing properly, which then affects its fruiting;
  • attacking young plants, aphid is able to completely suck the juice from them and even completely destroy;
  • small pests are carriers of viral infections, which result in gall formations on fruit trees, which can cause their death;
  • if you do not immediately destroy the lamb, then the insects will spread to the entire garden, incl. flowers, berry and ornamental shrubs and other trees.

Harm caused by aphids
Harm caused by aphids

In the second phase of development, these small insects acquire wings, with the help of which they can fly over long distances, moving between trees and garden plots - this is where the aphid comes from in the trees. Ants also often carry it on themselves for purposes of settling and breeding.


On trees and bushes where there is aphid, most often they settle and black ants. They are very fond of the sweet pad released by insects, and therefore even bred and protected their settlements. To destroy such a symbiosis, it is necessary to simultaneously fight with ants in the garden plot.

Methods of dealing with aphids

The fight against aphids on fruit trees should be carried out in various ways and means that must be alternated throughout the season. There are several basic methods:

  • Mechanical - allowing to reduce the number of aphids when it is small: pests are removed from young shoots by hand or thrown off with a strong stream of water, it is better to simply pinch and burn strongly affected tops.
  • Biological - planting around trees of plants (nettle, spicy herbs with a strong odor), attracting insects that feed on aphids: ladybirds, golden-eyed, flies, wasps.Some species of birds also love to feast on insects: sparrows, linnets, tits and chickens, for which feeders, drinking bowls and birdhouses are installed in the garden. So that there are fewer pests on trees and shrubs, plants are planted next to them, the smell of which they do not tolerate: onions and garlic, chamomile, marigolds, mint, fennel, coriander.
  • Popular methods of dealing with small insects include the use of various substances and liquids, which need to process the trees from aphids to destroy it.
  • Chemical aids against aphids containing toxic chemicals are highly effective and disastrous for insects, they are best used in the spring so as not to harm the ovaries and fruits.
Insect control methods
Insect control methods


Treatment chemicals carried out in several stages:

  • as a preventive measure, after the snow has melted, the first spraying from pests that wintered in the bark is carried out, such means are used: copper sulfate from aphids, Bordeaux mixture, urea;
  • The following treatments are made during the period of budding and before flowering;
  • Before planting, seedlings should be treated for prophylaxis.


During the period of maturation of the crop, the treatment of aphids by chemical preparations is not recommended, since insecticides will fall into the fruit, which can be dangerous to human health.

Chemical aids for aphids on fruit trees are divided into 4 groups according to the method of exposure:

  • Systemic drugs - able to penetrate the tissues of the tree, the juice of which becomes deadly to pests, not washed away by rain and remain in the tissues for a long time. They make spraying branches or watered around the trunk, insects die in 1-2 weeks.
  • Means of contact exposure - getting in the process of treatment on pests, they kill them, these include chemicals: Arrivo, Karbofos, Fufan, Fury.
  • Means of intestinal action - cause poisoning of the insect, getting into his intestine, the duration of action is several hours: Konfidor, Bi-58, etc .;
  • Biological - the least environmentally hazardous, but lose their effectiveness due to improper storage.

Effective toxic chemicals from aphids
Effective toxic chemicals from aphids

Popular effective aphid medications:

  • Insecticide Fitoverm - biopreparation in 5 ml ampoules, which must be diluted with 600 ml of water, should be sprayed on garden trees no later than,than 5 days before fruit picking, i.e. this tool can be processed after flowering plants, and the fruits will not be affected.
  • Actofit is a biological agent against insect pests, treatment from aphids of trees is done 2 times with a solution of 8 ml of the preparation per 1 liter of water, an interval of 2 weeks.
  • Aktara's remedy for aphids - insecticide in the form of powder, the bag contains 4 g, the solution is prepared in the open air at the rate of: 2 g of powder per bucket of water; It is recommended to spray before flowering in dry and windless weather.
  • Insecticide for aphids Kinmiks - used during the growing season 1-2 times at the rate of 1 ampoule per 10 liters of water, protects trees for 2-3 weeks.
  • Konfidor is an effective remedy for the destruction of pests and stimulation of leaf growth. For processing, 2 g of the powder is diluted in water, then the volume must be increased to 10 liters. To increase the adherence of the leaves add liquid soap or Liposam.

Also widespread Spark and Tanrek.

On a note!

Preparation of various chemical solutions is best done outdoors. When spraying, you must comply with all safety measures for working with chemical products: wear a protective suit, mask and goggles.

Folk methods

The fight against aphids folk methods
The fight against aphids folk methods

In the summertime, when the ovaries appeared on the trees and fruits formed, it is better to do spraying from aphids using folk recipeswhich are easily prepared at home using various substances and liquids:

  • Use ammonia from aphid recommended by many experienced gardeners, for which they make a solution with ammonia (50 ml) and 2 tbsp. liquid soap, it is better to take tar, added to 10 liters of water - this solution should be sprayed trees several times over the summer. In addition, using ammonia against aphids, at the same time, the tree is fed with nitrogenous fertilizer.
  • Baking soda helps to overcome pests on plants, for which a solution of 1 tbsp is prepared. l soda per liter of water: means sprayed trees every 5 days.
  • Soda ash from aphids is also used in this composition: 2 tbsp. 1 liter of water with the addition of 1 tbsp. any soap processing is done even in the presence of fruits on the trees, it helps from powdery mildew.
  • To get rid of small pests by using iodine and serum: for 10 liters of water you need 1 liter of serum and 1 tsp. iodine.
  • Celandine Aphid used in the form of infusionTo which potato and tomato tops are added, after infusing for 3 days and straining, grated laundry soap is added to it - the trees must be sprayed with a solution in the summer.
  • One of their effective herbal remedies - aphid garlic Prepared as follows: chop a few cloves of garlic and add a liter of water, then insist day. In the finished infusion added 2 tsp. vegetable oil and 1 tsp soap, then spend processing plants.
  • Many gardeners recommend using an infusion of onions or its husks to spray trees and shrubs from aphids, and an infusion of pine young tops, which is prepared during the week, has a similar effect.
  • It is recommended to poison aphids with a powder or solution with mustard: in a dry form, it is sprinkled with nearby anthills, and with the help of an infusion it is possible to protect trees from pests, for which 100 g of powder is added to a bucket of water.
  • Many gardeners recommend applying aphid vinegar, after 2-3 treatments which can be completely removed. The solution is made at the rate of 1 tbsp. vinegar in 10 liters of water.
  • Helps to kill aphid and ordinary moonshine or vodka, for which they do not need to be diluted with water, but only add a little liquid soap. Vodka from aphids can be used in combination with other means of struggle.
  • Aphid peroxide should be used with care so as not to burn the leaves: by spraying with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, the plants are protected from aphids for prophylactic purposes.

Many recipes based on soap, Coca cola, ashes, Green soap, birch tar, tobacco, boric acid.


Folk remedies for aphids to obtain a positive result must be applied at least 5 times with an interval of several days. The fight against pests in the summer is almost constant; in June plants can be treated with any of the following means.

There are many recommendations on how to get rid of aphids in trees. The main rule in such a fight is regularity, because after the first spraying only part of the pests will be destroyed. Summer is the time when it is necessary to constantly treat trees for protection against pests, since insects have wings, so that they can easily move between gardens.

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