How to get rid of aphids on jasmine

Jasmine is often confused with the common garden bush - Chubushnik. The broadleaf plant forms round bushes with dense branches. Jasmine - a tropical plant, climbing shrub family olive. Homeland is India. The bush is resistant to all sorts of diseases, but can not resist aphids. How to get rid of aphids on jasmine - the main question of the summer period, which must be solved quickly.

Jasmine Pests

A black jasmine aphid starts up on the bush, less often legume-ersculetous. The main sabotage begins in late July, in August. Small insects form whole colonies, each female reproduces 40 cubs at a time.

Winters aphid in the form of eggs. By the end of summer, winged females lay their eggs closer to the shoots in the lower part of the shrub. In early spring, the larvae appear from them, which immediately begin to sabotage.

The fact that there was a black aphid, can be seen in the appearance of the bush:

  • leaves curl, turn yellow, fall off;
  • dark spots appear on the foliage;
  • the tops of young shoots dry up;
  • flowers do not bloom, quickly fall.

To fight with aphids on the jub's and jasmine is necessary to save the shrub, prevent infection of the entire garden, flower garden.

Aphids on jasmine
Aphids on jasmine

Biological, agrotechnical methods

Aphid does not tolerate the smell of some plants, therefore, it is recommended to plant repellents near jasmine. These include:

  • calendula;
  • hybrid petunia;
  • peppermint;
  • marigold;
  • parsley.


Dill can be planted near the jasmine bush. Umbrellas attract a ladybird, a golden-eyed lady, and some species of bedbugs.These insects are natural enemies of aphids, quickly coping with a colony of pests.

Aphid lays eggs closer to the soil surface. To prevent contamination, you should sprinkle the soil around the bush with wood ash, pour hot water over it, dig it up. Ash penetrates the sap of the plant, giving it bitterness.

Folk recipes

Folk recipes from pests
Folk recipes from pests

Than process jasmine from aphids, do not have to invent a long time. Active components are almost always available on the farm or grow in the fields.

  • Grate 200 g laundry soap. Dissolve in 1 liter of warm water. Add 9 liters of cold. Spray the jasmine from the garden spray.
  • In a bucket of water stir wood ash, red, black pepper, mustard, cinnamon. Add soap. Enough to process the jasmine bush 1 time, so that the aphid disappeared.
  • Pour 200 g of onion peel 10 liters of water. Boil for 20 minutes, leave to infuse for a day. Strain, add 100 g of household soap.
  • Mix in equal proportions baking sodasalt Add 10 liters of water, soap.
  • • Dilute 50 ml in 10 l of water liquid ammonia. To process a bush of a jasmine a watering can with a wide nozzle.Reprocessing with ammonia is allowed after 14 days.
  • Grind tobacco, add 200 g of tobacco powder, pour 10 liters of cold water. After one day, boil for an hour. When cool, add soap.

Also often used:

On a note!

Handle jasmine bush folk remedies need several times. It is best to do this in the morning, in the evening. Soap should be sprayed bush in hot weather.

Biological products

Remedy for aphids on jasmine based on the waste products of microorganisms. The drug begins to act immediately, but the effect is noticeable after 3-5 days. Re-processing is carried out to fix the result after 2 weeks.

On a note!

Biological products do not harm the plant, but harm any insects. Treat jasmine before flowering or after it.

The most effective means are:

  • Fitoverm;
  • Intavir;
  • Arrow;
  • Bio spark;
  • Jaguar.
Biological and chemical preparations
Biological and chemical preparations

Spray the bush should be in dry weather. The heavy rains, high temperature reduce the effectiveness of the drug.Protective properties persist for 14 days.


Black aphid on jasmine appears already in early spring, therefore, it is necessary to start taking action before the leaflets bloom. Jasmine need to spray insecticidal preparations broad spectrum. They destroy insects within 24 hours, retain their properties for up to 30 days.

The timely treatment of jasmine in early spring provides the plant with protection against aphids during the flowering season. Re-spray at the end of the summer. You can use such tools as:

Jasmine - one of the most common shrubs in the garden. The plant pleases with long flowering, pleasant, rich aroma. To see all this beauty, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the shrub, take timely action.

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