The best remedies for pediculosis for children and adults

According to the WHO, every third person at least once in his life was exposed to lice infestation. The state of lice is called pediculosis and like any other disease, it needs treatment. Pharmacies have a wide range of pediculicides and it is difficult to choose an effective remedy for lice, because it is important not only to get rid of parasites, but also to preserve hair and health.

Classification of funds

Depending on the lice species, taking a fancy, pediculosis can be the head, payroll, pubic. Not all drugs are equally effective against different parasites at the same time. For the processing of things, clothing, furniture, located in the source of infection in the house, there is a separate category of funds.

Types of Pediculosis
Types of Pediculosis

Pedicuclear medications are classified based on the active substance, which has a direct effect on lice and nits:

  • Insecticides malathion, permethrin, pyrethrin destroy the insect's nervous system, which leads to its paralysis and death. Anti-lice on the basis of chemical components does not destroy the eggs - nits, so their use implies additional processing. The use of insecticidal drugs is contraindicated in pregnant women, during lactation, in the presence of skin diseases, children under 5 years.
  • Means for the treatment of pediculosis, which include oils, dimethicone, envelop the lice with a thin film, thereby blocking the access of oxygen to the airways, which leads to suffocation and death of the parasite.

Funds from lice and nits for children and adults produced in the form of:

At home, apply different forms of release. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

On a note!

Before treating pediculosis, in order to avoid allergies, it is necessary to test the selected drug. A small amount of the product is applied to the skin and within 2-3 hours the condition of the skin and overall health is monitored.

Lice Shampoos

Pharmaceuticals in the form of shampoos are easy to use. When buying is worth paying attention to their functions. Some are used for prevention, others for the destruction of lice and nits.

Shampoo Paranit
Shampoo Paranit

How to use

The procedure consists of several stages:

  • it is good to brush the hair;
  • apply shampoo on the head, distributing the foam over the entire length of the strands, pay special attention to the occipital, temporal part;
  • cover with polyethylene and maintain the time specified in the instructions;
  • wash off shampoo with plenty of warm water;
  • rinse vinegar solutionin order to destroy the adhesive substance, through which nits are attached to the hair;
  • comb out adults, larvae, nits with a comb with frequent teeth;
  • wash your hair with the usual detergent.

On a note!

Without combing nits the effectiveness of the procedure will be negligible. After 6-7 days, young larvae will appear from them, which after a few days will become mature individuals and will begin multiply intensively.

Shampoo rating

To determine what the best remedies for lice and nits in the form of shampoos, help the following review:

  • Nok - permethrin-based shampoo, recommended for use in children over 2 years old. Apply to pre-washed head on wet strands for 30-40 minutes. The treatment is carried out in a well-ventilated area.
  • Pedilin is a cheap remedy, but in terms of efficiency, it is not inferior to imported analogues. The active ingredient is malathion. It has a pronounced unpleasant smell. Evenly distributed through the hair, washed off after 10 minutes.According to reviews, for complete destruction of the lice population, 2-3 treatments are necessary followed by combing. Contraindicated in children under 2 years.
  • Hygia - A good remedy for pubic and head lice. The composition includes permethrin and auxiliary components. The active substance is not absorbed into the systemic circulation. It is applied from the age of five. Economical consumption - for short hair one bottle is enough for 5-6 treatments. On the head means is aged for 20 minutes. Repeat procedure is possible no earlier than 7 days.

    Hygia-1 shampoo
    Hygia Shampoo
  • Paranit - means of the Belgian production. Differs in oily fat structure. Does not contain insecticidal substances, the composition is represented by the composition of oils. It is used for therapeutic purposes for children from 3 years. Processing time 10 minutes. According to consumer reviews, 60% of people managed to cure pediculosis at a time.
  • Veda 2 - effective and inexpensive remedy for head and pubic parasites. It has a softening effect on the skin. Used for children over 5 years old. Processing lasts only 10 minutes. With a high degree of infection, repeat the procedure after 10 days.
  • Tar shampoo or tar soap - an excellent natural product from the category folk remedies for lice. The main disadvantage is the characteristic smell of birch tar. Destroys adults, does not have a destructive effect on nits. Strongly dries the skin, helps get rid of dandruff. Can be used as remedy for the prevention of lice.
  • Nix - medicine for lice for children whose age has reached 6 months. It is produced in the form of a cream, but since the processing is identical to the procedure with the use of liquid detergents, it falls into the category of shampoos. The kit includes professional comb for combing nits. The price of funds from pediculosis is quite high and is at least 700 rubles. The drug is of German production, in Russian pharmacies is rare, but in Belarus, in Ukraine, it is not a problem to buy it.

    Means Knicks
    Means Knicks
  • Nit Free is a high-quality and safe shampoo made from natural ingredients, including chaff oil. Suitable not only for harassment of parasites, but also for daily use. Foams badly because of the saturated oily structure. With the correct technique of combing out nits, it will get rid of annoying parasites in one procedure. It is applied for treatment of pediculosis in pregnant women, one year old children.According to manufacturers, the Nit Free series is used by specialized lice breeding clinics.
  • Sumitrin - shampoo based on potent phenotrin. Head processing is carried out in rubber gloves. The duration of the session does not exceed 10 minutes. Contraindications: children's age up to 2 years, pregnancy, lactation, dermatological diseases. Rash or itching may occur as side effects. If necessary, repeat the procedure is carried out after 24 hours.

Sprays and aerosols against lice and nits

Drugs for lice in the form of sprays are no less popular than shampoos. The processing process is quite simple: the product is sprayed on the hair, it lasts for a certain period of time specified in the instructions, then the nits are washed off, adult insects are mechanically combed out.


Sprays and aerosols for lice and nits can not be applied to people suffering from bronchial asthma.

Effective means:

  • Pair Plus - the preparation of French manufacturers is effective against all types of lice; head, wardrobe, ploshchits. It consists of 2 insecticidal components and a synergist that enhances their action.It is an oily substance with a barely perceptible scent. Spray spray on dry hair for 10 minutes, then washed off with any washing shampoo. You can not use the tool for a child who is not 2.5 years old.

    Aerosol Vapor Plus
    Aerosol Vapor Plus
  • Avalanche - spray for the treatment of head lice is made in Ukraine. In the composition essential oils for lice. The kit includes a comb for combing lice and nits, cap. Thanks to its economical consumption, one bottle is enough to handle a family of 4 people. The product is safe, does not contain toxic compounds. The only contraindication is a child under 2 years.
    Spray spray on dry hair. Then cover them with a cap and incubate for 30 minutes. After treatment, it is recommended to wash your hair with shampoo from the same series. It promotes healing of wounds, moisturizes the skin, facilitates the combing of nits.
  • Pediculen Ultra - spray for the destruction of pubic, head lice and nits. The composition is represented by anise oil, alcohol, additives. Dry hair is plentifully moistened by means, the massage is rubbed into the skin with massaging movements, after 30 minutes it is washed off.
    The kit includes a comb, a special design of which makes it easy to comb out nits without damaging the skin. For short hair, the bottle is enough for 20 treatments. Contraindicated in children under 5 years old, people with individual intolerance to the components of the spray, as well as pregnant and lactating women.
  • Here - an aerosol based on dimethicone, which blocks the entry of air into the respiratory system of the louse, thereby destroying the parasites. The drug, although not toxic, but the minimum age limit for its use is 3 years.

    Means Nuda
    Means Nuda
  • Paranit is a similar remedy. A comb for combing is attached to the aerosol. Processing time is 15 minutes. Consumers complain about excessive fatty consistency, because of which the drug is heavily washed off.

Review of lotions and fluids for the treatment of head lice

Everything that is not sprayed and does not foam, manufacturers call either lotion, or concentrate, or simply a means:

  • Paranit Sensitiv - One of the few drugs that is used to treat head lice in children from 1 year old, during pregnancy and lactation.The liquid is applied to the hair until they are fully moisturized, rubbed into the skin and left for 8 hours. The tool does not leave greasy stains, does not stain things with which it comes into contact. The most convenient procedure to do before bedtime. Cover the head with a hat is not necessary. After the specified time, the hair must be washed with shampoo, then comb out insects and nits. The only disadvantage of pediculosis medicine for children is its high price.

    Paranit Sensitiv
    Paranit Sensitiv
  • Medilis Bio - lotion with clove fragrance. The composition includes oil of cloves, alcohol, auxiliary components. Destroys lice at all stages of development. Apply to dry strands for 10 minutes. Then it is washed off and rinsed with acetic solution. Combing nits required.
  • Full Marks - oily liquid, which has a choking effect on parasites. Differs unobtrusive smell. A bottle is enough for 3 treatments. It leaves stains. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes, after which the removal of nits is carried out using a comb that comes in the kit. Re-processing is carried out in 7 days.
  • Medyfox - permethrin-based pediculicidal agent is presented in the form of an emulsion. Designed to destroy head and pubic lice. According to the instructions, insecticidal liquid is diluted with water. Working solution keeps on hair 20 minutes.

    Means Medifox-1
    Means medifox
  • Handicap Plus is a budget drug that contains permethrin 1.5%. Lice death occurs 10 minutes after application. It helps to forget about dandruff, it foams well.
  • Nittifor - means is issued in the form, solution, ointment. Designed to treat head and pubic lice. Differs in yellow color and the expressed steady smell. The processing time of the cream is only 10 minutes; when using the solution, the procedure lasts 40 minutes.
  • Means D 95 for lice and nits - oily emulsion based on dimethicone. Drug without pronounced smell, recommended for use from 3 years.
  • Benzyl benzoate - remedy against pediculosis and scabies. Available in the form of an emulsion and ointment.

How much are drugs for the treatment of lice

The price of each agent for lice and nits is clearly displayed in the table:

Release formDrug namePrice, in rubles
Paranit400 –1040 depending on the volume of the bottle
Veda 2170-200
Tar shampoo95-300 depending on the manufacturer
Nit free1090
Nixfrom 700
SprayPair Plusfrom 700
Pedikulen Ultra480
Spray canHere350-400
LotionMedilis Bio350
LiquidParanit Sensitiv1045
SolutionFull Marks650
LiquidHandicap plus95
Solution, ointmentNittifor170-280

Lice pills

Pediculicides do not use if there is a skin disease, scratching, scratches. In such cases, lice pills can help. They are also used when other forms of treatment have not brought the desired results. The total destruction of parasites occurs 15 days later, after the first dose.

Contraindications for taking tablets for lice:

  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • acute gastrointestinal diseases;
  • heart failure;
  • diseases of the excretory system.


Treatment of pediculosis tablets is carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Reviews pediculicide preparations

Reviews of funds from lice and nits are very different. With strict compliance with the instructions, good results are given by both cheap and expensive drugs. The result also depends on the thoroughness of combing nits.

When a nurse at school gave a note that the child has lice, was in some confusion. In my 30 years I have never encountered these parasites. The situation was aggravated by the fact that there is still a little daughter, she is only 1.5 years old, and it is very difficult to choose a medicine for this age. For the son bought Hygia. Lice managed to bring the first time, may not have had time to breed properly as it should. And my daughter decided to shave her head a little. Hair grow back quickly, and did not torment her with procedures.

Victoria, Voronezh

Herbal lice in his drug Medilis Bio. Somehow it was a pity to spend a lot of money on some parasites, all the more so than not smearing the head, and combing remains the decisive factor in the victory over insects. Although a means and cheap, but get rid of lice succeeded after the first treatment.

Olga, Kostroma

Noticing that the son often scratches his head, she decided to examine it with a magnifying glass. To my horror I saw crawling insects in the hair. To combat parasites bought Pedilin. Smell did not like, keeps very long. To remove lice from a childIt took 3 treatments.

Lyudmila, Volgograd

The daughter has very long hair and when the teacher said that lice were found in the group, including my offspring, it was a pity to cut off such beauty.I read the reviews and decided to try the Paranit Sensitive tool. The hair was treated for the night, and in the morning a couple of hours were spent on combing. She didn’t find any insect in her daughter’s head how many didn’t look with a magnifying glass.

Yaroslava, Podolsk

When faced with the problem of pediculosis on her own head, she began to study folk remedies. I really did not want to poison the already weak and dry hair with chemistry. Methods with kerosene and Dichlorvos threw back immediately. Of all the trustworthy, vinegar and cemerica water. The latter refers to toxic substances, and I was afraid to use it. Prepared vinegar solution, as it was written in the recipe, put on the hair and covered with polyethylene. Withstood the execution of a maximum of 3 minutes. Inhaling the vinegar scent is simply impossible! After studying the reviews, I went to the pharmacy and bought Paranit. I gave 450 rubles and after the first procedure I did not find a single louse in my head. For my dry hair, the product was perfect.

Katya, Penza

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