How to quickly remove lice and nits at home

The problem of how to get rid of lice and nits was always relevant. Parasites coexist with humans for 80,000 years and have not yet succeeded in completely destroying their population. Where lice come from - There are a lot of options: you can get infected about them by contact with the carrier, sharing of things, in places of large crowds of people. Therefore, completely eliminate the possibility of infection pediculosis - a state of lice, no man can, unless he is completely isolated from the outside world. According to WHO statistics, 33% of the population has been exposed to infestation at least once in their lives. lice.

Head lice classification

Human lice are divided into three types: head, pubic and clothes. The latter live on the clothing of a person, feed on his blood and lay eggs in the folds of linen, on the seams of fabrics. To fight with underwear liceliving on things is not difficult. Enough banal hygienic procedures and processing of clothes.

Types of lice
Types of lice

Significantly more trouble lice have a person on his head. Insects are not characterized by long life cyclebut very multiply rapidly. Adults of small size and barely reach 3-4 mm. The color of a nondescript calf is grayish, after saturation it becomes a red color scheme. Eat up to 3-4 times a day, young larvae are more voracious - make up to 8 meals per day.A photo of lice in the hair is presented below.

The longevity of lice is 35-45 days. During this time, the female has time to lay up to 200 eggs. The daily rate of 5-8 pieces, which it attaches a sticky substance to the base of the hair. Nit resembles a tiny transparent capsule with a lid size of only 1 mm. How lice and nits look in hair - the sight is rather unpleasant. Under optimal conditions, the larva crawls out of the nits after 7-10 days, which is distinguished from adults only in size. After three molts, it turns into a mature insect, for this it needs 6-10 days.

The minimum period of development from egg to imago is 13 days.

Lice and nits
Lice and nits

On a note!

It’s not worthwhile to entertain the hope that the lice voluntarily leave their homestead. Parasites do this only in one case - when the body temperature drops to 20 ° C, which happens only in case of death.

Leave the situation to chance. Head lice are blood-sucking insects, therefore lice poses a danger: the likelihood of contracting infectious diseases, decreased concentration, the appearance of various phobias and other negative consequences.

Louse bites Symptoms include:

  • the appearance of red swelling;
  • severe itching;
  • blue spots at the bite site;
  • insomnia;
  • irritability.

Pediculosis treatment can be carried out under medical supervision. But more often than not, people are embarrassed by this problem and prefer to louse off at home.

Methods of dealing with lice and nits

The most radical way to quickly remove lice and nits at home is to cut hair bald. The advantage of the method in its rapid effect - in 1 day you can forget about parasites. But not every man is ready to say goodbye to the hair, and what can we say about the fair sex.

To get rid of lice and nits, it is not necessary to sacrifice hair. For this there is folk remedies and pharmaceuticals. Whatever lice remover It was not chosen, it is important to understand that most of them do not have a detrimental effect on nits, so after 7 days you may need to re-process the hair. Regardless of the choice of drug, the procedure algorithm is the same:

  • means is applied on strands of hair, root zone;
  • polyethylene cap is worn;

    Plastic bag
    Plastic bag
  • exposure is maintained according to the recommendations specified in the instructions or popular recipe;
  • wash off the drug with plenty of water;
  • by comb with fine pitch must be removed dry nits, dead adults; the duration of the stage is approximately 30-40 minutes, on long hair combing nits takes about an hour;

    Combing lice and nits
    Combing lice and nits
  • quickly remove nits from the hair will help vinegar solution, which is prepared at the rate of one tablespoon of vinegar per cup of water; To neutralize the sharp smell of acid, you can add lemon juice to the mixture, tea tree essential oil.

On a note!

In addition to hygiene procedures and mechanical removal of parasites, sanitary treatment of the apartment, wash all pillowcases, bedding, hats at temperatures above 50 ° C. If this is not possible, treat with a steam generator, freeze or hang out on the street, a balcony for 2 weeks. During the treatment period of pediculosis, it is desirable to change pillowcases every day. In the processing need combs, hairpins, attributes to create hairstyles.


Gathering on a date with a girl, I noticed dandruff in my hair, which had never existed. This fact really surprised me, and I began to carefully examine the skin of the head. With an accidental pressure, I heard a characteristic crunch, which greatly alarmed. Armed with a magnifying glass and with horror discovered crawling small insects. Compared with a photo on the Internet, it turned out that it was lice. I could not miss an important date for me, and I couldn’t even appear as a “lousy knight” with a girl lice symptoms did not want. Therefore, the only way to permanently get rid of pediculosis in 1 day was to shave the head to zero, which I did. And the girl even liked my new image.

Alexey, Tambov

How to remove lice in children

Lice can be removed from a child in the same ways as adults. When choosing a drug should pay attention to age restrictions. In the case of infection with pediculosis of young children of 1-2 years, they are most often trimmed high, so as not to expose them to painful, tedious procedures.

It is recommended to treat lice in children with pharmaceutical preparations without the content of chemical components. With extreme caution should be chosen when choosing a product if the child has bronchial asthma, allergies.


When in the garden they said that the child has liceThey were confused, since there is also a daughter in the house for 1.5 years. Son purchased a spray here, he patiently sat out the allotted time and while combed nits. Little girl did not expose the execution. Hair is a gainful business remove lice from a child Chemistry afraid.


Pharmaceutical drugs are divided into 2 types of effects: blocking the work of the parasite's nervous system and depriving them of air and moisture. Choosing a remedy than to remove lice, you should pay attention to the mark "ovicidal action." Such drugs can destroy not only adults, but also nits. Pharmacies present pediculicidal drugs in different forms: shampoos, the sprays, ointmentemulsions.

On a note!

Before poisoning lice, the selected drug must be tested for the possibility of allergic reactions. To do this, a small amount of the product is applied to a small area of ​​the skin, washed off after 10 minutes, and a reaction of the skin is observed within a few hours.

Shampoo against lice

Shampoos against lice and nits are easy to use, do not require long-term maintenance of the product on the hair and give a good result:

  • Sumitrin - insecticidal therapeutic agent based on pyrethroids. Approved for use from 2 years of age. Apply to the scalp and wet hair for 10 minutes, then carefully pounded and washed with plenty of water. To speed up getting rid of lice and nits, after the procedure it is necessary to comb the dead parasites, eggs. Repeated treatment with a strong infection can be carried out after 24 hours. For prophylactic purposes, used once every two weeks.
  • Veda - age limits up to 5 years. The active component is permethrin. Effective against adults and larvae of all types of human lice. For the destruction of nits need re-treatment, which is carried out no earlier than a week.

    Shampoo Veda-2
    Shampoo Veda-2
  • NOC - shampoo helps to cure pediculosis in 1-2 treatments. Contraindicated in children under 2.5 years of age, as well as people who do not tolerate permethrin. One of the few that is approved for use during pregnancy and lactation. The tool is abundantly applied to the hair and aged from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the degree of infection.
  • Paranit - means dehydrates and leads to suffocation of lice, nits.A distinctive feature is the absence of insecticides. The basis is made of mineral oils Clearol. Included comb against lice. Depending on the length of the hair of one bottle is enough for 4-8 treatments. Do not apply to children under 3 years old, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

    Shampoo Paranit
    Shampoo Paranit
  • Pedilin - Malathion based shampoo. The only contraindications: age up to 2 years, individual intolerance to the components. It has a sharp smell. According to manufacturers, it helps to eradicate lice at all stages of development.

Antiparasitic shampoos can also be used to treat combs.


While my daughter was being treated for the flu, a friend called her and said that on examination school lice were found in girls. I immediately began to examine my daughter's head and, to my horror, I found parasites in her. Bought in a pharmacy shampoo Paranite. They did everything as in the instructions. Inflicted on the hair, weathered, washed with vinegar. Conveniently, the kit included a comb to remove the dead nits. One treatment was enough to kill the lice, but just in case a shampoo was used a week later.

Larisa, Petropavlovka

Sprays against lice and nits

Sprays - the same cure for parasites, as well as shampoos. The main difference is the method of application. You should not count on a quick result, since the destructive effect on nits, with rare exceptions, does not have the following means:

  • Pedikulen Ultra - antipedikuleznoe tool for the destruction of lice and nits. If you follow the instructions and meticulously perform combing, you will be able to get rid of parasites in one procedure. Cannot be used by pregnant, lactating women, children under 5 years.

    Pedikulen Ultra
    Pedikulen Ultra
  • Pair Plus - aerosol combination drug. Due to the content of several active substances, insects do not develop resistance. The age limit is 2.5 years.

    Aerosol Vapor Plus
    Aerosol Vapor Plus
  • LiceGuard - A safe remedy for the prevention of pediculosis. Retains deterrent properties for 24 hours.

    LiceGuard Spray
    LiceGuard Spray
  • Here - the substance includes substances that envelop the parasite, which leads to its suffocation and death. On the hair is aged for 45 minutes. Because of the oily base, you have to wash your hair several times after the procedure.
Means Nuda
Means Nuda


Deduced daughter lice means Paranit Sensitiv. The only thing that after the procedure was washed the head with vinegar solution to remove the nits from the long hair, the daughter had a scythe to the waist. I had to comb for a long time, but I was pleased with the result. We got rid of parasites at once.

Julia, Poddubnoye

Also popular are the following drugs:

Folk recipes

Folk remedies for lice and nits are used for a long time. Some of them, such as kerosene, Dichlorvos, can not be called safe, but they are still very popular. The second position in the ranking of dangerous and original means is cemerica water, hydrogen peroxide, hair spray. However, there are popular recipes that deserve attention.

Tar soap for lice

Tar soap and shampoo replaced dust soapwhich was banned for production due to the fact that toxic components tend to accumulate in the epidermis layer. Tar soap is characterized by a peculiar smell. According to research, it is effective against adult forms of parasites, but it is useless to destroy nits.However, these drawbacks and most pharmaceutical drugs. But not everyone can boast of such a low price as tar soap.


How to use the tool at home:

  • grate soap on a grate and pour water at room temperature to form a thick mixture;
  • apply on hair, root zone, cover with a plastic cap and leave for 40 minutes;
  • rinse thoroughly with water and vinegar;
  • comb out dead insects and nits;
  • if necessary, repeat the treatment after 7 days.

On a note!

It is not recommended to use tar soap for owners of dry skin, as the product dries the skin.


The son walks with children from a not quite prosperous family and periodically brings parasites. I can not forbid him to play with the guys, just because their parents do not pay enough attention to the hygiene of their children. How many have not tried different means, but we can not get rid of lice completely. Apparently because the source of infection is always there. Recently acquired tar soap and did not even expect from him such a stunning effect.After the procedure, the dead individuals fell out right away and the nits easily combed out. Now I will constantly bathe my son with him for lice prevention.

Marina, Chertkovo

Vinegar against lice

Lice vinegar
Lice vinegar

Vinegar it breaks well the adhesive substance that holds the nit to the base of the hair, and also kills adult individuals. For the removal of insects are suitable all kinds of kitchen seasoning: wine, apple, grape, table. How to get rid of lice with vinegar:

  • prepare a solution of two parts of water and one part of vinegar 9%;
  • the resulting mixture moistened hair, avoiding contact with the skin;
  • cover the hair with polyethylene so that the mixture does not evaporate;
  • wait 30-60 minutes;
  • comb hair fine comb;
  • wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Herbal medicine against lice

Grass lice is an ineffective remedy that has a deterrent effect. But if we take into account that the parasites have nowhere particularly to run, then there is no reason to rely on any effect from the use of herbal preparations and tinctures. Greater results can be achieved using essential oils.

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