What dreams of lice in my hair

Attitude to lice changed in people over the centuries. In medieval France they were called “the pearls of God”, the poet Jambattista Marino in his poems sang parasites on his lover's curls. Contemporaries treat small insects without respect at all and consider them a sign of non-compliance with basic personal hygiene. Most people have never seen firsthand linen louseneither head liceonly rarely do parasites visit in dreams. Authoritative dream books interpret differently what lice dream about. The most original interpretation of dreams with parasites belongs to Freud.

How to solve dreams with bloodsuckers

The meaning of the dream depends on the actions of the insect, the multiplicity, the presence of other people, animals. Therefore, if a louse dreamed, it is worth remembering in detail all the episodes of sleep, count the individuals on the heads, their sizes.

The interpretation of dreams with parasites is a centuries-old "science" and is based on the fact that lice is an essential attribute of a healthy person. To see lice in a dream is not the worst sign. It is much worse when the dreamer dreams that the insect leaves him. Such flight promises deterioration of health, up to a lethal outcome.

Head lice
Head lice


Paradoxically, little bloodsuckers were also a sign of wealth, well-being. Families deprived of their attention, were considered unhappy, unsuccessful. Therefore, the dream of lice foreshadowed wealth and happiness.

Dream interpretation of Gustav Muller

The most authoritative and popular publication in the circles of people who are fond of such “literature” connects the appearance of small bloodsuckers in dreams with new worries,troubles, troubles. But no global changes, deaths of lice according to Miller’s dream, foreshadow:

  • lice in the hair of strangers mean self-doubt, lack of complexes, internal fears, fear of losing wealth;
  • if lice are dreaming of a child’s head, it means that the dreamer is tormented by fears about the state of health of his children and unwillingness to part with them; such dreams are more likely to come to parents with excessive care;
  • attempts to shake off insects from themselves are interpreted by a dream book as a solution to problems in the near future and the beginning of a new life; such a dream indicates the presence of a difficult life situation, which does not allow to live and sleep in peace.

Dream Vanga

No less popular source, giving the most truthful interpretation of sleep. According to the seer, if lice are dreaming - in reality, a lot of luck awaits. Estimated success is directly proportional to the size of the insect. Wanga focused on the feelings that the dreamer experienced in dreams. If he was haunted by fear, in reality he would go boldly and decisively towards his goal.

Depending on the storyline of the dream, Vanga’s dream book gives the following interpretations:

  • killing lice promises deliverance from all debt in the short term;
  • a single parasite foreshadows material gain, perhaps a salary increase, winning the lottery, a successful financial deal;
  • many lice on the body warn of minor ailments that do not have serious health effects.
Lice and nits
Lice and nits

Female dream book

This edition associates the appearance of blood-sucking parasites with betrayals, betrayals, and self-serving lovers. However, female dream interpretation is more loyal to lice:

  • linen lice promise cash rewards;
  • a large individual in the hair that cannot be removed from the hair promises the appearance of a devoted admirer;
  • if the head bloodsuckers dream of a young girl, in the near future she will have the opportunity to express her opinion;
  • a large accumulation of insects portends health problems; if these are pubic lice, they signal problems of an intimate nature;
  • if a parasite dreams of a pregnant woman, you should prepare for the many pleasant troubles;
  • combing hair and seeing bloodsuckers in them, means useless fuss and domestic turmoil.

Freund's Dream

The Austrian psychoanalyst connects all dreams with sexual sensations. And if other small insects: cockroaches, bugs, ants, fleas in its interpretation were somehow tied to children, then lice and nits occupy a separate place and indicate problems or changes in the intimate sphere:

  • just watching head lice means sexual abstinence, the reason for this can be diseases, or their own psychological attitudes, complexes;
  • crush lice, comb out according to Freud is interpreted as solving intimate problems
  • if you dream of a large accumulation of bloodsuckers, the dreamer dreams of a bold sexual experience involving several partners;
  • lice on another person portend a new object for lust and satisfaction of lust.

What dreams of lice in other dream books

Lice in hair
Lice in hair

Most of the publications are in solidarity with the interpretation of what the lice in their hair on their heads dream about - waiting for profit, solving problems. Attempts to crush, kill them in other people's hairs warn of possible mistakes in the upbringing of children, the desire to impose their will and opinion on them.

If you dream of nits and the more so their killing, then you should expect to hear.A modern dream book treats such dreams as moving up the career ladder and overcoming all obstacles. A company of fleas and lice in a dream heralds the arrival of guests who want to stay longer.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book, lice dream in a dream to difficulties and mistakes. The psychologist recommends to refrain from long journeys, postpone all affairs, analyze recent events and highlight the most important thing in life that matters most. A similar opinion and dream book Lofa, considering dreams with bloodsuckers harbingers of problems and succession of failures.

A bad sign if you see a black louse. Such an individual promises illness among the dreamer, relatives, or loved ones. But if you had a chance to see a giant louse of anomalous dimensions, you can consider yourself lucky, because such a dream foreshadows the fulfillment of the most cherished dream.

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