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What is the life cycle of a bull chain? What are its features, and at what stages it is divided.
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Dangerous spiders of Kazakhstan. The main poisonous representatives living in the steppes of Kazakhstan. How to neutralize poison karakurt. Who is solpuga, other names solpugi.
What are the ways of infecting a person with a bull chain? How to protect yourself from such diseases as teniarinhoz.
Treatment of cymbal Giardia in the feces of a child is prescribed exclusively after an accurate diagnosis of the disease. Anti-parasitic therapy is complex and is carried out ...
Why does toxocarosis develop in children. Who causes it. The manifestations of the disease in childhood and how to deal with it.
Signs of lamblia in domestic cats and cats, ways to infect pets with protozoa, methods of detecting parasites, pharmaceutical preparations for effective treatment and ...
How to recognize the symptoms of opisthorchiasis in adults and children, what drugs are used to treat and what is the risk of infection. Ways of transmitting the disease ...
What do antibodies to lamblia say in children and adults: when and why do they begin to be produced, how to pass a blood test. Decryption ...
Lamblia are transmitted from person to person in different ways. The main reason for infection with giardiasis is a violation of the rules of personal and public hygiene.
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Pest site

My home is my castle. But what to do if your fortress liked house pests? No dwelling is insured against the intrusion of uninvited guests.Household pests do not just cause a feeling of disgust, but also spoil the furnishings, food, clothes, spread infections, cause discomfort to pets. Some species of insects can damage health. The site provides comprehensive information on how to get rid of household pests forever and prevent their occurrence.


There are more than 50,000 species of ticks in the world, most of them are quite harmless. The following types of danger to humans are:

  • bloodsucking;
  • dust;
  • microscopic.

Dust mites live in each apartment. Their favorite habitats are carpets, bedding, books, soft toys, etc. Individuals themselves can not cause any harm, but their metabolic products can cause allergies, asthma. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures and actions aimed at reducing the number of insects.

Blood-sucking ticks live in the grass, parks, forests. And although the size of individuals allows you to see them with the naked eye, they notice it on the skin of a person or pet only after a bite.The number of diseases that can infect insects is six dozen, the most dangerous among them is tick-borne encephalitis.


Fleas belong to blood-sucking insects, and they like not only the blood of domestic animals, but also humans. As a rule, they choose a habitat not for the body of their victim, but for more comfortable places: upholstered furniture, bedding.

A flea bite can cause allergic reactions and a number of diseases: plague, encephalitis, helminthiasis, anthrax. It is possible to get rid of dangerous insects, it is enough just to study the source of their penetration into the house and to choose insecticidal agents correctly.

Head lice

Lice are individuals parasitizing in the scalp. They pierce the upper layer of the skin and feed on blood. However, they can infect their prey with typhus. Scars, furuncle, ulcers may appear in the bite areas.

Lice can be in animals and humans. It is noteworthy that it is impossible to get lice from animals. Each species of mammal has its own species of insects. In each individual case, a specific treatment method is selected.

Bed bugs

The appearance of bedbugs in the house can cause serious harm to health. Hepatitis, tuberculosis, anthrax, typhoid fever - this is not a complete list of dangerous diseases that can carry bedbugs.

The cause of the appearance of insects in the house there are many. The earlier a dangerous neighbor is found, the easier it is to fight it. Preventive measures will significantly reduce the chances of bedbugs entering the home.


Despite the diversity of species of mosquitoes, of which there are about 3,000, they are divided into 2 categories: malarial and non-malarial. The latter interfere with sleep with their buzzing, their bites cause itching and cause discomfort. Malaria can spread the malaria virus, children may have a fever after being bitten.

The life cycle of a mosquito reaches 3 months. Therefore, if the insect got into the apartment, it is necessary to fight it. Popular methods, means of industrial production can effectively deal with them in apartments, on the street and protect themselves from their appearance in the house.


Very tenacious and adaptable quickly. For this reason, it is very difficult to get rid of them. The reason for their appearance can be unsanitary conditions, they can welcome from dysfunctional neighbors.Their habitats are very diverse: slots, baseboards, household appliances, inside furniture, outlets, etc.

Cockroaches are not as safe as it may seem at first glance. They will be able to damage products, indoor plants, books, wallpapers. In addition, they bite and are carriers of worms eggs. The "slipper" method will not rid the home of cockroaches, the insect is able to live even without a head. Only comprehensive measures will help clean the apartment from the colony cockroach.


As a rule, red ants settle in dwellings. They are no less dangerous than cockroaches. In addition, they multiply very quickly. The killing of an ant crawling around the apartment will not bring any result, since only working individuals move indoors. The uterus laying eggs can hide behind baseboards, under parquet, etc. For the destruction of ant colonies, there are folk remedies, chemicals.


Flies can cause great harm to both animals and humans. These are carriers of a large number of infections, helminth eggs. In the digestive tract of one fly there are 28 million bacteria, and on the surface there are about 6 million different bacteria.Preventive measures and methods of dealing with flies are reduced to the destruction of the individuals themselves and the detection of their larvae.


According to statistics, 95% of the world's population is infected with parasites. In the human body can live up to 250 different worms, 300 different parasites, which choose their habitat intestines, lungs, liver, brain. Parasites can live in the eyes, under the skin, in the blood, in the heart, in the muscles, joints.

Infection occurs for various reasons: lack of hygiene, penetration from contaminated food, insect bites. The presence of parasites in the body may indicate rapid fatigue, disruption of the internal organs, reduced immunity, weight change. Dangerous creatures can cause a large number of chronic diseases and even lead to death. 15 million people in the world die, becoming victims of parasites.


The number of insects that live in apartments and houses, is huge. Plain moth, capable of in a short time from a smart coat create a shabby thing. Mokritsa, choosing the wettest places in the house: bathroom and toilet."Intellectuals" kozheedy beetles, eating books and paper binders. Spiders weaving their nets in the corners. For most insects, it doesn’t matter whether the conditions meet sanitary standards or not. Many of them can be found in homes, purity and sterility in which is equal to the operating room.

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