Tuber weevil - pest of legumes
Tuber weevils feed exclusively on leguminous plants. Beetles eat leaves, young shoots and damage the nodules, the root system of plants.
How to deal with weevil in the kitchen
Weevils - pests of grain crops. Features of life do not allow to detect them in the early stages of infection. Step by step instructions will get rid of ...
Rice weevil - a malicious pest of cereals
One of the most common pests of cereals is the rice weevil. Contrary to its name, it affects not only rice, but also ...
Beet weevil
Beet weevil - one of the first pests that appear on the plot in the spring. If you do not take measures to destroy the pest ...
Acorn Weevil
Acorn weevil - beetle of small size, living everywhere, where there are oak trees. The greatest interest for insects are acorns, which serve ...
Ambar weevil how to fight
The granary weevil is a small pest capable of destroying huge stocks of grain and other crops. Fighting them at home will not take much ...
Strawberry weevil
Strawberry weevil causes great harm to planting strawberries, raspberries and other berry crops. Owning information about the features of his life and nutrition ...
Beetle weevil and its larvae
Weevil beetle refers to dangerous pests that destroy a large number of agricultural and horticultural crops. Effective and timely activities to destroy the elephant ...


Weevils - one of the largest families of beetles. Only in the vast post-Soviet expanses of their lives about 5,000 species. They feed on plant tissues and practically there is not a single culture that the bugs would not like. Weevils affect legumes, crops, willingly settle on beet fields, strawberry plantations. Colonies of insects cause great damage to plantings. After their visits can be missed 60% of the crop.
Weevils with food get into the apartment and at first do not give out their presence. When the beetles are discovered, the food in which they lived is absolutely unsuitable. In the section you will find practical recommendations for the destruction of weevils, as well as learn how to prevent the appearance of the pest in the house or on the plot.

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