Bed bugs
GEKTOR against bed bugs and crawling insects
Hector is an effective remedy for bed bugs.
Everything about bed bugs
Bed bugs, despite their bloodthirsty habits, amazing insects. Features of their parasitism, interesting facts, the reasons for the sharp increase in population numbers.
How to get rid of bedbugs and cockroaches
How to get rid of bedbugs and cockroaches if all previous attempts were unsuccessful. The solution to the problem is to become an appeal to the disinsection service.
Fufanon remedy for bedbugs
Fufanon from bedbugs - an effective and affordable insecticidal agent. It allows you to quickly get rid of not only the bloodsuckers, but also others ...
Poison for bedbugs at home
Bedbug poison is designed to quickly eliminate insects. Before buying is to find out what types of drugs exist, how they differ and ...
Protection from bedbugs at home
In modern apartments, people encounter not only cockroaches, but also bedbugs. Means of struggle and protection from bedbugs in home ...
What and how to treat the room from bedbugs
What and how to treat the room from bedbugs - methods and means of processing, the algorithm, recommendations, popular methods and the most effective chemical ...
Effective means of odorless bugs in the apartment
The most effective means of odorless bedbugs in the apartment: the types of forms and their features.
What does a furniture bug look like and how to get rid of it
Furniture bugs - a description of the appearance, development cycle, features of reproduction, living conditions, methods of distribution, the danger presented, recommendations for destruction.
Essential oils from bedbugs in the apartment
How can you use the essential oils from bedbugs in the apartment: how effective they are in fighting insects, whether they help - will interest ...
Cypermethrin from bedbugs
Bed bug cypermethrin is one of the most effective modern insecticides that helps in the fight against various types of insects, is widely used to ...
Repeller Pest Repeller from bedbugs
The Pest Repeller for bedbugs is also effective against cockroaches, ants, rodents and other household pests. Advantages and rules of use of the device.
Ultrasonic bug bugs
Ultrasonic bug bugs - mechanism of action, efficiency, review of popular devices, price and consumer reviews.
Traps for bed bugs
Are bed bug bugs effective? How to make a trap with your own hands.
Grass bugs
Grass bugs give a lot of trouble to gardeners. Destroy fruit trees, berries, cucumbers. Four generations grow in one season that can spoil ...
Whether bugs live in pillows and blankets
Whether bugs live in pillows and blankets is a common question that bothers a person.Whether they attract insects, whether to look for them there.
Garden bugs
Garden bugs: species and features of insects. Methods of dealing with garden pests.
Bedbugs predators
Who are the bugs predators. What kind of life they lead and where they live, what they eat.
Means Raptor from bedbugs
The raptor for bedbugs: varieties and features of the use of funds.
Means Forsyth from bugs
Means Forsyth from bedbugs - a professional preparation for the destruction of insects. Features of use in the home, instructions, consumer reviews.
Who bites in bed at night except for bedbugs
Who bites at night in bed except for bedbugs - a complete list of violators of the night calm. Distinctive signs of bites of bloodsucking insects.
Hot mist treatment for bedbugs
How is the treatment of hot mist from bedbugs? The effectiveness of the method, the price of services, reviews.
The best sprays and sprays from bedbugs
How to choose the best aerosols and sprays from bedbugs, what is the difference between them. Comparative characteristics, consumer reviews about the most effective ...
Professional breeding bedbugs in the apartment
Removal of bedbugs in an apartment in Moscow - professional treatment withusing licensed funds, basic disinsection services, control methods, prices for ...
Powder Phenaxin from bedbugs
Powder Fenaxin from bedbugs - a versatile and inexpensive means to combat domestic pests. How to use it, how effective it is ...
What and how to kill bed bugs
What and how to kill bed bugs - drugs, recommendations for the treatment of the apartment, alternative means.
How and what to starve bugs at home
How and what to kill bedbugs at home: methods and means of treatment.
Berry bugs
Who are the berry bugs. What insects look like, where they live and what they feed on.
Do bugs live in clothes
Do bugs live in clothes? Constant temperature and access to the human body are the most important factors for the comfortable existence of parasites.
Stinky bugs
Smelly bugs - a common type of insects that live almost throughout the territory of Russia. They are safe for humans, but harm the plant ...
Tetrix remedy for bedbugs
Tetriks from bedbugs - instructions for use, mechanism of action, effectiveness, price of the drug, user reviews.
How to protect your apartment if the neighbors have bugs
Fighting bedbugs is a troublesome and lengthy occupation, so this article tells about several effective methods of how to protect your ...
Why do some bugs bite and others don’t
The question of why the bugs bite some, but not others, many married couples or residents of hostels are puzzled. What explains the food selectivity of insects?
Pencil Masha from bedbugs
The pencil Masha from bedbugs is a bug fighting agent that has been popular since Soviet times, and is still widely used in the ...
Wormwood and grass from bedbugs in the apartment
Can grass from bedbugs in an apartment help, which plants are capable of destroying or scaring off bugs with their smell - these questions ...
Means the Ram from bugs
Means the Ram from bugs will help in just one treatment to get rid of insects. Low cost and toxicity, fast results, make it ...
Tansy bedbugs
Insects can start in every home, for starters, you can try to get rid of them with folk remedies. If they only appeared, well ...
Cyclox remedy for bedbugs
Bed bug bug is the most popular insect repellent.Before use, you need to find out how it works, what safety rules to follow ...
Cleaning after disinsection from bugs
Only specialized services are able to fully remove bedbugs from the apartment. After processing, you should find out when, how and with what to wash the apartment ...
Do bed bugs jump
Do bed bugs jump? Parasites are not able to fly or jump.
Cold fog treatment for bedbugs
What is the treatment of cold mist from bugs: its features and rules for.
Do cockroaches eat bugs
Whether cockroaches eat bugs. Can pests get along together.
Microcapsule preparations for bedbugs
Microcapsule preparations for bedbugs: advantages and disadvantages. Means that are most in demand with the consumer.
How to prepare an apartment for the disinsection of bedbugs
To successfully fight insects, you need to know how to prepare an apartment for disinsection from bedbugs. These are simple tips that will help the employee ...
Fumigators from bedbugs
How effective are fumigators from bedbugs - description, consumer reviews. Features of application of an aqua-fumigator Raptor.
Do dog and cat bugs bite
People know what a bug bite is and what symptoms then occur. Do the bugs of dogs and cats that live nearby bite ...
The bug of the soldier (Red wingless wingless)
The bug of the soldier is an attractive at first glance insect that prefers to settle in whole colonies.
Vinegar against bedbugs in the apartment
Popular and well-tried method of using vinegar against bedbugs: how to use it, whether it helps - the answers to these questions ...
What the bug bites look like in a child
To understand whether there are bugs in the kindergarten or at home, it is necessary to know what the urebenk's bedbug bites look like. They differ significantly from ...
Bedbugs in the mattress and beds
What to do if bugs are found in the mattress and bed. Methods of struggle.
Means Bedbug from bedbugs
Means the insecticide from bedbugs - one of the latest developments of the Russian scientific research institute. Advantages and disadvantages of the drug.
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Bed bugs

The category is fully represented all information about bedbugs, peculiarities of their life, than they are dangerous to humans. There are about 40 thousand species in the world, in the territory of the former USSR - about 2000. Deadly dangerous species of bedbugs in the territory of European states do not live. In apartments and houses, blood-sucking parasites mainly bed. Destruction of bedbugs at home - a difficult task, but real. Remedies for bedbugs with proper use, they provide a stable result and allow you to forget about unpleasant neighbors for a long period.

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Bed bugs