Description and photo of the city bumblebee
The city bumblebee is a very common insect with a bright color. Nests above the ground in hollows of trees, nesting boxes or wooden buildings.
Purple (blue) bumblebee carpenter
Quite often a black bumblebee began to appear in country houses and apiaries. The purple bumblebee carpenter has alternative names: woodcutter, xylokop or tree nest.
Does honey have bumblebees
Bee honey is deservedly considered a useful product, but only a few people ask themselves: do honey make bumblebees? They are the closest relatives of the bees ...
Why bumblebee can not fly according to the laws of physics
Scientists have long tried to explain why the bumblebee is flying.His overweight body and small wings did not fit into the formulas of aerodynamics. AND...
Differences of a bumblebee from a bee and a wasp
What is the difference between representatives of the same genus: the bee and the bumblebee. How not to confuse wasps with bees and bumblebees. What is ...
Description and photos of the earth bumblebee
The earth bumblebee is known for its high performance in pollination of plants. This quality was the reason for the breeding of bumblebees by experts in the agricultural industry.
Description and photo of a stone bumblebee
One of the most unusual and beautiful insects of the bee family is the stone bumblebee. It differs markedly from other species of bumblebees in its ...
What does a bumblebee look like?
Bumblebee - one of the most useful insects. Do all bumblebees have their usual striped color? What else are bumblebees and where ...
How to remove bumblebees from home
There are several ways to get rid of bumblebees and their nests. The choice of method depends on the place where the house of insects, the presence of ...
Bitten bumblebee - what to do at home
Recommendations of specialists, how and what is necessary to treat a bumblebee bite, is it possible to avoid this and when to call an ambulance.
Description and photos of the field bumblebee
The field bumblebee is found in the flat areas and pollinates field, garden plants. This species of bumblebee is known as the most common on ...
Description and photos of the garden bumblebee
A garden bumblebee is a very useful and harmless insect. It is an excellent pollinator of garden and garden crops, and for some ...


Information about bumblebees.

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