Glue from mice

Rodents to which belong different types of mice and rats, cause a lot of trouble to people living in private houses or high-rise buildings. They spoil household items, food, as well as rats and mice are carriers of dangerous diseasessuch as plague, leptospirosis, rabies and other infections. There are many methods for successful pest control.One such invention is a special glue for mice.

The composition and principle of operation

In the case of rodent control, the tool has proven its effectiveness, despite the fact that this method of extermination of rats and mice is not completely humane. A sticky trap will be the cause of the pest’s long and painful death. However, despite this unpleasant fact, many use it to rodent control it is this method. This is due to the fact that the composition used for the destruction of pests is absolutely safe for the health of others.

Special glue for catching mice is non-toxic and does not have a pronounced smell, which allows it to be used in any residential area. The preparation includes such active ingredients:

  • polyisobutylene or polybutylene;
  • cycloizane.

If accidentally ingested in small amounts into the human body, the glue from mice does not cause negative consequences, but for the purpose of prevention it is recommended to flush the stomach and go to a medical facility. Therefore, work with the drug should be carefully and comply with the requirements of the manufacturer set forth in the instructions.It must be kept out of the reach of children and pets.


Adhesives do not contain toxic components. In some formulations, special flavors are added that act as bait for mice.

Glue from mice
Glue from mice

Glue for mice is a non-drying sticky mass. Due to this, a small amount of the drug can be used on a large area for a long time. Sticky agent acts on the principle of immobilization of mice and other rodents by sticking them to the surface on which the agent is applied. Pests, not finding food die from hunger and thirst.

Depending on the type of product, two modifications are distinguished:

  • Ready glue trap for mice - a horizontal surface on which is applied a means to catch pests. To bring the device into working condition it is necessary to remove the protective film from it and set a mousetrap in the right place. Odorous supplements that replace bait, allow you to attract an animal and quickly catch.
  • Glue for mice. It can be applied to any washable surfaces (ceramic tile, glass, plastic and other varieties).Before using the composition, it is necessary to make a sample in a small area in order to check how the glue will wash off the selected materials. In order not to spoil the furnishings, the medium should be coated with cardboard strips or pieces of plywood, which should be discarded after use.

On a note!

While creating homemade trap It is necessary to use the glue carefully, strictly following the instructions of the instruction, and placing the ready-made traps out of the reach of children and pets, as it is very difficult to clean them from the preparation.

Varieties of drugs and selection rules

When buying these specific products, consumers pay attention to the reviews about the glue and the attractiveness of the packaging. These factors are important, but first of all, you need to know what consistency of the drug is most appropriate for effective rodent control. Too liquid means will not allow to glue even small rodents, and very thick - it is difficult to squeeze out of the tube. Therefore, in order to choose the right glue against mice, it is necessary to do the following manipulations:

  1. Gently press on the tube with the drug.If the packaging is deformed with difficulty, then the contents are very thick, and if the composition is liquid, the dent on it will not disappear.
  2. Shake the tube. Too liquid will emit a characteristic gurgling sound.

Glue from rodents
Glue from rodents

Such simple actions will allow you to choose a mouse glue of optimum consistency. A large range of sticky products from mice and rats is on the market. Their operating principle is no different, but some are used to trap mice, others glues meant for ratsand still others are universal drugs. Most effective means of mice and popular with consumers are such modifications:

  • Alt - an effective means of Russian production. Glue from mice is non-toxic and has a high moisture resistance, which will keep the tool on the surface when in contact with water. The composition does not dry out for a long time and retains its properties for a long time. The colorless and odorless substance is completely invisible to the animal.
  • Clay Clean House has a lasting effect, safe for others.Universal remedy designed to kill rats, mice and insects.
  • Forsyth is a sticky mass of domestic production. It can be used to make traps for rodents and insects.
  • Clay Kotofey - designed to trap mice and small rats, has good adhesive properties, allowing you to reliably glue the rodent. It is easy to apply on the substrate, has an optimal consistency, does not spread. The effect of the drug lasts for a long period of time. It can be used in various rooms, as well as outside.
  • RaTrap - Czech non-toxic glue is suitable not only for combating rats and mice, but also for the destruction of insects.
  • Clay trap. Sticky, viscous mass has a characteristic smell of needles. The tool is ideal for the destruction of mice and household insects in areas with high security requirements - kindergartens, schools, hospitals, apartments, offices and other organizations. Glue does not lose its performance in a wide range of temperatures and various humidity conditions.

These products have a standard packaging - an aluminum tube containing 135 g of adhesive substance inside.There is glue for rats and mice in the range of 150-250 rubles per pack. Buy drugs can be in specialized outlets or large supermarkets, which abounds in any locality, including Moscow.

Glue traps
Glue traps

In addition to adhesives, ready-made appliances are available for sale. catch rats and mice quite effectively. Among them are the following devices:

  • Glue mousetrap Trap. The set includes 2 plates coated with a special adhesive composition.
  • The Barrier Trap is a safe, sticky surface designed for indoor use only, since at low temperatures the applied composition loses its properties.
  • The house is a special construction with a sticky surface that allows for various assembly options.

These structures are installed on the paths of movement of rodents.

On a note!

Do not use this method of dealing with house miceif there are small pets in the house - hamsters, guinea pigs. Velcro can be detrimental to them.

Advantages and disadvantages of a sticky substance

Glue from mice is widely used by consumers.However, before applying this method of struggle, it is necessary to study its positive and negative sides. The main advantages of this technique are the following factors:

  • ease of use;
  • duration of exposure;
  • high efficiency;
  • availability;
  • low cost;
  • security;
  • lack of odors.

All these factors favor the use of a not very humane method. However, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages of the drug. Among them are the following aspects:

  • low efficiency in dusty and damp rooms;
  • Velcro for mice is dangerous for pets and children;
  • unpleasant sounds made by dying rodents.

This information will allow you to make the right decision and choose the best method of dealing with rats and mice.

Rules of application

Glue application
Glue application

Having decided to use glue from mice, you must carefully study the instructions in order to know how to use the purchased preparation. The rules for working with a sticky base are simple and do not require special training, but you should get gloves and a brush so as not to get your hands dirty:

  1. Pick up a piece of flat smooth material of size 10x10cm or 25x20cm, respectively for mice and rats.
  2. Smear glue on the substrate with strips whose width is 1-2 cm, and the gap between them should be at least 5 cm. Such markings are suitable for mice. For catching rats, the stripes are made wider - 3-5 cm and they are located at a distance of 10 cm from each other. The substance acquires its properties 30 minutes after application to the surface. Coat the selected material must be abundantly, so that the mass hit the limb of the animal.
  3. Place the prepared bait in the center of the trap.
  4. Adhesive tape for mice is located in places where the likelihood of rodents is greatest. For maximum effect, it is desirable to install several devices at a distance of 3 to 15 meters from each other.

Traps should be periodically checked for the collection and disposal of rodents, as well as to replace contaminated devices with new ones. In case of contact with glue on people and animals, it can be removed with the help of various chemical solvents.

Acceptable price of glue, safety for others and high efficiency in the fight against rodents make this drug widely used. However, today there are many alternative, more humane trapsthat allow you to get rid of rodents.

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