Kinds and types of mice
The variety of species and varieties of mice is impressive in its numbers. Animals differ in appearance, size, lifestyle. Some are trying to ...
Field mice
Field mice are ubiquitous, have an attractive, fun appearance. They are large-scale pests that carry dangerous diseases.
Mouse treatment
How is the treatment of mice in the house when you call a special health service or company, what methods are used, what price they are ...
Folk remedies for mice
Folk remedies, preparations from mice are based on the use of smell, sound. Mice in flavor find food, sneak because of him into the house ....
How to get rid of bats in the house
To get rid of bats in the attic, in the house, on the balcony, you can in different ways. They all have one algorithm - observation, ...
How to deal with mice in the country and the site
How to deal with mice in the country, methods of scaring and their destruction, how to protect the house, beds, trees and cellars from the invasion ...
Protection of the frame house against mice
Reliable protection of the frame house from mice is a difficult but solvable task. It is necessary to study all possible techniques and choose the most acceptable ...
How to deal with mice in the apartment
The most affordable and effective methods for dealing with mice in an apartment.
Plant black root from mice
The plant black root from mice is considered an excellent protector of gardens and gardens from various types of these and other pests.
How to make a mousetrap with your own hands
Everybody can make a mousetrap with his own hands out of improvised means in his household, having familiarized himself with various methods and materials for ...
Poison from mice
What poisons for mice exist. An overview of the most effective drugs that are sold in stores and home-made means of dealing with annoying rodents.
Forest mice
Where forest mice live and what they eat. Does the rodent benefit man and nature, how does the population of animals affect ...
Mouse Shrew
How shrew mice look and eat. The most famous mammal species are the shrew and the aquatic shrew.
The best means of mice
The best means of mice: their varieties and features of the application.
Interesting facts about mice
The facts about mice are interesting, unusual and amazing. What is the animal like a man, what product he does not like to eat and ...
What kind of insulation do not eat mice
In which insulation is guaranteed not start the mouse, and what material attracts rodents the most. What you should pay attention to ...
Ultrasonic repeller from rats and mice Clean house
Repeller rats and mice Clean house: its main advantages and disadvantages. Rules of application.
What bait to put in a mousetrap
What kind of bait must be put in a mousetrap or on glue to ensure that the rodent is caught. What bait will leave the pest indifferent.
How to put a mousetrap
Instructions for use of different types of mousetraps contain identical rules. It is important to choose a suitable place, to find a good bait. You can buy a mousetrap or ...
How to catch a mouse in a house without a mousetrap
Catch a mouse in your house or apartment is quite simple, if you arm yourself with a fragrant bait, to build an effective trap. A mousetrap is made from improvised ...
How to get mice out of the cellar
The article describes how to remove mice from the cellar, what methods exist to combat these pests: mechanical and folk ...
Rodent Ultrasonic Repellers
Ultrasonic rodent scarers are now a popular means of rodent control, as this is the most humane way to help get rid of mice ...
One owl kills about 1000 field mice over the summer
The owl destroys the field mice and rats, as a result of which it brings great benefits to agriculture.
What to do if the mouse is bitten
What to do if you are bitten by a mouse: first aid rules.
What can be infected from mice
What infections rodents suffer and what can be infected from mice, what are the symptoms of these diseases - the answers to these questions are given ...
Electro mousetrap
Electro mousetrap - one of the methods of rodent control. Features and types of devices.
Repeller mice and rats Elektrokot
Otpugivatel mice and rats Elektrokot: features and rules of use of the device.
What mice eat
What eat mice living in natural and domestic conditions.
Pest Redzhekt ultrasonic repeller rodents and insects
Pest Redzhet ultrasonic repeller is an effective means of combating various insects and rodents.
How to get rid of mice in the stretch ceiling
Rodents are able to penetrate everywhere. There are several ways to easily get rid of mice in a stretch ceiling without dismantling it.
Car repeller rats and mice
A car repeller for mice and rats will help solve the problem with rodents, but you should know which model to choose. This will help reviews ...
Ultrasonic repeller rats and mice with their own hands
The scheme of the repeller of mice and rats is not something complicated and incomprehensible. Build an electronic device under the force of each.
Mouse structure
The structure of mice is similar to the structure of rats, but animals differ from each other. They have a different skeleton, wool and lifestyle.
Grass from mice
What grass from mice with its smell can help drive them out of the house or from the territory of the garden plot, what plants exist ...
How to get mice out of the car
Rodents appeared in the vehicle and you do not know what needs to be done to quickly and effectively solve this problem. AT...
Glue from mice
Glue from mice - one of the effective means to get rid of rodents. Reasonable price, safety for the person, usability ...
How to drive a mouse out of the hive in winter and summer
How can you drive a mouse out of the hive until it causes damage to the apiary, what methods exist to help kill rodents and preserve ...
How to get mice out of the garage
What will help out of the garage of mice. Overview of the most effective ways to combat small rodents: folk recipes, chemicals, traps.
House mice
House gray mice are well-known to everyone.With pests are constantly fighting in the house, on the territory of the land, and ...
Mousetrap cage
A mousetrap in the form of a cage allows you to catch a rodent without harming it. Then you can do anything with the mouse. Most...
Sea mice
The sea mouse was called Aphrodite because its appearance resembles one piquant part of the female body. With a mouse from a worm too ...
How to remove mice from a private house
That will help to get rid of mice in a private house forever. There are several effective and cheap home remedies that have been used by ours ...
How to get rid of the smell of mice
Effective recipes for how to quickly get rid of the smell of mice in the car, garage, house, apartment. What to do if the stench ate into ...
Do mice gnaw vulture panels
The answer to the question of whether the vulture is biting the mouse panels and whether pests can settle there. Additional funds that will save the house from ...
How to wash the glue from mice
Mouse glue is sticky and does not dry out for a long time. If he gets his hands or clothes dirty, it’s worth knowing that it’s easy to clean the glue from ...
Traces of mice in the snow
Traces of mice in the winter in the snow can tell where the mink is located, where rodents drop in after replenishing stocks.If such a picture is observed ...
Do mice gnaw foam
Whether construction materials polyfoam gnaw mice - the answer is yes. It remains to figure out how to protect the walls inside and out, whether there is a special foam, ...
The lifespan of mice
The life span of little mice depends on many factors. Genetically built to live animals for about 5 years. In real conditions live to ...
The biggest mouse in the world
The largest mouse around the world is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, striking in size, appearance. House mouse can not be called a giant ...
Breeding mice
What are the subtleties in breeding in mice. How to help a pregnant female survive toxemia and give birth to a healthy and strong ...
How to save the apple tree, if the bark nabbed mice
The best ways of how to save an apple tree if the mouse bites around the bark, which will help even with damaged cambium. Prevention measures and secrets ...
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