Rodent Ultrasonic Repellers

To the most modern methods rodent control include ultrasonic repellents that act on their brain activity, causing a panic state.Which repeller of mice and rats is better and suitable for get rid of rodents in the apartment or in a private house - with such questions most often wishing to purchase the device.

How does the repeller work

The main advantage of such devices is that they do not have to bother with dead animals, as is the case with mechanical methods of trapping them or with the destruction of mice and rats using poison. Protection against rodents is provided in a completely different way.

Any ultrasonic rodent repeller acts on their nervous system using high frequency ultrasonic pulses (over 20 kHz) and makes mice want to quickly get out of the territory of the sounds. In the process of operation, the device often changes the frequency of the sound in the range of 20-70 kHz so that animals cannot get used to it.


The well-known German university, whose staff conducted experiments on the effects of ultrasound signals on mice, published in the press the results and information about the behavior of rodents: they begin to throw obstacles, panic, cannot eat normal and are gradually depleted, becoming incapacitated.People and pets are usually not sensitive to such a sound.

Repeller action
Repeller action

In stores, you can also find combined repellents that combine several functions: in addition to the effect of ultrasonic frequencies, pests are additionally affected by electromagnetic waves from the low range (14-26 mA). Such devices are considered more effective, as animals do not have time to adapt to the double negative impact on their body and psyche.

The selection of the repeller and its characteristics

Ultrasonic repeller of mice and rats can be ordered online with delivery or purchased at a hardware store. Choose such a device should be based on its technical indicators:

  • power determining the size of the area of ​​action; It should also be borne in mind that walls, upholstered furniture, carpets and other obstacles weaken ultrasonic radiation;
  • autonomy, i.e. the ability to work from the battery - such devices are convenient for installing and scaring away mice and rats in rooms where there is no electrical wiring;
  • the frequency at which the device operates must be at least 20 kHz; to check, you can turn the regulator to the minimum value and listen to the sound: if you hear a squeak, then the requirements for the scaring technology are not met;
  • it is necessary to take into account the universality of the action: there are devices that are not only afraid of rodents, but also insects and other pests, their use is more profitable.

Also, when selecting a device for residential premises, the number of mice and rats in the house, comfort for humans and pets living in it should be considered.

Install the repeller from mice
Install the repeller from mice

The disadvantages of ultrasound devices

If the repeller of rats and mice makes a noise or sounds heard by the human ear, this indicates its poor quality. Emitters, which emit noise of more than 50 dB, are considered uncomfortable by sanitary standards for use in residential premises, but they can be installed in warehouses and in industrial buildings.

When buying, preference should be given to devices that periodically change the frequency of the sound, because stable ultrasound for the house in mice and rats acts worse than the signal that varies in time and level.

Correct installation of the repeller

Each device for dealing with mice, although it has different technical characteristics, but the working conditions and rules for its installation are of the same type:

  • ultrasonic repeller is usually placed in the center of the room on the floor or stand, not higher than 1.5 m and is included in the outlet under a voltage of 220 V;
  • It is recommended that the first time an ultrasonic device be turned on for several days at once; then take a break for 12 hours, then turn it on until the complete disappearance of mice and rats: they must go within 2-3 weeks;
  • as a preventive measure, the repeller of the mice is connected weekly, which helps to avoid re-entering them.

Popular Scarer Models

In stores, scarers using ultrasound from mice are found in domestic production, Asian and European firms. How to choose the most optimal repeller model? Each enterprise usually produces devices of the same name in series, differing in power, area of ​​operation and price.

Consider the most famous Russian brands.

Popular Mice Repellers
Popular Mice Repellers


One of the cheapest options, is quite effectively used in residential and industrial premises; has a range of radiation - up to 90 kHz, the price is about 1250 rubles, it is able to work at a temperature of -15 ... + 45 ºС, the area of ​​exposure is up to 400 square meters, 2 modes are possible: pulsed and continuous.


An important advantage of the Typhoon design is a microprocessor that regularly changes the length and frequency of ultrasonic waves, so that mice and rats do not have time to adapt to them.

Its advantages:

  • low cost;
  • low power consumption - up to 9 W;
  • compact size;
  • when reflected from walls and other obstacles, the signal does not lose power.

Disadvantages: some rodents do not feel it at all.


A good device for scaring mice and rats, which reduces their activity in the room to 500 square meters. m, has the function of partial radiation of waves, which increases the efficiency of influence on pests. The ultrasonic signal has a range of 20-70 kHz, which does not harm the person and his pets, except for decorative rodents.

Another advantage of it: the largest radiation angle of 360º, but the device is larger in size and weight than the previous one. As disadvantages, consumers note that the quality of the device operation is not always high. Price - 2500 rubles.


A very powerful ultrasound device for scaring rats and mice with a single emitter. Ideal for an apartment or a private house.To prevent animal adaptation, autoswitch of ultrasonic frequencies is used.

Advantages of the device:

  • harmless to humans, incl. children and pets;
  • quiet operation and good quality of the device;
  • large impact radius: 400 square meters. m, weight 500 g

Disadvantages of the device:

  • the range of variation of ultrasonic frequencies is small: 2-10 kHz;
  • no possibility of using the battery;
  • the price is about 2500 rubles.

Grad A-550

A modified model of an ultrasound device that helps fight against mice and rats is powered by 3 batteries and through an adapter from a standard power supply. Its main advantage is noiseless operation, in which ultrasound is emitted against mice and rats, which allows it to be used in rooms where people live. The area of ​​impact when included in the grid is 550 square meters. m, when working on batteries 250 square meters. m. Price 2500 rubles.

On a note!

There is also a more potent model Grad-1000 - a rodent and insect repeller, the impact area of ​​which is 1000 square meters. m, having 4 operating modes: silent, maximum from mice, against mosquitoes and insects. It can be applied in the territory of the house, a garden, etc.

Electric boat

Devices from rodents
Devices from rodents

Electronic cat is the most optimal for use in apartments, has an impact area of ​​200 square meters. The electric kettle produces 2 types of signals: ultrasonic waves and flashes of light, and it is in the night mode that sounds very annoying to mice and rats, but people are not recommended to be in the room.

This electronic scarer Electric boat designed to work on the network and from an autonomous power source, safe enough for people and pets, except rodents. When choosing the model Electrocota, one should take into account the area of ​​exposure of the device, and also remember that it will take 3 weeks for effective exposure.

Ultrasonic repeller universal action WEITECH WK-0600

To affect not only rodents, but also insects and other types of pests (moles, shrews, etc.), universal ultrasonic devices operating at frequencies that can cause negative emotions and panic feelings in several groups of animals are suitable.

WEITECH WK-0600 - The most effective Belgian-made repeller today, with a high customer rating.It can be used both in residential premises and in the garden plot.

Its advantages are:

  • 9 modes of operation for different categories of pests: spiders and cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes, moles, etc .;
  • 3 sound volume modes;
  • 2 emitters to increase the effectiveness of the action;
  • Impact area is 350 sq.m.

Disadvantages: a high price of about 7,000 rubles., A smaller temperature range for work.

Electronic mousetrap

Ultrasonic repeller and electronic traps differ in their purpose. The concept of "ultrasonic trap" does not exist, because The purpose of the electronic device is completely different: the mice will climb into it food bait, and then killed by an electric discharge. Similarly, electronic and not ultrasound mousetraps work.


When a mouse got wound up in our apartment, I decided to try using a device that emits ultrasound from rats and mice, bought it on the advice of my friend Grad, although I had previously doubted whether such a method would help. It worked very well, but not immediately - the mice left a week after the device was turned on. With how the repeller works, I was pleased.The silent silent device, copes with the task.

Oksana, Kiev

They got me in the garage of the mouse: they settled, began to climb into the cellar, eat paper and food, mouse droppings everywhere. I tried adhesive tapes - zero sense. Friends advised the site where to order the Typhoon ultrasonic repeller, set, turned on and left, after almost 2 weeks the mice disappeared completely, so the device passed the test successfully.

Andrey, Moscow

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