How to deal with flies in flower pots
Detailed instructions will help get rid of the flies in a flower pot, as well as prevent their occurrence.
How to deal with the whitefly in the greenhouse
The whitefly in a greenhouse is a dangerous pest that can destroy the entire crop grown. Timely detection of the parasite and effective methods of dealing with it ...
How to deal with the whitefly on cabbage
Fighting a whitefly on cabbage is not easy, but very important. If you do not stop the reproduction of a harmful insect - it can ...
How to get rid of the whitefly on indoor flowers
How to deal with the whitefly on indoor flowers. Signs of plant contamination, chemical and folk remedies.
Bites of midges on a person photo and treatment
A detailed description and a photo of what a bite looks like on a human's skin. What are the symptoms of bites and in what cases ...
Methods of dealing with whitefly on tomatoes in the greenhouse
Whitefly on tomatoes in a greenhouse seriously damages plants. Need to know how to get rid of the pest.
How to get rid of fungus mosquitoes (sciarid)
Every fan of domestic plants at least once faced with the problem of how to get rid of sciarid. Observance of basic rules for the care of flowers ...
What to do if the midges are bred in the orchids
What to do to get rid of the midge in orchids? You must follow certain rules for caring for plants. Emerging infections must be destroyed by special ...
How to get rid of black flies in indoor plants and flower pots
When purchasing a houseplant, you need to be ready to get rid of blackflies in flowers, because this problem occurs quite often. You can do it ...
What midges and their larvae eat
Small annoying insects bring a lot of trouble, settling in the house. Knowing what the midges eat, what features of their structure and life, you can ...
How to make a blackfly trap at home
To get rid of annoying insects in the apartment will help the blackfly trap. It can be made without special work and large financial expenses ...
How to get rid of onion midges
The problem of how to get rid of onion flies in the apartment worries many housewives. The most effective means is to prevent rotting in the house ...
Blackflies in cereals, flour, pasta, and how to get rid of them
Get rid of the midges in the grains is quite simple - you need to throw away all contaminated products. The most important thing is to do everything to get rid of ...
How to get rid of midges in the apartment
To get rid of the midges in the apartment can be using insect excretion means. Different types of blackflies may require a different approach to solving the problem.
How to get rid of black flies in the kitchen
How to remove the midges from the kitchen. What means of struggle are most effective.
How many midges live
Small annoying insects quite often become inhabitants of city apartments and country houses.To find out how many midges live, you need to know the features ...
A means for midges Thunder 2
Means Thunder 2 for blackflies is a great way to deal with pests of indoor plants. Acting according to the instructions, it is possible to ensure the protection of plants ...
Bite domestic flies
Biting midges in an apartment can spoil not only mood, but also health. To avoid this, it is important to know why midges live ...
Blackfly Remedies
There are many means of midges. How to get rid of insects with their help.
Blackbird bit in the eye - how to remove swelling and soothe itching
The midge bit in an eye. What to do and how to remove the swelling - effective means.
Midges on the dream book
If it became necessary to find out why the midges dream, it is only necessary to open the dream book. Today it’s not even necessary to have it at home, ...


Small flies, midges in the house - a commonplace phenomenon. It would seem that they come from nowhere. It is necessary to leave the fruit on the table - and immediately there are black flies in the kitchen, which biologists call fruit flies. Despite their tiny size, small insects irritate their presence and can cause significant damage, which manifests itself in the deterioration of products. Industrial and folk remedies for blackflies will help get rid of pests in the kitchen.
Blackflies in houseplants appear even at the most experienced grower. Black flies Stsiaridy lay eggs in flower pots, which can lead to the death of the plant. Whitefly is no less dangerous for home vegetation. Detailed recommendations and tips for the destruction of pests, a review of the most effective drugs are described in detail in the section.

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