All about cockroaches
Features breeding Turkmen cockroaches
Turkmen cockroaches are a complete food base for insectivorous reptiles, spiders
What to do if a cockroach climbed in the ear
Cockroach in the ear - this is not a frame from a horror movie, but a very real situation. What to do in this case, you can ...
What eat cockroaches in the apartment
What cockroaches eat in the apartment and what they love most. What to feed the inhabitants of terrariums and what animals would not mind ...
Why cockroaches called Stasik
Many wonder why cockroaches are called Stas. It is not possible to find out the exact cause, but there are several versions.
What are cockroaches in nature for?
The value of cockroaches in the equilibrium of the ecosystem in plant growing, medicine, cosmetology - scientific discoveries, fairy tales and versions.
At what temperature do cockroaches and their larvae die?
At what temperature do cockroaches die? The activity of insects depends largely on the ambient temperature.
Red cockroach prusak and how to get rid of it
Red-haired cockroach: a detailed description and the way of life of the Prusaks. The most effective methods of fighting insects.
The most giant cockroach in the world
The largest cockroach in the world: features and lifestyle of an insect
What to do if you saw a cockroach in the kitchen
What if little cockroaches in the kitchen. Causes and effective methods to combat nimble voracious insects.
Do cockroaches fly and do they have wings
Flying cockroaches live mainly in countries with warm climates. How thorough is the assertion that domestic cockroaches cannot fly and ...
The structure of the cockroach - external and internal
How many legs a cockroach can fly and live without a head - these questions are often the subject of controversy. What kind...
Sea cockroach
Sea cockroach: features of the structure and reproduction. This representative of the aquatic fauna has practically nothing to do with the habitual Prusaks. Combines them ...
What are dangerous cockroaches for humans?
The danger of cockroaches for humans is a detailed analysis of the medical and economic damage caused by these insects, vivid historical and scientific facts.
Where cockroaches from apartments disappeared
Where cockroaches went - the most common versions, scientific rationale, statistics and urban legends. Should people breathe a sigh of relief, ...
What do cockroaches appear in the house, omens
What appear cockroaches in the apartment. A sign of what cockroaches were for our ancestors and what their presence means for contemporaries.
Marble cockroaches: what to feed and how to breed
What does a marble cockroach look like? Features breeding and breeding insects.
Why do people fear cockroaches
Most people are afraid of cockroaches.Phobia most often occurs in early childhood, accompanying a person throughout his life. It is imperative to start treating ...
What animals eat cockroaches
No matter how ugly the creation, there is always an amateur on it. Those who eat cockroaches turned out to be not a little too. Consider ...
African cockroaches (American)
The American cockroach is an exotic pest, but no less undesirable. Neighborhood with him leads to exacerbation of allergies, asthma and ...
Why dream crush cockroaches in a dream
Squeezing cockroaches in a dream is not the most pleasant thing, but it’s promising, according to some dream books, various amenities. In what cases ...
Where are cockroaches hiding in the apartment
Where cockroaches live: their favorite habitat. Insects prefer to settle near sources of water and food.
Life Expectancy of the Domestic Cockroach
Many people wonder how many cockroaches live without food and water, and how they adapt to different conditions.
White albino cockroaches in the apartment
What are dangerous white cockroaches. Features of insects, causes of occurrence and methods of struggle.
Conspiracy - how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment once and for all
A plot from cockroaches, magical rituals and simoronsky magic - an alternative to poisonous insecticides. Feel like a magician, getting rid of annoying insects.
How cockroaches look, their photos, types and description
Domesticated cockroach species are familiar to many. However, the large family of cockroach has thousands of species and most of them can only be seen ...
Dream dream cockroaches what are they dreaming about
What do cockroaches dream of? Dreamcockers can mean a wide variety of events and foreshadow as well as monetary reward, career growth, ...
What to do if cockroaches appeared in the apartment
For successful pest control it is very important to know where cockroaches come from in an apartment. Knowing the answer to this question, eliminate the path ...
How to breed domestic cockroaches
Successful control of insects - pests contribute to the knowledge of how domesticated cockroaches breed. The fight involves the destruction of adults ...
Madagascar hissing cockroaches
Madagascar cockroach is the largest representative among all cockroaches. Recently, it is increasingly being turned on as a pet ...
What are cockroaches afraid of in the apartment?
What are cockroaches most afraid of in the apartment? Knowing the fears of insects, you can find a completely new, non-standard way to get rid of cockroaches.
Do domestic cockroaches bite a person
For a long time, the question of whether cockroaches bite was highly controversial and controversial. In the last century, American scientists completely dispelled myths about ...

All about cockroaches

In Russia, cockroaches are often called Prussians, believing that insects were brought from Prussia. In Germany, they believe that cockroaches came to them from Russia and call them Russen. All information about cockroaches, interesting facts about the life of baleen insects are presented in this section.
Cockroaches can be carriers of dysentery pathogens, diarrhea, carry on their paws helminth eggs, provoke allergic reactions and aggravate the condition of asthma patients. General information about cockroaches will be useful for effective control and preventive measures.

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