Species of ants
Red fire ants
Red fire ants are recognized by scientists as the most dangerous species of such insects. Where they live, what they eat and how they multiply, what ...
Pharaoh ants
Pharaoh ants: description, lifestyle and features of reproduction.
Ants leaf cutters
Ants leaf cutters: features and lifestyle of insects.
Types of ants in Russia and the world
What kinds of ants are in nature? Features insects.
Ants bullet
Description of the appearance and life of ant bullets. As with these insects in Indian tribes, boys become males.
Garden black ants
The black ant is the most common inhabitant of the planet. It occurs everywhere, has many varieties. In our area a large black ant annoys the gardeners.
Woodwind Ants
Woodworm ant is one of the largest, most common species of ant family. It builds nests in wood, the building material is obtained by chewing ...
Ants reapers
The ant reaper is a herbivore who benefits nature. Builds nests at a depth of 10 m from the surface of the earth, makes stocks on ...
Ants Bulldogs
Ants bulldogs - one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. They live in the arid region of Australia, there are more than 90 species. The most ...
Ants atta
Ant atta - a tropical resident of a large metropolis, located deep underground. Mysterious creatures have the ability to teleport, transmit signals to several ...
Honey ants
Honey ants can be found in countries with arid hot climate. Locals specifically search for anthills for healthy, delicious food.
Forest red ants
Forest red ants are small forest workers.Features, lifestyle and reproduction of insects.

Species of ants

Information about the types of ants.

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