All about ants
Ant queen
The ant queen is the main reason for the rapid spread of pests in the apartment. Only after its detection and destruction can you get rid of unpleasant ...
What ants eat in nature
What feed ants living in natural conditions. What is the diet of insects that live in homes. What predators and herbivores eat.
Ant bites
How dangerous are human bites for common forest and tropical ants, how to treat them and how to save them if they start allergic ...
How many ant paws
This article provides a summary of how many legs an ant has, their structure and functional features that allow them ...
How much does an ant weigh
How much does an ant weigh? What weight can an insect lift?
What ants are afraid of
To drive out ants from your garden plot or from a house it is not at all necessary to destroy them, it’s enough to know what the ants are afraid of ...
The biggest ants in the world
The largest ants in the world densely inhabit the planet and make up about 30% of all creatures living on earth. Kinds of them ...
Who are the ants and how they look.
The most dangerous ants in the world
Killer ants: species and characteristics of insects.
Do ants sleep
Do ants sleep? The opinions of scientists on this issue are divided.
The life of ants in an anthill
The life of different species of ants in nature surprises, delights, amazes. Unique housing, developed relationships within the family, a clear distribution of responsibilities. Great benefits ...
All about ants
The most interesting facts about the life, behavior of ants are collected in one article. Based on research scientists. Only amazing features of the most unusual ...
Device anthill
The device of a small anthill above the ground continues with deep structures inside the soil. On the construction of the year, involved hundreds of workers. Internal structure –...
Stages of ant development
All ants breed at a rapid pace. Provides high fecundity, once fertilized female, she is the queen. Stands at the head of the hierarchy. All ants ...
What do ants do in winter
What ants do in winter depends on the habitat, air temperature. Some members of the family are sleeping, others continue to fulfill their functions, others ...
Zombie ants
Zombie ants are real creatures that are found in nature. They are controlled by the fungus Cordyceps, which uses their body for initial growth, ...
On which side of the tree ants will build an anthill
On which side of the tree ants build their anthills, and how ant houses help to navigate the forest. What are other landmarks ...
Who eats ants
Who in nature eats ants and their larvae. Does a bear like to ruin an anthill, or only anteaters feed on hard-working insects?
Type of relationship of ants and aphids
What is beneficial to nature symbiosis of ants and aphids.How insects work together, and can an ant eat aphids or does it ...
Ants against ticks
Ants against different ticks and in different conditions. Can the ant family rid the forest of bloodsuckers, and what mites are ...
Garden ants harm and benefit
The harm and use of ants in the garden is enormous. On the one hand, insects loosen the soil, fertilize the ground, collect pests, and on the other ...
Ants, penoplex and foam
Whether ants eat foam plastics and foam plastic and whether it is possible to protect the material from living creatures. How insects penetrate the insulation and equip ...
Ants live in insulation
Can ants start in a heater and how to protect your house during construction? Available methods of dealing with insects that ...
Winged ants
What a flying ant looks like, what it eats and how it gets into a person’s housing. Available methods to combat this pest.
What is useful ants
What are the benefits of various ants for humans and nature? How do insects affect soil composition, plant growth and the lives of other representatives ...
How much does an ant live?
How many years the ant lives in the wild and in a warm apartment.What factors affect the lifespan of an insect.

All about ants

All about ants.

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