All about bedbugs
Protection from bedbugs at home
In modern apartments, people encounter not only cockroaches, but also bedbugs. Means of struggle and protection from bedbugs in home ...
Whether bugs live in pillows and blankets
Whether bugs live in pillows and blankets is a common question that bothers a person. Whether they attract insects, whether to look for them there.
Who bites in bed at night except for bedbugs
Who bites at night in bed except for bedbugs - a complete list of violators of the night calm.Distinctive signs of bites of bloodsucking insects.
Do bugs live in clothes
Do bugs live in clothes? Constant temperature and access to the human body are the most important factors for the comfortable existence of parasites.
How to protect your apartment if the neighbors have bugs
Fighting bedbugs is a troublesome and lengthy occupation, so this article tells about several effective methods of how to protect your ...
Why do some bugs bite and others don’t
The question of why the bugs bite some, but not others, many married couples or residents of hostels are puzzled. What explains the food selectivity of insects?
Cleaning after disinsection from bugs
Only specialized services are able to fully remove bedbugs from the apartment. After processing, you should find out when, how and with what to wash the apartment ...
Do bed bugs jump
Do bed bugs jump? Parasites are not able to fly or jump.
Do cockroaches eat bugs
Whether cockroaches eat bugs. Can pests get along together.
How to prepare an apartment for the disinsection of bedbugs
To successfully fight insects, you need to know how to prepare an apartment for disinsection from bedbugs.These are simple tips that will help the employee ...
Do dog and cat bugs bite
People know what a bug bite is and what symptoms then occur. Do the bugs of dogs and cats that live nearby bite ...
What the bug bites look like in a child
To understand whether there are bugs in the kindergarten or at home, it is necessary to know what the urebenk's bedbug bites look like. They differ significantly from ...
Bedbugs vectors of any diseases
The most invisible and unpleasant inhabitants of human habitation are bedbugs, vectors of disease, and sources of allergy.
What bugs eat and who eat them
In nature, there are more than 100,000 species of insects, called bedbugs. What bugs eat in their lives and are there those who ...
Who or what are bedbugs
What are bedbugs, what they look like - a detailed description of domestic bedbugs, the reasons for their appearance in the apartment and habitat.
How many bugs live after disinfection
On the question of how many bugs live after disinfection, experts do not give a definite answer. It depends on the quality of the processing of the apartment, on ...
Why are bedbugs infested in an apartment or house
Why bedbugs infest - versions, scientific facts, methods of combating and preventing the infestation of housing by parasites.
People signs - why bugs appear in the apartment
Folk signs of the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment are modern and ancient signs, the reasons for their appearance, the interpretation of bedbug dreams ...
How bedbugs spread
How do bedbugs spread and get into homes, can this be prevented? What is the most favorable habitat for them and what ...
Larvae of bedding or bed bugs
The larvae of bedbugs, their appearance, dietary habits, vital functions, the development phase and interesting facts about representatives of different species.
Where bugs can live and can they disappear
The question of where the bugs can live and whether they can disappear, worries many people. Factors affecting the disappearance of parasites.
How to determine if there are bugs at home
Did you notice small red dots on the sheet, the body itches in the morning, and the room begins to smell like fermented fruit? You need to know, there is ...
What are dangerous bugs and their bites?
People who have encountered such unpleasant and harmful insects at least once in their life should be interested in the answer to the question of what is dangerous ...
What size bed bugs
The article tells about what are and what the size of bedbugs that settle in a person’s bed depends on.
Allergic reaction to bedbug bites
Is an allergic reaction to bedbugs possible? Causes and features of the manifestation of allergy after a parasite bite.
Plots and prayers from bedbugs in the apartment
Conspiracies and prayers from bedbugs are the most ancient ways of dealing with domestic insects, which still operate on a par with ...
Whether homebugs or bedbugs smell
Whether bugs smell, and why they need such a specific smell, it is interesting to many. After all, the smell does not always show the presence of insects.
Bugs fly or not
The question, bugs fly or not, arises for everyone who saw an insect in his apartment. Ways of penetration of parasites into the house.
Signs of bedbugs in the apartment
Knowing the signs of the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment, you can prevent the spread of parasites. Habitats of blood-sucking insects.
How many bed bugs live without food
How many bugs usually live and how many - without human blood, can they live in an empty apartment? Answers to these ...
Where are bugs hiding in the apartment
In order to find a place where the bugs live in an apartment, you must carefully examine the sofas, beds and other pieces of furniture especially ...
What the bugs look like in the photo
How to look at home and bed bugs in the photo. On what grounds can you distinguish domestic insects from street insects.
What do bed bugs eggs look like?
Information about how the eggs of bedbugs look helps to detect them and take measures for destruction. There are many tips on how to destroy ...
At what temperature bugs die
In the fight against bedbugs, it is very important to know at what temperature the bugs, their larvae and eggs die.
How fast bed bugs breed
For reproduction of bed bugs in the apartment has all the conditions. How quickly do bedbugs breed and why is one individual enough to ...
Where do bedbugs come from in the apartment and how to get rid of
From the neighborhood with bedbugs in the apartment no one is insured. Where bedbugs come from in an apartment, the causes of parasites in the house are usually ...
What are afraid of domestic bugs, folk remedies
The appearance of domestic bugs in the apartment is a real disaster. Therefore, many people are interested in the question of what to fear bed bugs, what ...
What dreams of bedbugs in a dream
Dreams that flooded bugs on the dream book are interpreted as harbingers of misfortunes.What dreams of bedbugs in a dream, if they bite, crawl ...
How to bite domestic bugs
How homebugs bite, many do not even suspect. Bed bugs leave characteristic marks on human skin, which allow to reveal the true ...
What do bedbug bites look like on human skin?
Recognize the symptoms of bedbug bites will help photo bite on human skin. What the bug bites look like, how do they differ from the bites of others ...

All about bedbugs

Bedbugs are found everywhere, right up to the Chukotka Peninsula. The rubric describes the general information about the bugs, describes the types of bugs. Not all insects feed on blood; herbivorous bugs that are harmless to humans are common in the wild.
But still, most of all, people are interested in information about bed bugs and how to pick up money from bedbugs, since in the last decade, scientists have begun to observe population growth and high-rise buildings have become increasingly subject to attacks by parasites. Such a surge is due to warming of the climate, heating of rooms and the resistance of bugs to chemical agents. The destruction of bedbugs in various ways is therefore particularly relevant.

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Bed bugs