Bee moth tincture: what it treats and how to use it
The bee moth is an insect parasitic in bee hives. In folk medicine, bee moth tincture is widely used to treat a huge number of ...
Is the moth afraid of frost and cold
Knowing the temperature at which the mole and larva die, you can quickly destroy the resulting colony. For southern regions it is more convenient to work with high temperatures, ...
Burdock larvae - where to find it
Did you know that burdock moth is an excellent bait for winter fishing, which you can buy at fishing stores and even ...
Waste products of wax moth
Beekeepers actively promote the waste products of the wax moth - the first enemy of bee hives - as an effective drug. Is not it...
What do the moth larvae look like
Moth larvae - these are the very creatures that spoil the products and things. How do they do it, what are the differences between food and ...
What eats moth in the apartment
Often the housewives do not know what the mole eats. Having found in the croup of the nasty worms, they run to the closets and peer at their loved ones ...
What to do if a mole starts up in a dried fruit
Fruit moth is made not only in dried fruits. Its larvae are able to eat flour and cereals, turning products into unsuitable for consumption ...
Apple moth - how to deal with it
Apple moth: features of the insect and methods of dealing with it.
The best remedies for moths
Remedy for moths - the best, safe popular. Review, analysis and recommendations for use.
How to get rid of moth flour in the kitchen
Flour moth - its harm and signs of presence. How to get rid of the pest.
Fighting cabbage moth
Cabbage moth causes enormous damage not only to cabbage plantings, but also to many cruciferous representatives.The larvae gnaw through the leaf, make holes ...
Potato moth - storage control measures
The potato moth is a butterfly that infects the planting of potatoes and other solanaceous crops. The greatest damage is caused by the insect larva devouring a large number of fruits ...
Food moth traps
Food moth traps: variations and advantages of devices. How to get rid of the pest with the help of a trap.
What helps from the moth and its larvae
Knowing what the mole is afraid of, it is possible to prevent the appearance of this harmful domestic insect in your home and to protect its products and ...
Wax moth larvae extract
The wax moth extract is a traditional medicine based on the use of a unique enzyme that dissolves the wax shells of bacteria. This enzyme produces a larva ...
Wax moth - application in traditional medicine
Wax moth - a description of the life cycle and morphology of the pest, use in traditional medicine and scientific substantiation of the benefits in therapy more ...
What to do if mole starts up in dried apples
Often the hostess discovers that a mole has started in dried apples.To save a potential compote, you need to know what to do. In addition, it is necessary ...
How to deal with moths at home
How to deal with moth in the apartment. Methods of struggle and prevention.
Why and what to do, if mole started up in cereals
What to do if the mole started up in the croup. How to get rid of cereal moth: methods and means of struggle.
Methods of dealing with wax moth
The wax moth does not harm the beehive and its inhabitants, but it leaves the eggs from which the voracious larvae that can destroy ...
Mining mole - how to get rid of it
Mining moth is a small, almost imperceptible insect. However, the damage it does to trees is enormous. How to get rid of moths, what ways ...
How to keep boots from moths in summer
How to store boots, so as not to eat the mole. Measures and means of protection.
What flowers scare the mole
To combat insects use plants that scare the mole with their smell. It is a safe, effective, environmentally friendly means of pest control ...
Why moth has no proboscis
How to explain the absence of a proboscis in moths. Maybe she is not a butterfly? The life cycle of an insect.
Tincture wax moth indications and contraindications
What is useful tincture wax moth. Cooking methods. Instructions for use, indications and contraindications.
How to permanently remove the mole in the apartment and house
Many people are concerned about how to quickly get rid of moths. An effective remedy for moths and larvae can be found among the chemical preparation, and ...
Moth wax moth reviews and contraindications
Tincture of the wax moth larvae is a composition of ethyl alcohol with floating caterpillars. Reviews and different points of view on the application ...
How does the mole in the photo
The world of insects is very diverse. The number of types of moles is tens of thousands. What does a mole look like in a photo, its larvae and how take it off ...
How to bring food moth in the kitchen
All about food moths. The presence of flying parasites that destroy food products is a real disaster. Therefore, many people are interested in how forever and ...
What dreams moth
People often think about what dreams of moths or other insects, objects, things, people. In order to find out, ...
Where the mole comes from in the apartment and how to get rid of it
Where does the mole in the apartment.Favorite habitat of the insect.
What to do if a mole starts up in a mink coat
What to do if a fur coat ate the mole. How to handle a fur coat and means of prevention.
Remedies for moths at home
The most effective folk remedies for moths. How to get rid of moth forever.


A moth is usually associated with a nondescript, voracious insect eating a fur coat. However, the moles include a large number of lepidopteran insects, among which there are also butterflies with a bright color. Everything types of moth differ in small dimensions, specific addition of wings and feature of structure of the oral apparatus.
The general section presents moth information, its varieties, food features. Ways to fight insects depend on their species. Preventive measures will help prevent the emergence of fertile moles and avoid damage to things and products.

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