All about rats
What do rat tracks look like in the snow
Knowing the traces of a rat in the snow, you can find its nest.
What kind of insulation do not eat rats and mice
What kind of insulation does not gnaw mice and rats - an overview of the materials most commonly used to insulate homes.
What to do if a rat bit
All the answers to questions about what to do if a rat is bitten by an adult or a child, what is the danger of such an incident, what ...
How to get rid of the smell of a dead rat under the floor
How to get rid of the smell in the house, if a rat died under the floor? It is necessary to find a place, remove a decomposing corpse, take appropriate measures ...
The biggest rats in the world
The world's largest rat lives in tropical countries. The genetic dimensions of the Pasyuk are far from gigantic, but the probability of pathological changes ...
Can rats attack humans
What rats are dangerous to human life, his health, scientists explain. The rat does not just eat food stocks, carries eggs from ...
What diseases do rats suffer?
What dangerous diseases are borne by rats and how to find out if a pest suffers from rabies. What if by the hand or another part ...
Can a rat get out of the toilet
Residents of high-rise buildings are concerned with the question whether a rat can crawl out of the toilet bowl and what should be done if this happens. Do not panic ...
What are rats and mice afraid of?
What are rats and mice afraid of? How to get rid of folk remedies from pests.
What is the difference between a mouse and a rat?
To find out the difference between a mouse and a rat, you should carefully consider the animals. They have different looks, lead different from each other ...
What does rat droppings look like
One of the signs of the presence of rodents in the house is rat droppings. How it looks and how it differs from mouse feces.
What small rats look like
Small rat pups are often confused with older mice. If you make a mistake in identifying a rodent, you can choose the wrong method of dealing with it.
Rat vision
The eyesight of rats allows animals to orient themselves well in space, to see in the dark, to bypass traps and traps. The animal does not distinguish colors, but ...
How many years have rats lived
What breeds of domestic rodents are, what is the lifespan of rats wild and domestic and on what does it depend - the answers to ...
Why do rats tail
Why do rats tail: its features and functions.
What do rats look like
What rats look like and how they differ from mice.
Rat squeak
Hearing the squeak of a rat, you should carefully look to your pet. After all, animal sounds are the language of communication.
Interesting rat facts
The most interesting and interesting facts about rats.

All about rats

Information about rats.

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