How to remove mice from a private house

Mice like to settle in human housing with the onset of cold weather. Rodents prefer to settle in private homes. They bring a lot of trouble to the homeowner, spoiling food and furniture. There are many ways how to get rid of mice in the house.If the number of pests is small, then the trap will cope with the task. When rodents become a lot, you have to use chemicals.


Various mousetraps and live traps help get rid of single pests. But you need to start catching immediately, as soon as it was noticed that a mouse was scraping under the floor.

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One female brings about 50 mice a year. Therefore, the struggle can not be delayed. The more rodents run in the house, the harder it is to get them out.


The most popular is the wooden mousetrap of the old sample. She slams when the pest reaches for the bait. To improve the efficiency of the trap, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Place the device near the holes and mouse tracks.
  2. Do not charge the trap immediately. Give rodents a few days to get used to the new object and began to consider it safe.
  3. From time to time to change the location of the trap.

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In the UK, came up with a "smart" mousetrap. It is made in the form of a pipe and has infrared sensors. As soon as the animal climbed for the bait, the trap closes and is filled with water and carbon dioxide.The device owner will receive a notification of the captured prey.

Mouse glue

An adhesive trap that is sold in a hardware store will also help destroy the mice. The sticky substance already exudes a pleasant rodent scent. The animal climbs into a trap to feast on and sticks to it.

Mouse traps
Mouse traps

On a note!

The sticky trap is one of the most brutal. She condemns the animal to a long death.

Apply adhesive is required on cardboard or wooden board. The trap should be fixed so that the animal does not get dirty glue for mice surrounding objects.


These devices belong to the humane methods of struggle. They catch the mouse and leave it alive. A person needs only to release the captured animal to the will.

On a note!

Release the rodent away from your home. Otherwise, he will return again.

The trap looks like a cage with a door in which the bait is placed. It is worth the mouse to get inside for a treat, like humane trap slam shut The animal will not be able to get out on its own.

Zurner's trap also applies to devices that catch the mouse alive.It looks like a cell with a bridge and works as follows:

  1. At the end of the bridge is placed bait for mice.
  2. The mouse runs over the bridge for food.
  3. The bridge bends down and the rodent falls into the cage.

The advantage of this trap is that several individuals can be caught in it at the same time. But for this you should fix the bait.

Folk ways

There are several ways to get rid of mice in a private house forever folk remedies. Animal lovers can try to use humane methods in order not to harm small animals, but simply to scare them away from shelter when they are looking for shelter for the winter time period. Mice are scared most often smells.

Fight with aromas and herbs

Herbs from mice
Herbs from mice

Grasses and essential oils will help mice away from food stocks. Mouse noses are very sensitive to different flavors. Therefore, repellents deter rodents and force them to run away from home. They are the following grass from mice:

  • rather or black root;
  • chamomile;
  • sagebrush;
  • mint;
  • tansy;
  • elder.

In places where food is stored, cotton bags with dry chamomile and mint must be laid out. Hang in the corners of the room dry bouquets of herbs.If you managed to find a mouse hole, then put the grass in it.

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Bay leaf is also unpleasant to rodents. It can be placed in bags of cereals and flour.

Aromolamps with essential oils of these plants will spread the fragrance around the house and will help drive away the mice.

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To prevent the occurrence of rodents in the area, spread mint or wormwood around its perimeter. These plants can be planted near the house.

Effective recipes for the extermination of rodents

You can fight with mice with simple recipes that have been tested by more than one hundred people living in a cottage or a private house.

These funds from mice in the house are available and harmless to humans:

  1. Mix 150 g of sugar, 100 g of soda and the same amount of flour. Mix spread near the mouse holes. Soda interacts with the rodent's gastric juice and causes gas, which results in death.
  2. Mix 20 g of gypsum, 50 g of flour and a few drops of odorous oil. Next to the bait to put water. The mixture, combined with water in the stomach of the animal, will harden, and the rodent will die.

Compositions for getting rid of mice are used only when you can get to the deceased animal. If a mouse dies under a plinth or behind a wall, then it will be difficult to find it and get it. This is the main drawback of fighting mice with folk remedies.

You can fight with mice with ashes. This effective remedy eats paws of animals. To do this, scatter it around the perimeter of the room and near the holes. Ash can be scattered around the site.

Ultrasonic Repeller

Mouse scarers
Mouse scarers

The devices emit ultrasound to which the sensitive body of the mouse reacts. The animal begins to experience a strong sense of fear. He loses his appetite, behaves restlessly, tends to leave the hole.

Waves allow you to scare away mice and do not harm them. The device is harmless to humans, but can cause discomfort to pets.

On a note!

Not all rodent ultrasound repeller effectively cope with the task. Before buying it is worth examining the reviews of real buyers, so as not to run into a fake.

The following brands are considered to be effective devices that deter rodents by ultrasound:

Each device has its own range. Often, to scare away mice in a big house is required to buy several devices.

Mouse poison

If the mice in the house had time to breed, then mousetraps or scarers cannot cope with them.Then you have to use chemicals. You need to work with them carefully, so as not to harm yourself or others.

On a note!

Keep poison away from children and pets. The drug causes severe poisoning and can be fatal.

You can remove mice from home by the following means:

  1. Rat - can poison mice for 12 hours, but it is addictive. Therefore, it can not be applied more often than twice a month.
  2. Goliath - acts fairly quickly. It is used by professional exterminators.
  3. The Nutcracker - the drug itself is a bait. It should simply be spread out near the mouse holes.
  4. Rat death - changes the composition of the blood of a rodent and thereby kills him.
Poison from mice
Poison from mice

Apply poison at home is required carefully. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and a respirator, cover the hair with a rubber cap. The clothes in which the poison was laid out must be sent to the wash.

Many drugs are easy to use. If the mice are in the wall or under the floor, then they will die for fresh air. The owner of the house will only collect the corpses of animals and destroy them.


It is possible to poison mice in the house not only independently. If the room is large and the pests have divorced a lot, it is better to contact a special service.

Extermination of rodents by specialized services passes in several ways:

  1. Chemical. Dangerous poisons are used that cannot be bought independently in the store.
  2. Physical. Mice are caught in traps, and then destroyed.
  3. Biological. Bacteria are used that are not dangerous to humans, but are deadly to rodents. Either the animals are destroyed by their natural enemies.

Deratization in the house can be preventive. Experts will treat the room with preparations that will scare away mice.

Preventive measures

To fight with mice in a private house does not become a problem, you should take care of the safety of their homes. Rodents will not start where there is nothing and there is no place to make a hole. Therefore, the main method of prevention is regular wet cleaning.

The main reason why mice are turned on is the presence in the house of favorable conditions for their life. To prevent rodents from penetrating your walls, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Do not leave crumbs on the table and floor.
  2. Store food in closed containers.
  3. Ensure lack of access to water.
  4. Install grilles on ventilation shafts.
  5. Cover up the gaps in the floor and walls.

To expel mice from a private house will help the cat. Her scent alone makes small rodents take flight. But it is better to have a trained mousetrap in the house. Then the animal will quickly catch unwanted guests inside the house and on the site.


Cats have a delicate ear. They masterly dig up the mouse holes in the garden and quickly overfill their residents.

Most often, rodents enter the house during field work before the onset of winter. It is better if the cat will be present at harvest. She will be able to exterminate the mice while her master is busy.

If a mouse got in a private house, then it can be difficult to cope with them. Sometimes it is better to seek the services of a professional fighter. They will quickly destroy pests. With single individuals mousetraps and traps will cope. But if you carry out preventive measures - you will not have to think about what to do with rodents appearing in the room.

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