Description and photos of banana cricket
Banana cricket: photo and description. External features, nutrition, conditions of detention.
Description and photos of the Crimean cricket
Crimean cricket: description and photo. Nutrition, reproduction and lifestyle of stem cricket or trumpeter.
Description and photo of field cricket
Field cricket: description and photo. External features, mode of feeding, reproduction, behavior, area of ​​distribution.
Differences cricket and cicada
What is the difference between crickets and cicadas: appearance, reproduction, chattering. The main differences between crickets and cicadas are rooted in singing characteristics.
What do crickets do and how they sing
Crickets chirp: how it happens and why. At what time of day you can hear the trills.
Differences cricket and grasshopper
What distinguishes a cricket from a grasshopper: external differences, dietary and reproduction characteristics.
What eat crickets house
Do I need a cricket in the house. Can domestic singing insects do any harm? Why bred crickets at home. Who...
How to withdraw crickets from an apartment or house
How to get rid of the cricket, which does not sleep at night: folk fishing and chemicals for the destruction of nests, prevention ...
Description and photos of crickets
If a cricket settled in the house, then according to all national signs this will bring happiness and well-being. Information on species and life ...


Information about crickets.

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